MobiTree FTMA Conference 2012: Mobile Marketing & Rules to Stay Ahead of The Game


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MobiTree FTMA Conference 2012: Mobile Marketing & Rules to Stay Ahead of The Game

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  • 1. MobiTree builds local mobile and online social communities around brands. MobiTree is mobilizing affinity groups, connecting these like minded individuals bonded with a common cause, organization or business through their mobile devices – with what they care about the most …. their kids, their family and their weekly activities. By embedding themselves in the Affinity Group through a mobile and online experience built around their content – what they care about the most and how they are spending their week, Advertisers can access and target affluent Mom’s through how they are spending their lives with their family and social network, advertisers. With MobiTree’s Mobi – an all – in – one branded Mobi App and Website solution for anyone, and on any device, MobiTree creates Mobile Apps and Websites for Affinity Groups. iPhone, ipAd, Android, Kindle Fire, Blackberry…. MobiTree is rendering for the optimal experience on any device, adapting and scaling with technology.The Mobi platform embeds advertisers inside Affinity Groups with localized and targeted initiatives. With MobiTree advertisers and publishers have a seat at the table to drive acquisition, increase engagement and revenue directly with affluent target affinity groups who opted into and downloaded the Mobi.
  • MobiTree solves common organizational challenges, whether it is a church, a charity, a school, destination – any group of like minded individuals can now benefit from the first multi-channel, mobile and online solution.
  • Another example of 24/7 fitness Mobi’s, with yoga, pilates and health and fitness content integrated with AllYou. Women’s apparel merchandising promotion with Time’s partner Under Armour.
  • MobiTree FTMA Conference 2012: Mobile Marketing & Rules to Stay Ahead of The Game

    2. 2. Mobile is Changing Everything The way we search, eat, shop, travel, learn, communicate, pay, entertain ourselves and donate is evolving rapidly Giving Mobi™ Sports Mobi™ Club Mobi™ Travel Mobi™ Education Mobi™
    3. 3. Successful Mobile Strategies• Latest developments in the fast growing mobile marketing segment• What forward looking companies are doing to amplify their marketing campaigns• Building and integrating mobile, social media and marketing and online communities• Use of rich banners and multi-media mobile marketing• Value in hyper-local mobile advertising and targeting• Apps vs. mobile sites (Mobi’s), which or both?• Aligning mobile with your acquisition and loyalty marketing initiatives• Customization and testing• Obstacles and opportunities• Key strategies to takeaway
    4. 4. Skyrocketing Mobile Growth• Growth is driven by Smartphones & Computer Tablets: • 130M at end of 2011 • Expected to be200M or 65% of Americans will have one or both by 2015 (In-Stat Research 2011)• Mobile internet search will exceed PC’s/laptops by 2013 (Gartner Research 2011)• 50% of mobile devices will be Smartphones by 2013• 1 in 5 U.S. households will be using mobile banking by 2015 (Juniper Research 2011)• PayPal expects $7B in mobile payment volume in 2012, doubling last year
    5. 5. Big 4 are Focused on Post-PC Era Corporate strategies and products focused on mobile
    6. 6. Travel: Mobile Evolution• Of top 28 air, car, hotel companies in U.S., only one company (Wyndham) and two car companies (Alamo/National) were not mobile optimized with either Mobile Website and/or Mobile App.• Two thirds had both Mobile Website and App, often tailored for different needs• Targeting mobile travelers (eMarketer Study 2011) : • 71% have a Smartphone, and spend more than an average consumer, $3K a year, 3 trips/year • 38% used mobile device to plan a trip, this number is expected to grow to 44% in 2012, and 47% will use the device at the destination • 60% have downloaded travel Apps • In 2012, the number of travelers who will book through a mobile device to 15.1M in 2012 up 74% Y/Y
    7. 7. Building Local Mobile and OnlineSocial Communities Around Brands  We create Mobile Apps and Websites for Affinity Groups MobiTree Ecosystem  Mobi platform monetizes group’s ecosystem with advertising The Mobi: all-in-one Mobile App & Website for anyone, any device.MobiTree Ecosystem
    8. 8. MobiTree Solves Common AffinityGroup Challenges All-in-One Multi-Media Registration Advertising eCommerceMobility: Anywhere, anytime, any deviceAcquisition: Acquire new fans, engage them and grow participationCommunication: Calendar, events, geo-mapping, schedules, push, text, emailRevenue Creation: Sell advertising, products, tickets, donations, fundraisersMulti-media: Video, photos, streaming, news feeds, social mediaeCommerce: Stores, donations and payment processing
    9. 9. Amplify Your Marketing Campaignswith Mobile Texas State Fair and Auto Show: Event Mobi™ Travel Mobi™ Global Airline and Travel Conference:
    10. 10. Chevrolet: Mobilizing the TexasState Fair and Auto Show Acquisition: 44K test drivesTexas State Fair and Auto to grow participation and leads to dealers Social Media: Interactive photos/ videos, FB,Twitter Product: Auto-show had QR codes and mobile electronic brochure Mobility: Anywhere, anytime, any deviceEvent Mobi™
    11. 11. Affinity Client: See Mommy Run • See Mommy Run is an organization with over 57K women nationwide with 20 regional chapters & hundreds of local groups • They focus on helping moms get in shape by running, interacting with each other & sharing health and fitness content
    12. 12. SeeMommyRun.Mobi See Mommy Run Mobi provides members with real-time news, interactive and video content
    13. 13. SeeMommyRun.Mobi/Events  Social Community: Mom’s sharing with other like-minded Mom’s  See Mommy Run Members at Boston Marathon April 2011
    14. 14. Smartphone Ads are Having anImpact in Purchase Decisions  71 percent of smartphone users search after being exposed to ads online and offline  A whopping 82% notice mobile ads  74% make a purchase as a result of using their phone during the shopping process Source: Google’s “The Mobile Movement: Understanding Smartphone Users”
    15. 15. Linking Content with  See Mommy Run Mobi can connect with and other relevant Time Inc. content  Digital publications promoted in Mobi’s
    16. 16. Use of Rich Banner Ads & Video  Rich banner ads, which are expandable, with useful content, links and video, are driving qualified leads and conversion
    17. 17. Intel: Rich Banner & Mobile SitesAds, Better Than App’s Intel is seeing rich banner ad interactive rates 5 times greater than in Apps Predicting rich media ads to be 50% of all display ads by 2015 (Hubspot 2012) Behavioral Targeting:  Since users identified themselves by their interests, more likely to respond  After users expand the ads, they see three different icons that can be dragged and dropped to the bottom of the screen  Ads lead the user to the Intel mobile site providing more information for what they are looking for
    18. 18. Hyper-Local AdvertisingExample: See Mommy Run/ Mobi Connecting relevant content with the power of geo-targeted local advertising Identify the customer, device and location of the mobile search and optimize 1 in 3 mobile searches are local (Google 2011)
    19. 19. Hyper-Local Advertising  Connect with mom by providing relevant content and geo-targeted local advertising  Drives users to Cooking Light food and recipe information sponsored by Whole Foods  Provides the nearest Whole Foods location information - great for moms on the go  Display relevant local offers and distance to the store in See Mommy Run’s Mobi
    20. 20. Hyper-Local Advertising After looking up a local business on their Smartphone, 61% of users called the business and 59%visited 74% of Smartphone users who searched for products shopping resulted with a purchase 79% of Smartphone users, use their devices to help while shopping (Google 2011)
    21. 21. Travel Firms Are Tailoring forThose on the Go, Local Align the mobile experience to the channel and customer’s situation, and why they are using mobile device Expedia & Priceline’s mobile strategies are focused on last minute, local bookings  58% of Smartphone users who booked through the phone, are shopping for local hotels within 20 miles of their location  82% of Smartphone bookers did so wtihin 24 hours of arrival vs. Desktop at 45% (Google 2011) Geo-targeting by default with localized content based on where you are  Expedia has Groupon & Urban Spoon
    22. 22. Mobi’s Generate High Repeat Usage &Utilization New vs. Returning Mobi Visitor Returning Percent Visits per Unique Visitor Visitor 35% New Visitor 30% 31% 25% 20% Nearly 30% 9+ visits 15% 10% 69% 5% 0% Pageviews Per Unique Visitor Mobi Avg. Time per Site Visit: 10 minutes 30% 25% 20% 15% Nearly 20% visitors have 9 or 10% more pageviews 5% 0% 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 - 1415 - 19 20+
    23. 23. Native App, Mobile Site or Both? Large brands? Both Small to mid-size brands? Mobi (Mobile Website and Desktop) App Mobile WebsiteExpense/Maintenance ✔Scalability ✔Visibility ✔Acquisition/leads ✔SEO/SEM ✔Personalization ✔ ✔Loyal customers ✔ ✔
    24. 24. Native App, Mobile Site or Both? Case Study: Intercontinental Hotels (IHG) is Leveraging Both IHG boasts their mobile website is a more valuable marketing tool than an App  More flexible across platforms  Boosts mobile search  Customer acquisition tool Launched an App for loyalty, Priority Club members Click-to-call Adwords account for 40% of mobile web revenue
    25. 25. Optimizing Mobile: Track & TestSteps to Optimize Mobile:1. Track mobile behavior and analytics separate from desktop website2. Establish goals which augment overall marketing plans3. Test and learn, set out your objectives that you are trying to achieve and conduct A/B split testingExample: reduced their mobile websitebounce rate by 22%, 16% more pageviews and 4% higherconversion rates following these steps (Marketing Sherpa 2011)
    26. 26. Interconnecting Mobile & DigitalContent & Advertisers24HourFitness.Mobi
    27. 27. Top Limitations in Mobile, OnceSolved will Fuel Further Growth• Corporations • Starting to allow iPads and tablets, and replace Blackberry’s • Travel departments and agencies are slow to adapt• Payments • Retailers are slow to adapt mobile options, once entities like PayPal and Google Wallet integrate with retail point of sale processors, and information is stored in Smartphone, purchase volume will increase dramatically • Integration with retail loyalty systems and stored value cards will further fuel growth
    28. 28. Key Takeaways Leverage mobile to amplify your marketing plans, campaigns and media, make everything more successful Use mobile to develop and amplify your brands social community Use rich media banner ads and commercials Media plans and mobile sites should perform across all device types, operating systems/platforms Focus on the mobile site for SEO/SEM, acquisition and scalability, use App’s for loyal customers, specialized functionality Hyper-localized advertising is critical, leverage the data and the customer’s profile to drive results and provide relevant content and promotions Test and learn, and customize mobile experiences and target leveraging the customer’s profile data, location and needs