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  2. 2. • Near field communication (NFC) is a set ofstandards for smartphones and similar devicesto establish radio communication with eachother by touching them together or bringingthem into close proximity, usually no morethan a few centimeters.• In 2004 Nokia, Philips and Sony establishedthe Near Field Communication (NFC) Forum.• Lumia 620,920,820 ,samsung galaxy nexus etc.
  3. 3. N-mark logo forCertified devices
  4. 4. BENEFITS AND FEATURES• Maximum transfer bit rate of 800kbps.• No special software is required.• Operation at a frequency of 13.5 MHz• No ethical concerns due to range
  5. 5. System Overview• Hardware– Transmitter• PC interface (MAX232A)• Voltage-Controlled Oscillator (POS+25)• Power Amplifier (LM6181)• Loop Antenna– Receiver• Loop Antenna• Amplifier (LM6181)• Phase Lock Loop (NE564)• PC interface (MAX232A)
  6. 6. NFC VS BLUETOOTHnfc bluetoothSECURITY HIGH GOODDISTANCE ~10CM ~IMETREMODES ACTIVE/PASSIVE ActivePower <15mA <15mABW 800Kb/s 1mb/sFrequency 13.56MHz 2.4-2.5GHzConnection Point-point PanSet up time <0.1sec < 6sec
  7. 7. NFC TAGS• Communication is also possible between an NFCdevice and an unpowered NFC chip, called a "tag“.• NFC tags contain data and are typically read-only• NFC tags are traditionally embedded into pieces ofcard, paper or flat pieces of plastic.• Sony—smart tags• RapidNFC manufactures and supplies NFC tagsaround the world
  8. 8. How do I scan the NFC Tags with myphone?• If you have an NFC enabled phone you will need to gointo the settings and ensure NFC is switched on.• Depending upon the brand of your phone and itsoperating system will depend upon how you manageand control the reading of tags on your phone,however most will read tags without any additionalsoftware (if NFC is switched on), but it may be requiredto download software (often for free) from yourphones app store.• Simply search for NFC, NFC Tag Reader/Writer to getappropriate results.
  9. 9. NFC distinguishes two operation modes for communication: passive andactive mode.Active Mode: In this mode, both devices are generating their own RF fields.This would be in the case that two mobile devices are being used to exchangedata.Passive Mode: In this mode, one of the devices generates the RF field and theother device uses the field to power itself and communicate. The activedevice is usually the “reader” and the passive device is the “tag”.
  10. 10. The 3 operational modes of NFC• Card Emulation mode• An NFC device in card emulation mode canreplace a contactless card or tag. This willenable NFC devices to be used with existingcontactless card infrastructure in applicationssuch as ticketing, access control andpayments.
  11. 11. Reader/Writer modeNFC enabled devices are able to read and write to NFC and manycontactless cards. For example, if a NFC tag is attached to aposter, the NFC smartphone can "tap" the tag to access theinformation stored in the tag (e.g. coupons, maps, productinformation, etc) easy and conveniently.Peer to Peer modePeer to peer mode enables two NFC devices to share databetween them. Due to the low transfer speed of NFC if largeamounts of data need to be sent, peer to peer mode can be usedto create a secondary high speed connection (handover) likeBluetooth or WiFi
  12. 12. Exciting Ways NFC is Currently Being Utilized• Parking Meters – Oakland and San Francisco have beenequipping their parking meters with NFC stickers. Thesewill allow drivers to use their phones to pay for theirparking. Drivers will also get a reminder when their parkingtime runs out.• Unlocking Doors – A company called Lockitron that usesyour phones NFC to unlock the door. You can also connectthe lock to your wifi network and remotely unlock the doorfor friends and family.• Boarding Passes - In October of 2012 – Japan Airlinesbecame the first commercial airline to offer NFC boardingpasses . Japan Airline’s Touch & Go system allowspassengers to tap their phones to pass through boardinggates. When they tap the they will also be given the latestinformation on seat changes, gate numbers, and boardingtimes.
  13. 13. Oyster Card for travelling around London contains an NFC chip inside.In order to automate tasks using your smartphone and NFC technology, you’llneed an application such as NFC ReTAG (free, Android).As of March 2006, all British passports have been issued with an electronicNFC chip inside. This chip holds your personal information as well as facialbiometrics and is embedded into the back page of your passport.As e-passport chips simply use a NFC technology, it is possible to use yourNFC-enabled smartphone to read your passport information. The NFC TagInfoapplication for Android can be downloaded for free from Google Play andsupports e-passports. Simply place your NFC-enabled handset on your e-passport to download your personal details and photograph.
  14. 14. • Programmable Stickers - You can purchase programmableNFC stickers called Tec Tiles that will make your phoneexecute certain tasks when they connect. Tapping your phoneto the sticker could change the volume ,Wi-Fi network, openan app, pair Bluetooth devices, and more. You get to choosewhat task the NFC sticker makes the phone execute. Maybeyou want the phone to go on silent when you get to your deskat work.• Share Photos, Videos & Business Cards• If you’ve got an NFC-enabled handset running Android 4.0 IceCream Sandwich or Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, it will support the‘Android Beam’ feature. This allows you to transfermultimedia files and information such as contact details bytapping your handset onto another enabled device
  15. 15. Carry the Museum of London in your pocketLast year Nokia teamed up with the Museum of London to useNFC to bring the museum’s exhibitions to life. With just a tap youcan find out fabulous stories about the people and places in theone of the world’s greatest cities.Google Wallet holds your credit and debit cards, offers, andrewards cards. With this latest release, you can use any cardfrom Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover inconjunction with the app.To pay in-store, select the card you want to use, and then justtap your phone to any contactless point of sale terminal.Payment information is transmitted via near fieldcommunication (NFC).
  16. 16. NFC IN INDIAMadhya Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation is to use NFC to providetourists with information at heritage centres, The Times of India reports.Fifteen PVR cinemas in India have implemented an NFC payments servicethat works with BlackBerry 10 phones. The PVR wallet app lets moviegoerspay for both tickets and refreshments via nfc.India-based mobile phone makerKarbonn is to introduce mobile phones andtablets with NFC capabilities in 2013.
  17. 17. New Delhi-based mobile wallet provider xpWallet has introduced an NFC ticketing solution forbus and train operators that lets commuters purchase tickets from conductors equipped with NFCphones. Travellers can either tell the conductor their destination and tap a contactless travel cardor NFC phone to the conductors device to buy a ticket, or they can tap the conductors phone onboth entry and exit so that the closed loop system can calculate and charge the right fare.Delhi Metro tests NFCIndian mass transportation operatorDelhi Metro Railway Corporationhas "started experimentingwith NFC-enabled cell phones" for ticketing, reports The Times of India. 1.6 million commutersride the Delhi Metros 190km network every day.Shah Rukhs " RA.One" is the first film in India to be marketed through Nokias cutting-edge NearField Communications (NFC) technology on its new range of Symbian Belle smartphones - Nokia700 and Nokia 701.The company has set up exclusive "Ra.One" zones at over 400 Nokia Priority Partner outlets andselect multiplexes across the country. Consumers buying a Symbian Belle smartphone can getexclusive content from the film such as images, applications, games, on-set exclusives and moviepromos by just tapping their devices on "Ra.One" NFC tags.
  18. 18. Security aspects• EavesdroppingAn attacker can typically eavesdrop within 10m and 1m for active devices andpassive devices, resData modification• It is easy to destroy data by using a jammer.Man in the middle attacks.
  19. 19. thanks