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Watch out on what you don't say!
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Watch out on what you don't say!


Body language speaks louder than words. You get judged by how you walk, stand, talk, sit! Correct your body language in 10 easy ways and see the difference!

Body language speaks louder than words. You get judged by how you walk, stand, talk, sit! Correct your body language in 10 easy ways and see the difference!

Published in Social Media , Business
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  • 1. Image courtesy: Watch out on what you DON'T SAY!
  • 3. Image courtesy: YOUR BODY LANGUAGE IS AS IMPORTANT AS YOUR VERBAL KNOWLEDGE when you are in public.
  • 4. What do you mean by ‘body language’?
  • 5. It refers to the nonverbal communication, that may give hints to some unspoken intention or feeling!
  • 6. It includes…
  • 7. Image courtesy:
  • 8. So, watch out for the following symptoms…
  • 10. 1
  • 11. eyes We read each other through our , and anatomically they are an extension of our brains. When we catch someone’s eye, we look into a mind. - SIRI HUSTVEDT
  • 12. Things to note: 1. Make sure you look straight into the audience/ person’s eye while speaking. This will make you look alert and in return make the receiver attentive! 2. The minute you lose eye contact it shows you are losing interest or sometimes it might also portray you as less confident!
  • 13. 2
  • 14. This is for all the ladies who love to play with their hair while talking! Not happening in the corporate world! Image courtesy:
  • 15. Things to note: 1. Playing with your hair is a sign that you are either too bored or lost in your dreams! 2. If it is a habit, then pin your hair UP for some time so that there’s no scope FOR YOU TO DO IT AGAIN 
  • 16. 3
  • 17. For all those who love to SCRATCH their Head/face/beard/nose while talking! not at all inspiring! Image courtesy:
  • 18. Things to note: 1. It makes you look weak and stupid. 2. You scratch something, (when not required), when either you are cooking up stories or too confused. 3. Don’t let your confidence die. Every time you feel the itch, just take a deep breath!
  • 19. 4
  • 20. Oh man, take that hand out of your pocket! Not acceptable in formal meetings! Image courtesy:
  • 21. Things to note: 1. When you are in business meetings, make sure your hands are not in your trouser pocket! 2. It seems you are not open to socialize. 3. If wearing casuals, then it might make you look too carefree and with wrong attitude! 4. Hold a notebook or laptop or bag to occupy your hands.
  • 22. 5
  • 23. You can tell the character of a person by their handshake! - Kathy magliato Image courtesy:
  • 24. Things to note: 1. A firm handshake shows that you are confident and ready for challenges. 2. A lousy handshake narrates a different story altogether. You are insecure and do not trust anyone! 3. However be gentle when you shake hands with your female associates! 
  • 25. 6
  • 26. posture A good stance and reflect a proper state of mind. – morihei ueshiba Image courtesy:
  • 27. Things to note: 1. Stand tall and straight. Your posture indicates your power! 2. Proper posture gives you confidence and self-assurance. 3. If you’re slouching, it shows you are insecure and unsure.
  • 28. 7
  • 29. Open up! Use your hands to dramatize your speech! Image courtesy:
  • 30. Things to note: 1. correct hand gestures will give you command over your speech. It will also make the audience more alert! 2. A closed fist shows you are strong but aggressive whereas pointing finger might be taken as rude! 3. Make sure you use right gestures on right occasions, without overdoing it!
  • 31. 8
  • 32. Stop fidgeting! Image courtesy:
  • 33. Things to note: 1. Biting your nails, shaking your legs while sitting, drinking water every 10 seconds are all signs of nervousness! 2. Keep yourself calm! If need be carry a pen or a pencil and use that while talking, at least it will make you look a little intellectual 
  • 34. 9
  • 35. Image courtesy: Say no to crossed arms when socializing!
  • 36. Things to note: 1. Crossed arms Makes you look unsocial and intimidating! 2. Relax a bit…shake your hands a bit before entering a social gathering. To start with, Hold a glass or something that will keep your hands occupied.
  • 37. 10
  • 38. Smile, let everyone know that today you’re a lot stronger than you were yesterday! - anonymous Image courtesy:
  • 39. Things to note: 1. Smile is the best remedy to all problems. It can remove all negative comments and make you look pleasant, confident and friendly. 2. A genuine smile can win a lot of hearts! 
  • 40. So now, go out and show people the new confident you! 
  • 41. Prerna Jaswant Account Manager Simplify360
  • 43. About Simplify360 is the leading social business intelligence firm based out of United States and India. Simplify360 is the world’s first integrated Enterprise Social Media Platform. Offerings include: • Social Marketing Suite for agencies • Social Contact Centre for BPOs • Social Command Centre for Enterprises. Social Business Intelligence We enable businesses to perform Online Reputation Management, Customer Service, Community Management, Social Media Research & Brand Auditing; Online Sales Lead Generation, and Consumer Sentiment Analysis.
  • 44. Leaders use Simplify360 Company Has 100+ Clients – Largely in India and America Partners World wide Brazil and LatAM Malaysia Qatar USA India Singapore & India Saudi Arabia Worldwide Korea