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  1. 1. Trailer broken down! We’re told the name of the movie at the end of the trailer. With the name being at the end of the trailer we feel the wantto continue watching the whole video just to find out the name of the film. Being at the end it’s the most memorable thing. Keeps it a secret and doesn’t really give away much.
  2. 2. Why will we be told who is starring in the film? How will this information be given to us? We’re not told who is starring in the film.I believe this is because the actors and actresses used aren’t well known. However, we do get told that it’s made by the producers of Paranormal Activity, a film a lot of us can familiarise with.
  3. 3. What type of events or action from the film will we see? The trailer is fast paced and full of sudden changes in atmosphere. This tells us that the movie is going to keep us alert and interested. By sudden changes in atmosphere it creates an effect that will make most of the audience jump. We believe if the trailer can make us jump, the movie most certainly will. This is a strong persuasive technique used in good trailers to encourage the viewers to go and see the movie.
  4. 4. What clues will the music give us as to what type of film the trailer is advertising? The music in this trailer is eerie and artificial. This tells us that the movie contains events that aren’t deemed as ‘natural’. The music combined with the visuals make it easy to tell it’s advertising a horror movie. The music accompanies the trailer’s clips perfectly. When there’s suspense building the music is quieter and eerie. When the events happen the music is cut to a loud outburst of sound. This shocks us in time with the horrific imagery in front of us.
  5. 5. How will the general speed and editing pace of what wesee compare to watching a clip from a film? Why is this?Will the editing pace alter through the trailer, or stay the same? The film trailer pace is a lot quicker. In a horror trailer the producers tend to use the most exciting fast pace clips from the film. This is to entice the viewer. This would differ from the film because the series of events in the film wouldn’t be happening as sudden or quick. It’s not necessarily a bad thing. The editing pace of a trailer is sharper and more precise. This is because the trailer is the most important part in selling the movie to it’s potential watchers.
  6. 6. What information will we be given in the very last frame of the trailer? The last frame of the trailer is the most memorable frame. In the last few frames of the trailer we see ‘coming soon’ and acouple of websites related to the movie. This encourages people tovisit their other forms of media relating to the film. It’s advertising two of their products in one. Being the last frame, it tends to be what we remember most.
  7. 7. Why do you think we don’t usually see the classification for a film as part of the trailer? In what instances wouldyou see the classification of a film at the beginning of the cinema trailer? Sometimes it’s not shown because it hasn’t been decided upon. However, other times it’s not shown so it leaves the audiencewondering. Another case is because if a horror is listed as a 12A, a lot of viewers will pass judgement on it and overlook it as being bad.In some instances such as PGs and Us, the certification is shown at the beginning to reassure parents that the following content is suitable and designed for their children.
  8. 8. What is the logo that is shown? And why?Summit entertainment is shown at the beginning of the trailer. This company is known to have been involved with some of the most popular movies.