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Brief overview of company, mission statement, staff etc

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Seo Next Presentation

  1. 1. “How to dominate the search engines, and grow your business !” Presentation by Pete Hooley SEO Consultant
  2. 2. Brief Introduction• SEO Next is a major internationalSEO operation.• Head Office in Manchester ,• 180+ SEO staff based in our officesin India• Offices based in the focal IT &media centre of India, Gurgaon (nearNew Delhi)• Google, Microsoft, JWT allestablished in the same area and manymore…• 10,000‟s of successful projectscompleted
  3. 3. What is SEO?Search Engine Optimisation can be defined as the process involved inensuring that when a user searches for something on a search engine,your website appears at the top of the Search Engine Results Page.With SEO - the search engines will find your website the most relevantto a search query, and reward you with the highest position on theSERP’s.Why is SEO important to a business?Any business is open to the opportunity for new traffic and newpotential clients through owning a website.SEO will provide the traffic via high rankings in the SERP’s.Good SEO will ensure that the keywords you are promoting are relevantto your website, and somewhat more importantly – relevant to yourdemographic.
  4. 4. What is a search engine? “A tool designed to search for information on the World Wide Web” “Operates algorithmically generated results” A Search engine is always trying to provide its searcher the most relevant result possible – to find this they look at over 300 variables
  5. 5. A few stats…Every day there are more than a billion searches on Google forinformation. Google data, September 201058% of purchase decisions begin on search enginesGroupM, February 201128.5 million Brits make online purchases. This number is expected to increase to32.5 million by 2014Verdict Research as cited by eMarketer, September 2010Online shopping has grown by 25% to £4.4bn year on yearIMRG, June 2010Online sales accounts for 10% of retail in the UK.Digital Strategy Consulting, August 201129% of people think the placement of a brand on the search results page reflectsthe importance of the brandVerdict Research as cited by, April 2011
  6. 6. A Typical Google Result Paid Ads: Paid advertising known as ppc displays adverts along the top and side of the page these are clearly distinguished so not to confuse the browser. Organic Results: Here Google displays its most relevant results, these results are determined by the questions Google asks each website over 300 in fact.
  7. 7. How do I pick the right keywords? When choosing keywords to target – you should be aware of the following;Researching keywords: eg. “Shoes”. A broad, generic keyword. It couldbe said that this type of keyword is for information purposes, orwhere someone is unsure of exactly what they are looking for.Buying keywords: “Mens Leather Ankle-Boots”. A search for a specificgroup or set of products. This shows intent to buy. A good keyword”Good SEO should be targeted at both short, main keywords, with agood variety of long-tail buying keywords.Main keywords will deliver a larger volume of search traffic, and morebrand awareness for the website or business, but will offer a lowerconversion rate, and the quality of the traffic will be lower.Long-tail keywords will deliver the highest relevance for the user, aswell as a superior conversion rate from click to enquiry.
  8. 8. Know your competition When conducting SEO, or planning for an SEO campaign, one of the most important things to do is to know your competition.• Who do you want to compete with?• Who do you compare yourselves to?• What makes you different to your competition?• What keywords are your competition currently targeting?Once you have identified who it is you wish to compete with, and wherethey are currently ranking the highest. It is possible to work out howthey have achieved their positions based upon the on-pageoptimisation, as well as a back-link analysis of their websites.
  9. 9. How do search engines view mywebsite???? Search engines use robots to crawl your website with programs calledspiders. The spiders take in all of the information on the pages to thenbe processed by the robots. The spiders proceed through your site byfollowing links this process is repeated until there are no more links to follow.
  10. 10. So…when the Google bot comes to yourwebsite, what does it look at?
  11. 11. Off page optimisation FactorsSearch engines look at many different things off the site below is a small selection of these. These will be explained individually further on in the presentation.
  12. 12. How to get you to the top of the searchengines and keep you there!!•Keyword strategy – including long tail• Making sure that your website includes good relevant content!• The site layout is user friendly• Internal link structure on the site links to appropriate relevant pages• Good use of title, meta and H1 tags.• Blogging – regular content rich posts• Make your URL‟s are search engine compliant, examples;A)^-41235.aspYou can have these rewritten• Off site link building profile including• Directory submissions, article submissions, forum posting,• Sitemap – XML and HTML• Analytics – Conversion – Usability• Brand / Reputation Management – use of websites in good “neighbourhoods”!• Hard Work
  13. 13. Link Varieties – Below are example links we use on ourcampaigns• Directory submissions: Submitting your website to directories as a link building strategyhas already been beaten with a stick hundreds of times, but it still remains a valid tacticthat definitely works. Of course, thats if youre doing it the right way..• Article Submission: Articles written with good relevant content and each submittedinto relevant category directories, 1 to 2 anchor text links per article is a good level.• Links through Forum Promotions: Although it may seem like a very easy way to get morelinks, link building through forums can be very tricky. However, it can also be one of themost valuable in terms of branding and the amount of targeted visitors. There are severalways of building links through forums• Press release submission: Write online press releases, these are then submitted to PRsites. Some are free, others require a membership to post press releases.• Top commentator: We will maintain your link as the top commentator link on good blogs,this gives you site wide links.
  14. 14. Link Varieties (cont.)• Do follow comments: Create „do follow‟ comments in good quality blogs to get some in-content links for your site• LQ links: Not the ones I like the most, but these links will be giving a decent linkvariation to your site.• New directories: This will include submission to all the new directories which come outevery month, these have a very high acceptance rate and around 150-200 directories arereleased every month.• Ezine: Ezine articles is still a very authoritative site. We write good quality articles,specifically for submission to ezine articles, each article will have 1-2 links to your site.• Blog marketing: Create unique posts for the blog every week and all the posts will besubmitted to social media sites to get them indexed. All blog posts should link to the mainand internal pages of the main site.
  15. 15. Content & keyword anchor text Good Example Bad ExampleSEO Next™ – Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) SEO Next™ – Search Engine OptimisationCompany & Website Optimization Services. (SEO) Company & Website OptimizationSEO. Search Engine Optimisation. It‟s one of the Services.fastest-growing fields in today‟s business world. SEO. Search Engine Optimisation. It‟s one ofLike any area of business, many specialist search the fastest-growing fields in today‟s businessengine optimization companies have emerged to world. Like any area of business, many specialisthelp you build your profile and exposure online. search engine optimization companies haveBut, did you know that many of the emerged to help you build your profile andleading SEO agencies throughout the UK, USA and exposure online.Australia regularly outsource up to 100% of their But, did you know that many of thework to our team of search marketing experts? leading SEO agencies throughout the UK, USANow you do, and now we‟re pleased to introduce our and Australia regularly outsource up to 100% ofown SEO brand: their work to our team of search marketingDrawing on the experience and expertise of over experts? Now you do, and now we‟re pleased tofive years, working alongside the world‟s biggest introduce our own SEO brand: engine optimisation (or, if you‟re in the Drawing on the experience and expertise of overUSA, optimization) companies, SEO Next™ is your five years, working alongside the world‟s biggestone-stop, go-to option for all of your SEO search engine optimisation (or, if you‟re in theservices. If you‟ve previously used a search engine USA, optimization) companies, SEO Next™ isoptimisation company, there‟s a good chance that your one-stop, go-to option for all of your SEOit‟s been our team working behind the scenes to services. If you‟ve previously used a searchbring your SEO plans to fruition. And the results engine optimisation company, there‟s a goodspeak for themselves – take a look at our SEO case chance that it‟s been our team working behindstudy page and our testimonials for proof. the scenes to bring your SEO plans to fruition. And the results speak for themselves – take a
  16. 16. Article DirectoriesThere are thousands upon thousands of article directories on the web, many are industry specific but the majority remain general.Once the articles has been submitted tothe article site it is then manuallyreviewed. The review progress looks forkey elements, is the article salesy,spammy or irrelevant to its title orsubmission category. Once the articlehas been approved it will then go live onthe site. Sometimes this takes up to 3
  17. 17. Business Directories 1000-2000 New directories go live every month. Directories are a powerful tool to start building your link profile, although by no meansthe strongest type of link they create a good foundation and last for a long time. Directory Individual business homepage listing You should try to match the category that best suits your business but as you don‟t own the directories sometimes the site admin change these.
  18. 18. Forum posts Forums are a great way of connecting a business to its demographic,not only do we get involved in relevant industry specific forums we also gain a link back on every comment we make.As forum websites are owned by a third party, sometimes wholethreads are deleted. These sorts of links need to be continuallyproduced.
  19. 19. Top commentator links! Top commentator links are a great value link. by getting involved with bloggingsites in the specific industry, and by commentating and adding content to these blogs on a regular basis we a rewarded with a site wide link. Occasionally we let these links drop of for a month and then rebuild them a month or so later. We do this so that Google see‟s that the sites involvement was not a one off or spammy. This creates a stronger trust rating for the link juice.
  20. 20. Parasite Creation
  21. 21. In Summary• Identify your goals.• Identify your market.• Look at what your main competitors and market leaders are doing.• Research keywords.• Benchmark positions and current traffic levels.• Begin SEO Campaign.• PPC and SEO go hand in hand.• PPC is great for brand awareness, and for identifying trends, however it can be very costly.• SEO delivers unlimited clicks for a keyword as the natural listings are “free”.• If you can cut your PPC budget and have your website appear naturally you will increase your ROI.
  22. 22. Case Study• Came to SEONext as a referral from another client.• Initially, the website was only achieving 20-30 unique visitors per day.• 12 months later – they are now averaging 200 visitors per day. This was a gradual rise month on month across all of their selected keywords. We squeeze as much traffic as possible to them in such a narrow market niche.• 81% of all traffic is a result of high rankings in the natural listings.• All of their main keywords maintain high page one rankings. (Chesterfield Sofa, Chesterfield Furniture, Chesterfield Chair etc…)• From our SEO, unique visitors on a monthly basis has grown on average from 800% - 1000%.
  23. 23. Case Study• SEONext has partnered with The Underfloor Heating Store for the last 18 months.• They were not ranking within the top 10 pages within any of the major search engines for any of their keywords. They were spending significantly on Google Adwords.• Organic traffic has risen from 30 – 40 unique visitors per day to a recent high of 466 per day and is still rising. This is bringing a far superior ROI than that of Google Adwords.• Overall traffic has been increased by a factor of 1000% from SEO alone.• All main keywords feature on page 1 of• This transformation was a business changing result. (Contact any member of staff for more details)
  24. 24. Great “FREE” online resources• Google webmaster tools•• SEO Blog•• Detecting inbound links to your site•• Google keyword tool• Find out search volumes and good keywords to target•• Iweb Tool•
  25. 25. Thank you!Any Questions?? Pete Hooley SEO Consultant