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Delhi Airport Never Fails To Wish Their Passengers


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Airports today have gotten a completely changed look. gone are those days when passengers had to look at each other's faces until their flights were ready to board. Today, the airports look more like a shopping mall.

This change has been brought about to make the passengers more comfortable, welcome and to keep them engaged. After all a pleasant journey begins at the airport!

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Delhi Airport Never Fails To Wish Their Passengers

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  2. 2. www.simplify360.comSlide No. 2 Competing Airports
  3. 3. www.simplify360.comSlide No. 3 Social Platforms 184,447 Fans 12,813 Followers 837 Twitter Mentions(Last 30 Days) 780K Check INs Reviews
  4. 4. www.simplify360.comSlide No. 4 Delhi Airport is highly active on Social Media Posts to promote inter-bound food outlets Posts related to General Awareness about Airport and Airlines Frequent contests for fans Information and launch news of Airport facilities and features. It uses the content strategy of consumer brands.
  5. 5. www.simplify360.comSlide No. 5 Posts to promote inter-bound food outlets
  6. 6. www.simplify360.comSlide No. 6 Posts related to General Awareness about Airport and Airlines
  7. 7. www.simplify360.comSlide No. 7 Frequent contests for Fans
  8. 8. www.simplify360.comSlide No. 8 Information and launch news of Airport facilities and features.
  9. 9. www.simplify360.comSlide No. 9 Delhi Airport never misses to wish the passengers for great flight.
  10. 10. www.simplify360.comSlide No. 10 Delhi Airport uses Social Media to get reported about passenger’s lost belongings .
  11. 11. www.simplify360.comSlide No. 11 Delhi Airport uses Social Media to get reported about complaints pertaining to infrastructure.
  12. 12. www.simplify360.comSlide No. 12 Drawback in Social Media Response Handling 9:11 PM Report Time 9:21 PM Response Time The only drawback found in Delhi Airport Social Media Management system is delay in response time. Airport is a place where real time response is of upmost importance. Passengers are not going to stay at Airport forever. In the given example even the 10 min late reply missed the chance to serve the passenger’s query as she had already boarded the plane. Delay in response time
  13. 13. www.simplify360.comSlide No. 13 Social Platforms 652,999 Fans 35,652 Followers 2,054,071 Check INs Reviews 20.5K Followers
  14. 14. www.simplify360.comSlide No. 14 Posts about passenger engagement activities and events.
  15. 15. www.simplify360.comSlide No. 15 Encouraging passengers to click pictures with Airport Facilities and Attractions.
  16. 16. www.simplify360.comSlide No. 16 Promotions of inbound Brand outlets and food outlets.
  17. 17. www.simplify360.comSlide No. 17 Airport attractions and facilities overview
  18. 18. www.simplify360.comSlide No. 18 Contest for passengers and fans on social media.
  19. 19. www.simplify360.comSlide No. 19 Changi Airport addressing the Passengers concerns.
  20. 20. www.simplify360.comSlide No. 20 Social Platforms 91,960 Fans 10,550 Followers 1,133,207 Check INs Reviews 20.5K Followers
  21. 21. www.simplify360.comSlide No. 21 Announcement of strikes and shut offs
  22. 22. www.simplify360.comSlide No. 22 Lots of interesting contests
  23. 23. www.simplify360.comSlide No. 23 Sharing the historical facts of Munich Airport
  24. 24. www.simplify360.comSlide No. 24 Munich Airport frequently posts the Information about Airport Equipment, to make the passengers feel at a safest environment
  25. 25. www.simplify360.comSlide No. 25 Munich Airport uses Social Media for Job Postings
  26. 26. www.simplify360.comSlide No. 26 Munich Airport helping passengers find their lost belongings on Social Media
  27. 27. www.simplify360.comSlide No. 27 Passenger’s concerns are addressed very effectively
  28. 28. www.simplify360.comSlide No. 28 The security check related issues can also be reported through Social Media, although it’s not their area of business
  29. 29. www.simplify360.comSlide No. 29 Miscellaneous Best Social Media Practices by International Airports
  30. 30. www.simplify360.comSlide No. 30 1 Tackling Xaver Strom by Hamburg Airport Back in 2013, Hamburg Airport did a commendable job to update the status of Xaver Storm approaching. The Airport continuously provided it’s passengers with fresh updates about flight cancellations and resumes. It also encouraged fans to record and share videos how the Airport managed to do all these behind the scenes.
  31. 31. www.simplify360.comSlide No. 31 2 “Share Your Food” Campaign by Schiphol Airport Schiphol Amsterdam Airport introduced a 'Share Your Food, Feed a Child' social media campaign on behalf of UNICEF. Participants can visit the campaign page via and select their favorite restaurants and dishes at Schiphol Airport. After approval has been given by a participant, the selected restaurant and dish will be posted on the participant's Facebook wall and "shared". HMS Host and SSP will donate 20 euro cents per shared dish to UNICEF, which will use these donations to help treat severely malnourished children
  32. 32. www.simplify360.comSlide No. 32 3 Use of Barcodes to guide through upgradation program by Gatwick Airport LondonGatwick Airport is the first Airport to install the Barcodes at their construction sites. The passengers can download the Gatwick sticky bits Application on their phones and scan the barcodes. This will result in a audio/video demo of what this construction site is going to be look like. This not only pre promoted the brand outlets and airport facilities but also made the construction sites more interesting. It gave a new taste to the dull construction environment
  33. 33. www.simplify360.comSlide No.