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  • 1. Walk and Win! Company Presentation February 2014
  • 2. Page 2Tuesday, April 08, 2014Boni Presentation What is Boni Engaging Shoppers
  • 3. Page 3Tuesday, April 08, 2014Boni Presentation Merge the experiences of online and offline shopping Boni’s Solution Technology • iBeacons • Mobile App Loyalty • Rewarding users’ non- spending behaviours Engagement • Personalized, strategic and targetted ads
  • 4. Page 4Tuesday, April 08, 2014Boni Presentation 1st Active in the market for over a year First mover advantage Producer of Ultrasonic Beacons and iBeacons App & API designed specifically for the retail industry Great know-how on beacon technology and mobile retail business Boni’s USPs
  • 5. Page 5Tuesday, April 08, 2014Boni Presentation • Downloads: 35,102 Boni app • Subscribers: 22,741 a strikingly high subscriber rate of 65% • Active in: 6 malls + Deploying new 19 malls + Negotiating 40 malls • 32% of retailers in the malls has engaged to Boni with gifts and offers • Users in a Mall :  Engaged with shops more than 6,000,000x  Went out shopping more than 40,000x  Seen more than 500,000 offers displayed by Boni  Won more than 10,000,000 Boni points and converted 40% of these points for over 10,000 gifts and promotions Progress Up-to-Date
  • 6. Page 6Tuesday, April 08, 2014Boni Presentation Focus on Malls Target End-Users Atractive platform for retailers to advertise Multiply Client Base Growth Strategy
  • 7. Page 7Tuesday, April 08, 2014Boni Presentation All opportunities displayed on the HomeScreen Comfortable navigation of Boni’s offerings Relevant content optimization Boni’s Interface Merchant Interface  Content delivery from malls and stores  One-finger flip through of unique deals & promotions  Overview of all offerings of Boni  One click from all menus of Boni Partner Malls & Retailers  Clear and easy-to-follow display of points offered in each mall  Stores categorized by on which floor they are located  Color coding of different deals  Lives-updates of which deals have been used and which are still to be enjoyed Lean and clean look & feel GiftsBoni Point Offers  Merchants will be offered a client interface  The app will offer many benefits to accurately measure performance of a store  Tracks number of visitors  Tracks and analyzes the crew  Managing beacons (what content to be sent at what part of store etc.)  Easy scrolling of the many gifts Boni offers  Precise and efficent display of details  Strategic deals enabling to quantify valu-added by Boni
  • 8. Page 8Tuesday, April 08, 2014Boni Presentation Mall Operators: Potential (# Malls) Partners: 300 Turkey Europe MENA 3000 CIS 1000 500 Markets Total ~5000 Growth Opportunity
  • 9. Page 9Tuesday, April 08, 2014Boni Presentation • 16 Talented Team Members • Beacons (BLE & Ultrasonic) • 4 Patents (1 is being filed) • Founders’ Fund $150k • Government R&D refund $50k • Seed Investment by Aslanoba Capital $1 mio • Investments to date $1,2mio • Mobile Application • Mobile SDK & API • Business Product Analysis • Physical Graph of Shoppers Investments
  • 10. Page 10Tuesday, April 08, 2014Boni Presentation $ Penetration Data & Analytics Beacon Production Mobile API Retailer Integration Strong Revenue Potential Shopper Developmentx x = Execution Plan for the Near Future
  • 11. Page 11Tuesday, April 08, 2014Boni Presentation Malls Retailers & BrandsInstall iBeacons & track users Advertise to users Promotions & Gifts awarded to users Users 4 malls in operation 45 by year-end 2014 132 retailers sent content 53 retailers provided gifts +22k users +12k gifts /promotions collected Business Model
  • 12. Page 12Tuesday, April 08, 2014Boni Presentation Revenue Sources Revenue Generators Revenue Models Marketing Revenues Ads Cost-per-Display Push Notifications Cost-per-Display B2B Revenues Boni Point Sales Pre-Paid Beacon Sales Flat-rate Data Sales Flat-rate Gift Redemption Revenue Sharing Partner Offers Lead Generation
  • 13. Page 13Tuesday, April 08, 2014Boni Presentation Competitors Illustrative Reward Barrier Interface Barrier Market Penetration Approach