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Social Media Creates Greater Hype on Maggi Crisis


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After being found guilty of using high amounts of lead and MSG in their noodles, Nestle's Maggi is now off every shops shelves in India. This crisis has led to over 4 lakh conversations on various social media channels, over a period of few days.

Simplify360 took a deeper look into the situation and found few interesting facts about the reaction Maggi generated on social media over the past few days. While it is sad that the kid's as well as mom's favorite noodles will no longer be available, is this really being accepted by the masses? Let's find out

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Social Media Creates Greater Hype on Maggi Crisis

  1. 1. Maggi Crisis on Social Media As on June 8, 2015 Insights & Reports by Simplify360
  2. 2. Maggi crisis on social media : overview *Data from Facebook ads CONVERSATIONS TREND WHAT IS BEING TALKED ABOUT? SOME NUMBERS SAMPLE CONVERSATIONS A total of 4.43 lakh conversations on social media Source: simplify360 Negative, 61.06% Neutral, 11.06% Positive, 27.88% Sentiments
  3. 3. TWITTER, 437,621 BLOGS, 1,668DISCUSSIONS, 1,115 TUMBLR, 875NEWS, 801 GOOGLE +, 591VIDEOS, 495 FACEBOOK, 244 Twitter contributes to most of the Conversations. A total of 4.37 lakh conversations were received from Twitter. Media Split Sample Conversations by Influencers
  4. 4. Influential media houses
  5. 5. Influential Individual
  6. 6. Most common type of query 28% 24% 16% 8% 8% 4% 4% 4% 4% Assurance Lab test Ingredient Reimbursement Lead content Apologise Quality Misleading MSG content maggi, what is the truth about you.? I knew that maggi masala was made by dry pork and fish......... what your answer dude??? Instead of trying to convince Maggi fans of its goodness, the company should convince the Government that Maggi is free from any harmful effects as found out in Govt s lab.
  7. 7. Influential media houses SAMPLE QUERIES Type Why don't you just apologise and say that it was a mistake? Nothing wrong in that. Apologise In delhi 10 out of 13 samples have failed ! Then how it is safe ? Assurance How do we assure dat maggi is safe?? Assurance Are all those accusations true?? I am a regular maggi eater.. But nw my parents don't let me eat maggi... I would really appreciate an honest explanation... Assurance Is Maggi healthy? Can eating a lot of Maggi cause health problems in kids Assurance Is really maggi unsafe or some one did that thing to turn it down Assurance maggi, what is the truth about you.? Assurance Can you tell me what is the origin of " Flavour E635 " Ingredient I knew that maggi masala was made by dry pork and fish......... what your answer dude??? Ingredient Pl answer simple question whether Maggie contain ingredients which are in any way related to pig,pl answer it yes or no. We don't need commercial reply. It is a matter of trust. So pl. say yes or no Ingredient i love maggi but many people are telling that maggi contains plastic and poisonous ingredients. Is that true? Ingredient Means yu guys want to say is Government's Lab results are wrong! Right? Because Delhi Govt. did the tests! Lab test Why don't u answer a simple question instead of repeating same thing again n again? Why do ur test results differ from the test results of the government agencies? Is dat so hard to answer or u dnt have any answer? Lab test Instead of trying to convince Maggi fans of its goodness, the company should convince the Government that Maggi is free from any harmful effects as found out in Govt s lab. I will advise all to stand behind our Govt on this issue and not get sentimental about it. Too small an issue to go against our own Govt's stand on this. Lab test Yes obviously ur own tests would not tell excessive lead in it!! But atleast stop lying and protecting it... According to you all govt tests are wrong only yours is correct...have shame ur product is banned kindly stop shielding urselves with pathetic replies.. All govts are not idiots to ban it.. kindly improve Lab test If it is so then why there are negative results about Maggi from laboratories? Either these lab's results are incorrect or yours. And there are more number of laboratories who are giving negative results about your product. Lab test Basically you mean that all the state govt.s who found high level of lead in Maggi are LYING. How convenient. Lab test what's about 18 ppm lead and msg Lead content Dear Maggi Please don't give me copy pasted messages. If you are sure that maggi is clean and safe to eat then make an advertisement. This issue is going on foe excess lead but lot of people are saying online that maggi contains PORK OIL. I have stopped eating after this info. I am 100% Vegeterain. Lead content So, crooks whatz the story now, if maggi is safe why did you with draw ? Does Nestle has any ethics ? Why are you fooling Indians ? Why are you still misleading people ? Misleading My kids lived on maggie during school days they still remain healthy. How ab d Chinese who use msg in all their menus aren't they living longer n healthier ?? Think ab it MSG content Don't cover up... Please improve the quality Quality Hi Meri Maggi... I am running a shop and have more stocks of Maggi...where to return the stocks and get reimbursement... Atleast please do good before you leave India. Reimbursement While you guys are busy taking Maggi off the shelves, what about poor people like us who have already bought the Maggi packets. How do we get refund? Reimbursement
  8. 8. News Channel Link to the post Times of India business/Nestle-challenges-UPs-order-on-Maggi- noodles-recall/articleshow/47374206.cms NDTV 369024 AajTak 296 Hindustan Times 6881 ABP News 807873/ The Hindu 66432 Top News Sources
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