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Talk at the Anglia Ruskin Fast/Slow conference 4 April 2013

Published in: Education
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  1. 1. The Waters off the Coast of Indonesia towards Australia - Jason Wee and the Regulation elsewhen Chronoscapes nowhenof Time somewhen
  2. 2. Scan line - left to right, top to bottom, 525 lines per screen(NTSC) or 625 lines (PAL), two interlaced scans (odd andeven lines) per image, 25 frames per secondHorizontal retrace: after each scan line the electron gun isswitched off and returned to the beginning of the next lineVertical retrace: after each field has been scanned, theelectron gun returns to the top left of the screen to begin thenext
  3. 3. Peter Campus, providence Collins, Seascape Rokeby, Plot Against Time 4 (Atlantic Baroque) Cahen, Juste le temps Menckmann, Collapse of PAL Crooks, Pan No6 (of steps and clocks)
  4. 4. There was a wild colonial boy, Jack Duggan was his nameHe was born and raised in Ireland, in a place called CastlemaineHe was his father’s only son, his mother’s pride and joyA treasure to old Ireland was the wild colonial boyAt the early age of sixteen years he left his native homeAnd to Australia’s sunny shore, he was inclined to roamHe robbed the rich, he helped the poor, he shot James MacEvoyA terror to Australia was the wild colonial boyOne morning on the prairie, as Jack he rode alongA-listening to the mocking bird, a-singing a cheerful songUp stepped a band of troopers: Kelly, Davis and FitzroyThey all set out to capture him, the wild colonial boySurrender now, Jack Duggan, for you see we’re three to oneSurrender in the King’s high name, you are a plundering sonJack drew two pistols from his belt, he proudly waved them highI’ll fight, but not surrender, said the wild colonial boyHe fired a shot at Kelly, which brought him to the groundAnd turning round to Davis, he recieved a fatal woundA bullet pierced his proud young heart, from the pistol of FitzroyAnd that was how they captured him, the wild colonial boy
  5. 5. The Story of the Kelly Gang, Chares Tait, 1906
  6. 6. The question of how Reason is determined in itself and what itsrelation is to the world coincides with the question, What is theultimate purpose of the world?. This question implies that thepurpose is to be actualised and realized. Two things, then, mustbe considered: first, the content of this ultimate purpose, thedetermination as such, and, secondly, its realization.Hegel, Reason in History, 20