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Media ownershipongamingindustry
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Media ownershipongamingindustry


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  • 1. What impact does mediaownership have on thegaming industry?Tom, Neil, Tom, George and Will
  • 2. Oligopoly Majority of the industry is owned by 3 major corporations – Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo Companies take over first party publishers using vertical integration, an example of this is Microsoft taking over the failing publisher Bungie and they now produce the largest grossing Xbox game: Halo.
  • 3. Licenses for games The fact that games now need licenses means that the content can be regulated by the big three company’s (Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft) This essentially means the death of home brew. Because games require a license it is harder or even impossible for the average person to develop a game. The big three company’s control the content of nearly the whole industry as a result of this.
  • 4. Licenses for games (Censorship) The fact that the BBFC have never banned a game maybe suggests that the big three company’s are more in charge of regulation. We can compare the content of modern games to the content of some of the games in the homebrew era and we see that before licensing and regulation by the bug three company’s the content of games could be whatever the developer wants, no matter how dark or porny. An example of this is the game: ‘Pie Man’ in which the user plays as pedophile who has to abduct children. A game like this would never be allowed in modern days.
  • 5. The Consumer The slow drip of the technology means that the consumer constantly gets new, better games, for example when the Xbox was first released Microsoft told developers that they could only use 20% of the processing power. Another benefit for the consumer is that because it is an oligopoly consumers only need to buy one console as most games are made for every console. In the homebrew era games designed for specific consoles and because of this games were made unavailable for the wider market.
  • 6. Altering games to fit the market Games developed by Overseas Companies such as Nintendo, have to alter their games to fit the market in which it will be sold, Deepsilver had to do this on two occasions, once was when the United States market was offended by the hanging man in the Dead Island logo and another was the European market offended by the young girl dying in the teaser trailer, these are examples of when game publishers had to alter their games in order to