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Media questio plan


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Published in: Education, Sports
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Media questio plan

  1. 1. Discuss the issuesraised by institutions’need to target specific audiences with amedia industry which you have studied.
  2. 2. GENDER Stereotypical gamer – Males. Aged 12 – 25. The average age for gamers is 45, and the number of female gamers are increasing. This is because of mobile phones, not just consoles. Females play on games on their phones. Males Gaze – In the case study (Dead Island) they represent women by having all female zombies as Bikini Babes. An example of women being represented in video games would be Lara Croft. Women played in 3rd person characters.
  3. 3. REGULATION Not seriously reinforced in retail stores for under the regulated age. This is because... Dead Island is an 18, yet people under the regulation age still play the game. BBFC never banned a game, so Dead Island is cool! Germany – The Government bans games.
  4. 4. VIOLENCE Increasing amount of violence featured in the game Males like violence Case Study – has photo realism and mod weapons. These new technologies have made the games more immersive and violence more realistic. Other Case Studies – GTA – Ryan Chinnery, car jacking in 2009. Columbine High School Massacre – Doom in 1999. MORAL PANIC!! “Games don’t kill people. People kill people.” – by Games Contribute.