Romania -Liceul Tehnologic de Transporturi Auto
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  • 1. CRAIOVA,ROMANIARomania is a country in the S-E of Europe Since January 1st 2007 we are members of European Union
  • 2. Bucharest is the capital city, industrial, and commercial centre of Romania. Being the largest city in the country, it is located in the southeast of the country.
  • 3. University of Bucharest
  • 4. The romanian Athenaeum
  • 5. Palace of Parliament
  • 6. The Village Museum
  • 7. Sibiu-European Capital of Culture 2007
  • 8. Carpathian Mountains
  • 9. Babele(old women)-Bucegi mountains
  • 10. Bucegi Sphinx-is a rock formations, theresult of erosion and varying hardness of the rock layers
  • 11. Bâlea Lake-glaciar lakeIn 2006, the first ice hotel inEastern Europe was built inthe neighborhood of thelake.
  • 12. Bâlea Ice Hotel and Ice Chapel
  • 13. Transfăgărăşan road is the highest(2000m) and mostdramatic paved road in Romania The road provides access to Bâlea Lake and Bâlea Waterfall.
  • 14. The Statue of Dacian king Decebalus is a 40-meter high statue that is the tallest in Europe. It is located on the Danubes rocky bank.
  • 15. Voroneţ is a monastery inRomania often knownas the “Sixtine Chapel of the East” due to the magnificant frescoes on the west wall,a representation of the “Last Judgement”.In addition “Voroneţblue” has been added to the lexicon of art alog side colours such as the “Titan Ted” of Rubens and “Veronese Green”
  • 16. The Peleş Castle
  • 17. Bran Castle-Dracula’s Castle
  • 18. The Danube Delta
  • 19. Constantin BrâncuşiWas an internationallyrenowned romaniansculptor whose sculptures,which blend simplicity andsophistication, led the wayfor modernist sculptors.
  • 20. The Gate of Kiss
  • 21. The Table of Silence
  • 22. The Endeless Column
  • 23. Mademoiselle Pogany
  • 24. Romanian folklore
  • 25. Hora is a traditional Romania folk dance that gatherseveryone into a big closed circle. The dancers hold each others hands and the circle spins.
  • 26. Traditional costume in Romania
  • 27. Traditional wedding
  • 28. The Merry Cemetery (Cimitirul Vesel) is a cemetery in the village of Săpânţa, Maramureş county. It is famous for its colourful tombstones with naïve paintings describing, in anoriginal and poetic manner, the persons that are buried there as well as scenes from their lives
  • 29. Romanian ceramics
  • 30. Typical private gate in the Maramureş region
  • 31. RomanianPreuniversitary Educational System
  • 32. Pre-University Level is structured in 4 cycles: 1. Kindergarten pre-preschool education (0-3 year olds) pre-school education, consisting of three or four grades (Small Group, Middle Group, Big Group ) (3-6 year olds) 2.Elementary school consists of 5 grades divided in: pre-school preparatory grade school grades I to IV The programme “Second Chance”
  • 33. Pre-University Level is structured in 4 cycles:3.Secondary education which comprises:lower secondary education- Gymnasium — grades V to IXupper secondary education- High school- which comprises 3-4 grades, namely grades X-XII/XIII4. Tertiary non-university education, which comprises post-high school education with 1-3 years.
  • 34. Pre-school, elementary and lower secondary education constitute compulsory pre-university education.High school education can be organized as a daily attendance type of education, evening school, part-time studies and distance education. High School can offer the following specializations and academic programs: Theoretical program Vocational programs Technical programs
  • 36. Craiova (pronounced [krajova]), the fifth largest Romanian city andcapital of Dolj County, is situated near the east bank of the river Jiu in central Oltenia. It is a longstanding political center, and is located at approximately equal distances from the Southern Carpathians (north) and the Danube (south). Craiova is the chiefcommercial city west of Bucharest and the most important city of Oltenia.• The municipality of Craiova has a population of 302,601 (Census 2002). Ethnic composition:• Romanians: 292,487 (96.66%)• Hungarians: 218 (0.07%)• Germans: 173 (0.06%)• Serbs: 34 (0.01%)• Roma: 8.820 (2.91%)• Italians: 178 (0.06%)• Greeks: 188 (0.06%)• Ukrainians: 32 (0.01%)• and 471 others.
  • 37. Web cameras- Live from Craiova• Camera 1:• Camera 2:• Camera 3:
  • 38. DOLJ PREFECTURE English Park
  • 39. CITY HALL
  • 40. Musical fountain
  • 41. Center of Craiova
  • 42. The musical fountain in Craiova is unique in the country as design and the third in the world, after the ones in Shanghai and Prague.
  • 43. CHURCHES
  • 44. INSTITUTIONS OF HIGHER EDUCATION Facultaty of Agronomy Faculty of Medicine University of CraiovaFacultaty of Automatics Pharmaceutics Faculty
  • 45. Romanian Personalities Alee -in the Park of Marin Sorescu Theatre, Craiova
  • 47. “Theodor Aman” Art Museum
  • 48. The House of Bania
  • 49. The Oltenia Museum
  • 50. Museum of Natural History of Craiova
  • 51. Institutions of pre-universitary educationElena Cuza College Stefan Velovan Pedagogical College Carol I National CollegeFratii Buzesti College Marin Sorescu High school of Arts “Charles Laugier” Vocational School
  • 53. NICOLAE ROMANESCU PARK Short history • A special sight in Craiova is represented by “Nicolae Romanescu” Park, with its picturesque character. Unique in Romania, this valuable architectural monument is also one of the most interesting accomplishments of its kind in Europe. • Located in the southern part of the town at the end of Unirii Street, the park is also known as “Bibescu” Park or the People’s Park, all names being accurate.
  • 54. It was bought by the Town Hall in 1853 for 12,000 ducats. The landit was located on had belong to Iancu Bibescu, the brother of rulers GrigoreBibescu and Barbu Stirbei. ASround the end of the last century, a great parkwas created, at the initiative of Nicolae P. Romanescu, the mayor of Craiovaduring those times. The order was given to the French landscape architectEmil Redont in 1899. The works began in 1901 and its inauguration toiokplace in May 1903. It is the largest park of its kind in Europe.
  • 55. Football Club Univesity of Craiova
  • 56. FORD Factories
  • 57. InternationalAirport of Craiova
  • 59. School Resources and Facilities• Classes take place on a school property consisting of two buildings• No. of Pupils: 1514• No. of Teachers: 84 ( 40 Teaching degree I, 25 Teaching degree II, 15 Teaching degree Definitivat, 4 beginning teachers)• No. of laboratories and workshop: 6;• No. of informatics labs: 3, each equipped with 25 computers with internet access;• School library: 11.067 volumes.• No. of workshops for technical training: 4 ;• Medical office;• Dental office ;
  • 60. History office Material base Chemistry laboratory For general training Informatic laboratoryBiology laboratory Maths office
  • 61. 22nd of April 2012 Halloween Party! The Earth’s Day Most of our pupils are Sweet 9th of May! involved in many extracurricularThe Days of Craiova activities. Let’s communicate wherever we are Painting on glass
  • 62. 4 octombrie 2012 Animal Day Ecology Club OZON
  • 63. ResourcesThe school has an auto park with:- 1 IVECO truck- 1 Mitsubish car- 3 Dacia Logan carsDriving license for the B, C, CE, E categories can be obtained during school. For special training: - auto laboratory - technical measures and applied mechanics laboratory - Office of legislation - car repairing workshops - electrical office
  • 64. KOCAELİ METROPOLITAN MUNICIPALITY 21-26.04.2009 23-28.04.2012 In this project was involved 24 countries, România was reprezented by our dance group coordonated by prof.Poenaru Silvia.
  • 65. Barbu Gheorghe is Principal of Liceul Tehnologic de Transporturi Auto for 23 years Methodist at He’s married and county level in Auto fieldHe has a daughter which is 25 years old. Member in Control Team of Minister of Education Ph.D. in Automotive Engineering
  • 66. I’m ICT /Maths teacher,Responsible with European projects andMethodist at county level in field of Leonardo da Vinci projects• I’m married and my husband is an engineer.I’ve got one child: Mihai– he’s 15.
  • 67. Belu Tamara is History teacher and Responsible of the Partnerships and School ProjectsShe Coordinated 1 IVT Leonardo project, 1 Comenius Multilateral projectShe’s married andher husband is an engineer.• She’s got one child:• Andreea– she’s 20.
  • 68. Chirca Rodica Mihaela is an engineer and she teach Tehnical subjects,She coordinated 5 Leonardo da Vinci projects: IVT+VETPROMethodist at county level in AUTO field• She’s married and• her husband is an engineer.She got one child : Ruxandra– she’s 14.
  • 69. Extra bugetary projects 2007-2012 6 Leonardo da Vinci projects:4 IVT, 1 VETPRO, 1 partnership23 In service training Comenius 2 Study visits-2009 2 In service training Grundtvig 2010 1 Project from Social European Found –“School after School” 1 Multilateral Comenius Project with 7 country, Cultural Cocktail
  • 70. BARBU GHEORGHE -Principal GRUPUL ŞCOLAR DE TRANSPORTURI AUTO Study visit Teacher training in Finland and the work environment in upper secondary and VET schoolsTampere,30.11-04.12.2009 Buget 1330 euro
  • 71. Beneficiary: Barbu Gheorghe
  • 72. 4-8 of May 2009 Roma, Sapienza University Eurodidaweb-Pedagogical use of Internet and Multimedia Tools Comenius Course 1795 Euro Radu Daniela LauraICT Teacher Grupul Şcolar de Transporturi AutoCraiova
  • 73. In service training Grundtvig-“Funding from the European Union for Educational and Related activities” ATENA 26.04.2010-30.04.2010 Radu Daniela LauraMultiplier of European InformationBudget 1250 euro
  • 74. 5-9.07.2010 Roma, Sapienza University In service training Comenius Nr. de referinţă bursă COM-10-485-CG-IT Belu TamaraHistory Teacher at Budget Grupul Scolar de Transporturi Auto 1695 Euro Craiova
  • 75. In service training Comenius“Multimedia and Interactivity in E- learning” Wiener Neustadt, Austria, 29.06-3.07.2010Radu Daniela LauraIT and Maths TeacherBudget 1915 euro
  • 76. Acquiring new competences in MotorMechanics to make youth integration easier on the labor marketmobility of 9 pupils and 2 teachers – 30 days in Porrino,Spain Leonardo da Vinci Project IVT-2007, Budget 13000 euro Coordinator Chirca Rodica Mihaela
  • 77. Leonardo da Vinci Project VETPRO-2008, Budget 8325 euro Coordinator Chirca Rodica Mihaela“Improvement of teaching competences of the specialistsinvolved in professional training in the field of Mechanics”Mobility of 4 teachers- 14 days in Porrino/Spain 2008
  • 78. Leonardo da Vinci-IVT Project-2009-Porrino/Pontevedra/Spain,mobility of 14students for 21 days in Spain, Budget 48651 euro Coordinator Chirca Mihaela Rodica
  • 79. LLP-LdV/IVT/2010/RO/073 Coordinator- Chirca Rodica Mihaela LLP-LdV/IVT/2010/RO/073 Coordinator- Chirca Rodica MihaelaAcquisition of skills to facilitate employment and mobility on the European labor market”, Budget 46000 euro The project aims to contribute to increased practical side of the training of 15 young people in initial training from qualified auto mechanic by purchasing compenteţe maintenance, diagnosis and repair of cars Institut Educació Secundària JAUME I International partner Avinguda d’Albaida, 23. Telèfon i Fax: 238 55 38/ 51 GENERALITAT VALENCIANA 50 Conselleria d’Educació Correu electrònic: 46870-ONTINYENT (València)
  • 80. LLP-LdV/IVT/2012/RO/319 Coordinator- Chirca Rodica MihaelaAcquisition of skills to facilitate employment and mobility on the European labor market”, Budget 47300 euroThe project aims to contribute to increased practical side of the training of 15 young people in initial training from qualified auto mechanic by purchasing compenteţe maintenance, diagnosis and repair of cars, 3 weeks Institut Educació Secundària JAUME I International partner Avinguda d’Albaida, 23. Telèfon i Fax: 238 55 38/ 51 GENERALITAT VALENCIANA 50 Conselleria d’Educació Correu electrònic: 46870-ONTINYENT (València)
  • 81. LEONARDO DA VINCI Leonardo da Vinci Mobility LEONARDO DA VINCI Initial Vocational Training Project "The facility of integrating the youth on the labour market by acquiring competences and practical skills in the field of Electronics and Automation" Project number: LLP-LDV/IVT/2010/RO/64 Beneficiary GRUPUL ȘCOLAR DE TRANSPORTURI AUTO, Craiova, Romania International Intermediary Partner AC Traductores, Martos(Jaen), Spain Budget: 128504 euro Coordinators: Radu Daniela Laura, Belu Tamara Eligibility period of project 14.09.2010-09.12.2012
  • 82. LEONARDO DA VINCI LEONARDO DA VINCI The main objective of the training placement: Helping participants in training to acquire knowledge, skills and qualifications to facilitate their personal development, employability and participation in the European labour market TARGET GROUP 40 STUDENTS30 students-11th grade and 10 students-12th grade, and all of them are in initial vocational training (IVT) in Electronics and Automation field, for the qualification as a technician Computer operator, level 3.
  • 83. Comenius Multilateral Partnership Project COM-10-PM-188-DJ-TR Eligibility period 01.08.2010-31.07.2012 Budget 24.000 euro Coordinators: Radu Daniela Laura, Belu Tamara We made 13 students mobilities and 14 teachers mobilities Activities related with:Kids’ game, Traditional Humorous Charaters, Traditional Dances, Traditional instruments and songs Principal outcome result: a book named Cultural Cocktail
  • 84. School partners:1.Sakarya Turkey-coordinator2. Ozolnieki-Latvia3. Madara Village –Bulgaria4. Zawdazkie Poland5. Vila Nova de Gaia- Portugal6. Bremen- Germany7. Craiova-Romania
  • 85. Budget 400.000 euro Period 01.05.2010-31.08.2012 POSDRU/23/2.2/G/12055Target group 120 students, 60 from primary and 60 from secondaryProject team: 39 expertsCoordinated by Barbu Gheorghe, Radu Laura, Belu TamaraInvest in people!Project finance by Social Euroepan Found and Romanian Governament
  • 86. School after school activities-homework and extracurricular activities
  • 87. Hygiene activity Lunch
  • 88. We are honored to be here andhope to make some new friends. Meet the real Romania! Music: Rapsodia Romana nr.1, George Enescu, Romanian musician