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Petrof tamara presentantion_2007


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Petrof tamara presentantion_2007

  1. 1. Romania Brăila “Nicolae Iorga” High School
  2. 2. music: Gheorghe Zamfir - Lonely Shepherd
  3. 3. Romania has its unique culture, which is the product of its geography and of its distinct historical evolution. One of the most representative places from Romania is the Danube Delta, well known for its fauna and flora and for the fact that it’s the second largest river delta in Europe, after the Volga Delta, and it’s the best preserved on the continent.
  4. 4. ROMANIA a country with wonderful DANUBE DELTA
  5. 5. Sturgeon on the Danube near the Iron Gates
  6. 6. Swan from Danube Delta
  7. 7. Gura Portitei in the Danube Delta, a wonderful place in Romania
  8. 8. Romania a country of wonderful places ROMANIA with palaces, castles, mo numents of art
  9. 9. Another place worth visiting is Maramures for its beautiful rural scenery, local small woodwork and craftwork industry as well as for its churches and original rural architecture. Deep in the Carpathian Mountains, in the heart of rural Romania in Transylvania, commonly known as "Dracula's Castle”, is situated the Bran Castle.
  10. 10. Bran Castle
  11. 11. Peles Castle, Sinaia
  12. 12. Brasov From White Tower
  13. 13. Transylvania
  14. 14. ROMANIA a country with picturesque MONASTERIES and authentic customs
  15. 15. Romanian Orthodox monasteries and churches exist throughout Romania but, traditionally, few are constructed on a monumental scale. In Northern Moldavia a particular style was used in the construction of the monasteries, of which the most important are the painted monasteries of Bucovina - UNESCO World Heritage Sites, such as those of Moldoviţa, Putna, Suceviţa, and Voroneţ.
  16. 16. Putna Monastery
  17. 17. Barsana Monastery
  18. 18. Vlad Tepes Dracula's grave, Snagov
  19. 19. E a s t e r e g g s
  20. 20. Transylvanian Brandy Jug (Oas)
  21. 21. Barsana Monastery
  22. 22. Romanian ceramic saucers
  23. 23. Romanias rugs
  24. 24. Hermitage Church
  25. 25. Often regarded as the most famous and influential Romanian poet, Mihai Eminescu had a heavy word in our culture. His poems span a large range of themes, from nature and love to hate and social commentary. He is also considered the ‘godfather of the modern Romanian language’.
  26. 26. You can also admire famous sculptures such as Gate of the Kiss, The endless column and Table of Silence, made by our internationally renowned Romanian sculptor, Constantin Brancusi.
  27. 27. Romanians like to eat, and they eat a lot with a great diversity. One of the most common meals is the mămăliga, a cornmeal mush that has become very appreciated in recent times. Pork is the main meat used in Romanian cuisine, especially in winter periods. Wine is the main drink and has a tradition of over two millennia. Romania is currently the world's ninth largest wine producer, and exports have increased in recent years. We can proudly say that Romania is like Heaven on Earth, and we hope you’ll get to know and visit as many wonderful places in our country as you can.
  28. 28. Situated in the South-East of Romania in the Romanian Plain, the county of Braila stretches over 4,765.8 sq. Km. The county seat, the town of Braila, one of the largest Romanian ports, is situated 200 km north-east of Bucharest, having a population of 236.590 inhabitants. Documentary attested on the 20th of January 1368, Braila, placed within a generous natural environment, in the close proximity of the Danube river, became shortly known as an important trade center.
  29. 29. Being one of the most important trade centers, Braila had an interesting cultural activity starting with an increased education development till the setting up of establishments meant for hosting cultural actions, which encouraged and supported. Nowadays, Braila’s cultural life has an important role, here taking place anually many events: festivals and contests (International Canto Festival Hariclea Darclee, International light music festival George Grigoriu, International festival of folk music Love song along Danube river, International Caricature Saloon), concerts, shows, exhibitions, book releases, fairs.
  30. 30. The Old Town, spread around Traian Square (Piata Traian)
  31. 31. The Old Town
  32. 32. Maria Filotti Theatre - named after the Romanian actress, Maria Filotti (1883-1956)
  33. 33. The New Town, spread around Piața Independenței and Kinetic Fountains
  34. 34. Danube
  35. 35. Nicolae Iorga” High school has a number of 756 students, aged between 10 and 19 years. We have gymnasium, but also high school classes. There are social and science sections, but there are also sections for children who show skills in English language or Computer Science.
  36. 36. “Nicolae Iorga” High school annually trains more than 150 graduates, who leave school every year and continue their studies in higher education institutions such as Polytechnics (Automatics, Electronics, Economic Engineering), the University (Mathematics, Mathematics – Information Technology), the Academy of Economics (Cybernetics), the University of Medicine. Two per cent of the school graduates study architecture, Romanian literature, foreign languages, law, and make good use of their computer skills in their future professions.
  37. 37. Our MISSION combines the material and human resources of our whole team for the following objectives: the use of educational activities in all our lessons; the encouragement of COMPETITION, HIGH ACHIEVEMENT, SCHOOL PROGRESS, the improvement of the curriculum and the setting up of optional courses that contribute to an individual training and stimulation of values.
  38. 38. Today, the present management focuses on ensuring the proper conditions for the establishment purchasing new technology for the educational system. The ability of using ICT, as shown in the Strategy of Lisbon, is seen as a new form of “digital education”, which, together with the classic forms, help everyone to participate in the society of information. The teacher has the role of selecting the digital resources of learning. Therefore, depending on the pupils, he/she can use: AEL Laboratory – virtual platform – a closed system available for every school and high school from Romania; Informative materials created by the teacher ; Digital didactic methods from high-level universities around the world ;
  39. 39. The students are involved in lots of sports activities, projects based on partnerships or extracurricular activities. The basketball and handball teams have won the first prize at the local championship between the high school teams.
  40. 40. We also have partnerships with schools from all over the country regarding ecological projects and one example is the project named “For a cleaner Danube”.
  41. 41. We also have a drama club and a choir. Students from the drama club have really nice results, obtaining the great prize at the “Maria Filotti” festival.
  42. 42. Benefiting from the International Bank Program, school has been consolidated and rehabilitated. At present, the 750 students have at their disposal: 19 classrooms; 4 IT laboratories provided with Pentium computers and a network served by 1 Linux and one Windows 2008, connected to the Internet; 3 Multimedia lab (LANGUAGE AND COMUNICATION curriculum area); 2 physics labs; a chemistry lab; a biology lab; a mathematic lab; a gym- hall; a library with 25,000 books; a football pitch; a basketball ground.