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History and Philosophy of Media 2012 Seminar 3

History and Philosophy of Media 2012 Seminar 3



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Hpm3projection Hpm3projection Presentation Transcript

  • MECM90015 History and Philosophy of Media 20123. Problems of Periodisation: projection
  • Above: Hereford Mappa Mundi, c.1300; Right: Gall-Peters (‘Peteres”) Projection World Map, 1855/1973
  • Perspectiva Corporum Regularium[1568] Wenzel Jamnitzer
  • Gourraud Shadibng
  • Phong Shadibng
  • Behold! human beings living in an underground den,which has a mouth open towards the light and reach-ing all along the den; here they have been from theirchildhood, and have their legs and necks chained sothat they cannot move, and can only see before them,being prevented by the chains from turning roundtheir heads. Above and behind them a fire is blazingat a distance, and between the fire and the prison-ers there is a raised way; and you will see, if you look,a low wall built along the way, like the screen whichmarionette players have in front of them, over whichthey show the puppets.I see.And do you see, I said, men passing along the wallcarrying all sorts of vessels, and statues and figuresof animals made of wood and stone and various ma-terials, which appear over the wall? Some of them aretalking, others silent.You have shown me a strange image, and they arestrange prisoners(Plato, Republic, Book VII).
  • Teatro Olimpico Vicenza
  • Tim Mara, Alan’s Room, silkscreen, c.1973
  • Scan line - left to right, top to bottom, 525 lines perscreen (NTSC) or 625 lines (PAL), two interlaced scans(odd and even lines) per image, 25 frames per secondHorizontal retrace: after each scan line the electrongun is switched off and returned to the beginning ofthe next lineVertical retrace: after each field has been scanned, theelectron gun returns to the top left of the screen tobegin the next
  • Diagram of a mirror-lens condenser used in motion-picture projection: (S)light source (electric arc), (M) parabolic mirror, (L) lens, (G) film gate
  • coma chromatic aberration
  • 200-mm f/2 Canon lens with 17 ele- ments in 12 groups; Canon Spring 2008 EOS System catalogLEFT: 4-element compound lens fro abandonedrear-projection TV c. 1996
  • Stan Brakhage, frames from Song XII, 1965
  • DMD Digital Micromirror device
  • RIGHT: Daniel Coladon’s light fountain demenostrating toal internal reflection; as used (above) in con-temporary light fountains
  • schematic for confocal fibre optics
  • ‘from’ address ‘to’ address length number number content TTL of packets of this packet123.456.789.012 987.654.321.098 4 Mb 40 1 “hello” 250s