Selection Process


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I m a student of University of Lahore (Islamabad. Pakistan). I have presented this presentation and it was well appreciated by my Teacher as well as by my Class Mates so that's why i m uploading it for all of you. It might help you to understand what selection actually is..
Syed Shaz Gilani

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Selection Process

  1. 1. SelectionCreated by Syed Shaz Gilani
  2. 2. IntroductionWhat is Selection?Why is it important to getright?
  3. 3. Selection• The process of assessing candidatesand appointing a post holder• Applicants short listed –most suitable candidates selected• Selection process –varies according to organisation:
  4. 4. Importance of Selection tobe right• Making a bad selection decision is costly interms of the cost of the recruitment andselection process itself, salary, management timeand resources• If you select someone unsuitable you mightneed to spend time managing theirperformance and it might affect otheremployees.
  5. 5. Selection Process1. Preliminary Interview2. Selection Tests3. Employment Interview4. Reference and Background Analysis5. Physical Examination6. Job Offer7. Employment Contract
  6. 6. Preliminary Interview• In preliminary interview the applicant isgiven the job details enabling him to decidewhether the job will suit him or not• In preliminary interview, interviewer askgeneral questions
  7. 7. Selection Test
  8. 8. Selection TestAptitude Test:Aptitude tests are test which assess the potential and ability of acandidate• Mental Ability/Mental intelligence test:This test is used to measure the over all intelligence and intellectualability of the candidate to deal with problems. It judges the decisionmaking abilities• Mechanical aptitude test:This test deals with the ability of the candidate to do mechanical work.It is used to judge and measure the specialized knowledge and problemsolving ability.• Psycho motor test :This test judges the motor skills the hand and eye co-ordination and
  9. 9. Selection TestIntelligence Test:This test measures the numerical skills andreasoning abilities of the candidates. Such abilitiesbecome important in decision making. The testconsists of logical reasoning ability, datainterpretation, comprehension skills and basiclanguage skills
  10. 10. Selection TestPersonality Test:In this test the emotional ability or the emotionalquotient is tested. This test judges the ability towork in a group, inter personal skills, ability tounderstand and handle conflicts and judgemotivation levels. This test is becoming verypopular now days
  11. 11. Selection TestPerformance Test:This test judges and evaluates the acquiredknowledge and experience of the knowledge andexperience of the individual and his speed andaccuracy in performing a job. It is used to testperformance of typist, data entry operators etc
  12. 12. Employment Interview• Behavioral questions reveal the most about how acandidate would fit into the company culture• Problem-solving questions ask the candidate tosolve problems• Create an agenda for the candidates visit• Consider taking the candidate off campus forlunch or drinks once the formal questioning is doneto see how they transition from formal officesettings to social situations
  13. 13. Reference & BackgroundAnalysis• Factual information about Candidate• Encourages applicants to be honest• Discourages applicants who hidesomething
  14. 14. Physical Examination• It includes medical examination, or clinicalexamination (more popularly known as acheck-up or medical) is the process by whicha medical professional investigates the bodyof a patient for signs of disease. It generallyfollows the taking of the medical history
  15. 15. Job Offer• A job offer is an invitation for a potentialemployee, whether he or she has applied fora job, or not, to become an employee in yourorganization. The job offer contains thedetails of your employment offer
  16. 16. Employment Contract• An employment contract is a written legaldocument that lays out binding terms andconditions of employment between an employeeand an employer.Employment contract generally covers:an overview of job responsibilities reporting relationships salary benefits paid holidays paid vacation paid sick leave paid time off (PTO)