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Intro to SEO - Denver Entrepreneur Meetup
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Intro to SEO - Denver Entrepreneur Meetup


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Mike Belasco introduced members of the Denver Entrepreneur meet-up group to the basics of search engine optimization (SEO)

Mike Belasco introduced members of the Denver Entrepreneur meet-up group to the basics of search engine optimization (SEO)

Published in: Business, Technology, Design
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  • How many of you click on pay per click ads
  • Give example of ranking for keyword which no one searches on or would not convert Example: You are a personal injury lawyer, but you rank well for ‘denver lawyer’ You may get calls for divorces
  • Can be expanded into URL 2 for indented listing targeting
  • Popularity contest, with the more popular kids votes counting more than everyone else. Also can think of some votes as “superdelegate” votes and carrying more weight. CNN vs your little brother’s myspace. Relevancy matters too- a site that has content relating to yours will be a better link than from a random site. The fewer number of links on page, the more juice each link carries- that is the “PR Pie” pieces are all bigger. Probably familiar with the Page Rank (free SearchStatus plug in on FF). But don’t get carried away with the PR, as Google only calculates this every so often. Look at it, but don’t obsess. Again, be more concerned with the number of outgoing links on the page. No follows don’t count on SERPS- use Firefox no-follow plugin. Can get it at Text links better Age of link, and to some extent the page. Age can equal trust. Links age like fine wine and fancy cheese
  • Paid- SevenSeek, Octopedia. Multiple purchasing options for listings. Free- you get what you pay for, but still can find some good ones if you look Niche- industry specific, paid and free. Google good tool to find these: industry + directory General- wide variety of categories, everything from Plastic Surgeons to Power Tools Make sure category is indexed- R click, SEO Open (plug in), Google, Google Cache Article sites- content should be well written, but no need to make it “social media style” -good way to get some text links if article is accepted EASY- turn an article into a slideshow using powerpoint ( Guest Articles- articles used to offer content to other sites for links- many websites are content hungry!
  • PR Web, other sites- be ready to spend money for this service. Great for site launch, product or service launch. Treat resource pages almost like a directory- consider relevance, indexed/not indexed, PR, total number of links, etc.
  • Paid links- a bit controversial so go about it the right way. Where is the line drawn? Look for sites indicating they are in it to make money. Google ads, advertising opportunities, existing outbound text links. Find a relevant site and contact. Ideally want text link. Have something specific in mind when you contact. Know your budget. Do NOT fail to consider PR in the sense we discussed earlier, outbound link#, and indexed before you contact. Do not get talked into something you do not want- it’s the internet and there will be other sites. No link brokers, no sponsored posts/reviews.
  • VERY big right now and continuing to grow as a major player in the online community, and thus as a resource for getting links. Interactions often result in links. Voting sites- popular content gets bumped and linked too. Online communities- not just for college kids. Googling a band or celebrity will often show their myspace profile in first page google results Video- YouTube has gone from just a simple video sharing site to a full blown community, and vids from here can show up in Google results (Festool). Use the right keywords/tags! Niche- for a more focused crowd
  • 302- some directories want to track clicks, so they send to page on their site first, then redirect to your site 301 and 302 are http status codes: 301 permanently moved and the code tells SEs to transfer the links and their value to new site (these are ok), 302 temporarily moved and code tells SEs to keep links and values pointing to temporarily redirected page (these not OK) Javascript- links in flash and javascript not spiderable No follows useless for link building. Reminder of FF plug in for no follows Page doesn’t necessarily need to be currently indexed, but make sure it CAN be indexed- Ex: pages behind form based navigation are no good (store locator)
  • Transcript

    • 1. Optimize Your Bottom Line:
      • What You Need to Know About SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
      presented by seOverflow
    • 2.
      • – went from brand new site to over 100K in revenue per month so far
      • – plastic surgeon now obtaining 40-60 leads per month from their website not including phone calls
      • – personal injury lawyer positioned for multi million dollar cases
      • - apartment locating company, went from brand new site to 70% of a nice business in 12 months
      seOverhaul Your Business
    • 3.
      • seOverflow is a search engine optimization and pay per click marketing company in Denver, CO.
      • We specialize in offering solutions that enable web design companies, marketing consultants, and other solution providers to offer high end SEO services to their clients.
      • We are a Google Adwords Qualified Company, Yahoo Search Marketing Ambassadors, and SEMPO members.
      Who Is seOverflow?
    • 4.
      • The Search Engines want to return the most relevant results for every search query.
      • So, we have to demonstrate the relevance of our pages to them.
      What the Search Engines Want
    • 5.
      • How the SE’s determine relevance:
      • By the titles and tags we place on our pages.
      • By what they “see” when they spider our pages.
      • By what we and others tell them the pages are about through the links to them.
      What the Search Engines Want
    • 6.
      • Wizardry or a myth.
      • Keywords in the meta tags only.
      • An overnight success.
      • A one time activity.
      • Something that can be successful without good incoming links.
      What SEO Is NOT:
    • 7. Anatomy of a SERP Organic Pay Per Click Pay Per Click Local Ten Pack
    • 8. Who Gets The Clicks? Search Engine Market Share
    • 9.
      • Organic vs PPC
      Who Gets The Clicks? Source: Enquiro, 2006
    • 10. Organic vs Paid Search Advantages of Organic Search Advantages of Paid Search More traffic on the same keywords Quick to market Trusted more by the public Easy to cast a wide net Cheaper over the long term (for some) Ability to geo-target customers Not prone to click fraud Control over traffic levels
    • 11.
      • On-page Optimization – research, planning and implementation. Anything and everything that can be controlled on the website.
      • Link Building (Off-page optimization) – the process of getting other websites to link to your website. Think of links as popularity votes.
      SEO From 30,000 Feet
    • 12. On-page Optimization
      • Research, Planning and Implementation
    • 13.
      • Keyword Research is the process of discovering for which keywords you should optimize. KW research is critical. Without it, your SEO efforts may be misdirected.
      Keyword Research: The Cornerstone of SEO Keyword Research Steps 1. Brainstorming 2. Use Keyword Research Tools 3. Check The Competition Levels, Choose The Keywords
    • 14.
      • How much traffic does the keyword receive?
      • How likely is someone using that keyword to reach your site going to convert into a customer/lead/sale?
      • How competitive is the keyword? (use allintitle: operator)
      • How much budget and time do you have?
      • TOOL: Google Adwords Keyword Tool:
      Is This A Good Keyword?
    • 15. Keyword Research: The Long Tail
    • 16.
      • The Keyword Matrix is an optimization map showing which pages will be optimized for which keywords.
      • Typically we target 1-5 closely related keywords per page. (3 on avg.)
      • Many times we suggest adding new pages to existing sites.
      • We use the keywords identified in the matrix as your main ‘rank checking’ keywords.
      The Keyword Matrix
    • 17. The Keyword Matrix Example URL Keyword 1 Keyword 2 Keyword 3 /home.html donuts best donuts tasty donuts /chocolatedonuts.html chocolate donutes chocolate frosted donuts /sprinkedonuts.html sprinkle donuts rainbow sprinkle donuts chocolate sprinkle donuts
    • 18.
      • Spiderability
      • Accessibility (Broken Links, W3C, File Size etc.)
      • Title Tags
      • Meta Tags
      • H Tags
      • Image Optimization
      • Outbound Links
      • Keyword Density
      Critical On-page Optimization Components
    • 19.  
    • 20. Link Building
      • Strategies For Finding and Acquiring Powerful Links
    • 21. Link Building Defined
      • Link Building is the practice of obtaining links from external websites into your own website in order to obtain higher search engine rankings and/or direct referrals.
    • 22. Link Building
    • 23. On-page Vs Off-Page
    • 24. Link Building Basics
      • Links as “votes”
        • When another website links to yours, that site is essentially casting a “vote” for your website. The more votes you have the better, although in this game the quality of the votes you receive is very important too.
      • Some Link Factors
        • Page Rank (PR)*
        • Keyword Rich Text Link
        • Followed vs no-followed
        • Number of outbound links on the page
        • Age of the link
          • Link becomes more trusted with time
    • 25. Getting Links Start By Spying On Your Competitor’s Links Use OpenSiteExplorer to view most of the links coming into your competitor’s websites. Which of these links can you get? Any idea generated by looking at their strategy?
    • 26. Getting Links
      • Directory Submissions
        • Paid Directories
        • Free Directories
        • Niche Directories
        • General Directories
      • Article Distribution
        • Plenty of free sites (such as Ezine Articles) that allow you to create a profile and submit articles that include text links.
      • Content Creation and Publication
        • In addition to articles, also consider creating videos, slideshows etc and distributing across the web
        • Guest Articles
    • 27. Getting Links
      • Press Releases
        • Not just a tool for the traditional PR company anymore
        • Easy way to generate some text links for your product or service
        • Press releases often will show up quite high in search results, at least for a while
          • Exposure, plus a lasting link for relevant keywords
      • Resource Pages
        • Look within relevant industry
        • Often can get these links for free
        • Present your website as a resource that should be included in the owner’s list
        • Quality
    • 28. Getting Links
      • Paid Links
        • Against Google webmaster guidelines, much controversy
        • Still a widely used technique
      • Sponsorships
        • Within relevant industry
          • If your site deals with cars, consider sponsoring a car club
        • Local Sponsorships
          • Sports leagues, parks, etc.- the Page Rank surprise!
          • Community Involvement
    • 29. Getting Links
      • Social Media
        • Social Media categorizes online tools that people use to share content, opinions, profiles, and news itself. This sharing causes conversations and interactions between people online.
        • Examples include
          • Voting style sites- Digg, Mixx, Sphinn
          • Online communities- Myspace, Facebook
          • Video based communities- YouTube
          • Niche communities- health, auto lovers, etc
    • 30. Links That Will Not Count
      • 302 redirects
      • Javascript
      • No-followed links
      • Links on pages that are not indexed
    • 31. Outsourcing Your SEO
      • What To Do and Not To Do
    • 32.
      • Experience
      • Knowledge of Link Building
      • Ability to “see the light” of possible SEO opportunities
      • Ability to diagnose and repair complex issues
      • Time savings
      • Additional revenue streams (if outsourcing client work)
      Outsourcing SEO: Advantages
    • 33.
      • Guarantee Rankings
      • Use ‘black hat’ or hacker-ish techniques
      • Only perform link building through reciprocal links and link farms
      • Only optimize pages for search engines and not for visitors
      • Don’t have good references that you can speak with
      Avoid SEO Firms That…
    • 34.
      • Got Any Questions?
      • Write “pres” on your business card if you would like a copy emailed to you.
      Q & A
    • 35.