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MLA 2010 Improving Library Web Sites with Web Analytics


Presented at the Michigan Library Association Annual Conference, November 11, 2010.

Presented at the Michigan Library Association Annual Conference, November 11, 2010.

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  • 1. Improving Library Web Sites with Web AnalyticsSara MemmottEmerging Technologies LibrarianEastern Michigan University
    Michigan Library Association Annual Conference
    November 11, 2010
  • 2. Improving Library Web Sites with Web Analytics
    Web analytics
    What you can learn from Google Analytics
    Patterns of site use - visits
    Visitor characteristics, mobile use
    Visitor segments
    Sources of site traffic
    Actions and special content
    Tips for implementing Google Analytics
  • 3. Web Analytics
    Analysis of data from your web site
    Quantitative data is usually collected using:
    Server logfiles: AWStats, Webalizer
    Page tagging: Google Analytics, Webtrends, Yahoo! Web Analytics
  • 4. Patterns of site use over time
    Visits, visitors, visitor characteristics
    Google Analytics features
    Comparing date ranges
  • 5. Visitors Overview
  • 6. Visits throughout a year
  • 7. Look for changes in site use
  • 8.
  • 9. Comparison View
  • 10. Mobile Use
    Visitors – Mobile devices & carriers
    Mobile device must support JavaScript and cookies
    Mobile tracking code
    separate code
    works for all mobile devices
    doesn’t track all of the same data
  • 11. Mobile Devices Dec 2009 - Oct 2010
  • 12. Mobile Devices – Sort by Time on Site
    Sorted by average time on site
  • 13. Learning more about visitors
    Example: Off-campus vs. on-campus students
    Dimension (Service Provider)
    Advanced Segments
    Filters (I.P.)
  • 14.
  • 15. Pageviews of library service information for distance/online learners (Sept 2009)
  • 16. After Web Site Revisions (Sept 2010 compared to Sept 2009)
  • 17. Advanced Segments
    Compare segments side by side
    Can be used on existing data
    Once created, can be applied to any report or profile
  • 18. Advanced Segments - Using
  • 19.
  • 20. On/Off Campus – Weekly Trends
  • 21. On/Off Campus – Annual Trends
  • 22. On/Off Campus - Time of Day
    Visitors > Visitor Trending > Visits
    Graph by Hour
  • 23. Filters
    Google Analytics doesn’t allow browsing of data by I.P. address (privacy).
    Filters can be used to select data based on I.P. ranges.
    Filters must be in place before data is collected.
    Create a duplicate profile in order to collect data both with and without the filter.
  • 24. Example of Filter Use
    Excludes administrative use of research guides
  • 25. Sources of Site Traffic
    Identify sites that do or don’t drive traffic
    Develop relationships
  • 26. Referring Sites
  • 27. Filter to combine different sources
  • 28. Actions & Special Content
    Google Analytics automatically tracks page views
    Other actions that can be useful to track
    Outbound links
    Downloads of documents
    Use of videos, Flash tutorials
    Any other events
    Marketing campaign tracking
  • 29. Tracking web site actions
    Virtual page views
    Add javascript code to link or within Flash content
    Increases page views
    Event tracking
    Add a similar code
    Tracked separately from page views
    Google Analytics data will not include actions that don’t follow these links
  • 30. Action: clicks on home page tabs
  • 31. Event Tracking Results
  • 32. Implementing Google Analytics
    What are your needs?
    What do you want to analyze?
    Site content & structure
    Actions other than page views
    Create profile
    Review, revise
  • 33. More Google Analytics Features
    Email reports
    Website Optimizer (related service)
  • 34. Annotations
    Expand to view or add annotations
  • 35. Goals
  • 36.
  • 37. Email Reports
    Options: one-time or scheduled; pdf, csv, xml, etc.
  • 38. Google Website Optimizer
    Test two different versions of a page or multiple variables on a page
  • 39. Questions / Discussion
    Sara Memmott
    Emerging Technologies Librarian
    Eastern Michigan University
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