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Search Engine Strategies: Mobile Marketing Tactics

Search Engine Strategies: Mobile Marketing Tactics






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  • You’ve seen a lot of mobile decks over the past year – before and even after our 2011 Mobile Mom Insights Series. So why another one? A couple of reasons, chief of which is that mobile growth is explosive, Moms are mobile, BabyCenter Moms are incredible mobile and consuming content and experiences on the go – switching seamlessly between their desktop and mobile device to get remarkably right trusted advice and friendship. And we have a ton of mobile inventory for sales – which Spencer will talk about after we go through this presentation. The goal of this module is to give you what you need to get in front of clients and agencies (whether familiar with mobile advertising, already leveraging it, and even those not convinced that mobile is here and now), and tell our story. Like all of our presentations, this is meant to be modular. It’s built in sections. So take what need, strip out what you don’t. Customize it based on your audience. OK – that’s enough narrative, let’s get started.
  • In this presentation you’ll find a section detailing how the mobile market really is here and now. Blink, and you’ll miss it. We’ll talk about how (and why) Mom really has become a mobile power user. Then we’ll talk about how BabyCenter supports mobile mom and builds solutions for marketers to reach and engage her. Finally, we’ll go through a couple of case studies to demonstrate how BabyCenter is working with marketers to leverage this itty-bitty 2x2 screen to execute some creative campaigns, with measurable results.
  • But first – let’s level set. The good news: Marketers are starting to increase their mobile ad spending. eMarketer estimates mobile advertising spending in the US reached $1.45 billion in 2011, up 89% from $769.6 million in 2010. This year, US mobile ad spending will grow 80% to $2.61 billion. And in the next four years, that spend will increase to $10.8B, or grow by 76%.
  • The bad news: Today, ad spending across different media is still way out of whack. Look at the percentages – 40% of media dollars are thrown against advertising on TV. Sure, people are spending 43% of their time with the medium, but as we all know, attention is fractured and people are multi-tasking. Advertising in magazine seems off too, when you consider how much time is being spent flipping through the pages – 6% of overall media time, yet magazines garner 29% of ad budgets. The ratio is starting to become a bit more balanced when we move to online – 22% of time spent and 16% of total media budgets. But, still out of whack. But when we look at mobile, ad buying is not keeping pace with consumer usage. Let’s face it, mobile is a run-away train. 23% of total media time – and growing! Definitely an argument for increasing the mere 1% budget allocation.
  • And for those marketers that ARE leveraging mobile, well, they’re starting to see the results. According to a Q3 2011 study done by Dynamic Logic, the average mobile campaign has an impact on all five traditional brand metrics – including purchase intent, by 4.7. And among moms, mobile ads have impact. 46% have taken an action after seeing an ad on their smartphone. 52% followed up with more research, 51% talked to someone else about it (amplification!), 31% tapped on the ad to go to the advertisers mobile site and 14% purchased the product later, online.
  • And here’s more good news for marketers. You don’t need a site optimized for mobile to start playing in the mobile space NOW. Remember when online advertising was all about static GIFs? And then came Rich Media? Rich Media really changed the game to engage audiences and drive action. The same is now happening on mobile. Mobile ads can be the complete solutions. Here’s a simple add. Campbells – it’s interactive, a little fun and offers the user something valuable – a recipe. Without the mobile user ever having to navigate to a new site.
  • The Dove Men’s campaign is a targeted ad and reveals to the user where they can pick up the product.
  • Now what we’re seeing are even more sophisticated, and totally do-able, mobile RM ads. Start with a GIF, click and play a mini-game, which resolves into a video and ends with a compelling messaging and call to action.
  • Now let’s move into the part where we actually show you some of the great stuff marketers are doing on BabyCenter mobile to reach mom at the right time, in the right mindset and in her channel of choice.
  • Here we have 5 examples. The first focuses Jbaby engages mobile mom through video. We can take a look at how Old Navy did something pretty simple to drive brand awareness. Disney Junior added mobile to the mix to build excitement. Diapers leveraged mobile to drive sales. And finally, Boppy, which is currently running, is using mobile to differentiate their brand.

Search Engine Strategies: Mobile Marketing Tactics Search Engine Strategies: Mobile Marketing Tactics Presentation Transcript