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300 Trailer Analysis


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300 Trailer Analysis

  1. 1. Second Trailer: 300 1. At what point in the trailer are we told the name of the film? Why is this? We are only told the name of the film at the end of the trailer which again is aimed to raise suspense and curiosity, plus it is a vital piece of information about the film and if given at the start of the trailer the audience wouldn't understand, it would only confuse them, which makes them start to feel negatively about the trailer from the start. 2. Why are we told who is starring in the film? How is this information given to us? Again we are not told who is starring in the film and the main actors are not big movie stars. 3. What type of action from the film do we see? We see a lot of bloodthirsty, gory and merciless action from the film. 4. What clues does the music give us as to what type of film the trailer is advertising? The music gives a clear indication that the film is of the action genre. 5. What can you say about the voice of the person delivering the voiceover? There is no voiceover in this trailer. 6. Why do you think this voice was chosen? What effect does it have? N/A 7. How does the speed of what we see compare to watching a clip from a film? Why is this? The tempo of the editing is fairly consistent throughout but is much faster then that of watching a clip from a film. This would be because the director will want to pique people's interest and so shows many different clips to give the audience some information and arouse their curiosity. 8. Does the speed alter through the trailer or stay the same? The speed is fairly consistent throughout the trailer. 9. What information are we given in the very last frame of the trailer? In the very last frame of the trailer we are given the date the film is released. 10. Which is more effective in making you want to see the film, the poster or the trailer? Why is this? The trailer is more effective in making me wanting to see the movie because it gives you more information and arouses any interest more, it looks more attractive and impressive in motion. 11. Where would you expect to see this trailer : (give reasons) a) before what films at the cinema You would expect to see this type of trailer amongst other such action films that are aimed at people aged 15+ because of the gory scenes in them, plus amongst those of the same genre and may be quite relative to the featured trailer. b) before what TV programmes ? You would expect to see this film trailer before most TV programmes but most likely later at night when younger children are not watching.