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Decoding E-Commerce


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ShopImagine E-Commerce Workshop Program for Fashion Colleges in India: The fashion e-tailing segment in India presents a great career opportunity for Fashion graduates from leading institutes in India, be it Fashion Design, Styling, Photography or Fashion Marketing. As a fashion e-tailer, we are constantly on the lookout for fresh ideas and fresh talent. This program is our way of interacting with young and talented fashion students as well as educating them about the exciting e-commerce landscape in India.

The first workshop was held at FAD Institute, Pune on 11th and 12th July, 2013 by ShopImagine Marketing Manager, Neha Shah and Fashion Marketing and PR Executive, Alifiya Pratapgharwala

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Decoding E-Commerce

  1. 1. Session1: DECODING E-COMMERCE
  2. 2. Electronic Buying and Selling of Products, Services and Data Electronic Buying and Selling of Products online through virtual storefronts (online websites with catalogues) directly to the consumer
  3. 3. • Seller-biased • Catering to NRIs • Focus on tech & transactions Rediff, Indiatimes, IndiaPlaza • Marketplace 1.0 • Enabling every consumer to be a seller; just an interface • Unused product sale Ebay • Flipkart Model • “Own the inventory” • Greater control over value chain • COD Flipkart • Other models emerge-Deal sites, Private label, marketplaces • Widespread Seed Funding F&Y, 99labels, Zovi, F reecultr, Jabong • Emphasis on service and user experience • Marketplace 2.0 • FDI effect • Consolidations Amazon India
  4. 4.  Per capita income: 12% increase between 2008-2011 to $1500, estimated to be $2300 by 2016  Internet penetration: Internet users in India expected to increase from 125 million in 2011 to 330 million in 2016. Highest penetration among 18-24 age- group  14% of total internet users are online shoppers, expected to increase at a rate of 35% over the next 4 years  Revenue per online shopper (ARPU) will grow at a similar rate  By 2015, e-tailing will catch up with online travel  In 2012, E-tailing grew around 139%
  5. 5. Platform for direct interaction between vendor/seller and buyer Marketplace •Sourcing and selling different brands •Inventory- holding/consign ment Multi-Brand E-tail Third party manufacturing or white-labelling and selling products under your own brand name on your own platform Private Label Perpetual Sale - Heavy discounts for very limited periods on different brands Flash Deal
  6. 6.  Promoted by experienced California-based women entrepreneurs, Hina Saiya & Tanaaz Baldawaala, is an online fashion boutique focusing on fulfilling emerging fashion aspirations of urban Indian women  is a pioneer in the online fashion space in India being the first in India to have introduced Online Lingerie Shopping (2008), largest online collection of Luxury French lingerie (2012), Indian Wedding Lingerie (2013) and Online Boutique Concept (2013)
  7. 7. Exclusive, Handpicked and Fast-Changing Styles International Quality and Styles at Indian Prices Unique Services for a „Wow‟ shopping experience Fast & Free Shipping, Free Cash-On-Delivery, Easy Return/Exchange Policy, Exhaustive payment options
  8. 8.  Products › Handpicked styles from international designer houses in France and USA › Superior quality & unique styles › Fast-changing and in sync with latest international trends
  9. 9. Luxury Lingerie & Nightwear from France
  10. 10. Indian Wedding Lingerie: Pre-Wedding, Wedding & Post-Wedding
  11. 11. Apparel from LA, California
  12. 12. OnlineVideoStylingSessionsCustomizedGiftPackaging
  13. 13.  Intense Market Research on: › Latest international trends › Regional preferences and sensibilities › Favourable price points › Sync with Brand values and sensibility  Online merchandising determines product appeal and eventually, sales
  14. 14.  Order fulfillment  Customer service  Website Up-time and Maintenance  Inventory Management
  15. 15.  Increasing website visibility in search engine result pages (Google, Bing, Yahoo) through SEO & PPC  SEO : Organic SEM  PPC: Paid SEM  Display Ads: Google Display Network
  16. 16.  “Keep in touch” tool  Announcements like exclusive offers and discounts, new product range, new website feature or service or content sent to subscribed customers  E-mail list, E-mailer design & HTMLisation, E-mailing platform, Tracking & Analytics
  17. 17.  Reviews and Recommendations by external bloggers  Company Blog, promote on social media, groups and forums  Blog Advertising  Viral Marketing
  18. 18.  Facebook Engagement › Create a Facebook page › Engaging content is the King! › Encourage fans to Like, Comment and Share! › Apps › Contests › FB-specific discounts and offers  Facebook Ads › Get more fans › Promote website campaign/direct traffic to website › Promote Page content › Analytics
  19. 19. • Customer Service Tool : Address customer grievances • Tweet, Retweet, Favourite : Stay in touch with your followers through interesting conversations • Trending Topics : Get into a loop and viral the tweet! • Twitter Contests /shopimagineIN
  20. 20.  Make a YouTube channel  Make simple, yet engaging content  How-To‟s, Product Information, Behind – the-scenes, “Just for Fun”, Employee Videos
  21. 21. Broadcast Hangouts, Create customer groups, Useful in SEO Visually appealing social media tool, PinBoards for various categories with link backs for referral traffic, PinBoard contests Live image updates of events, Launch Campaigns and Contests with Hashtags
  22. 22.  Brand e-stores + Third Party websites/Online Marketplaces  Increased Brand Reach  Reduced Capital Costs  Offer better pricing with better margins  Stand up to competition from Online brands  Easy to Scale
  23. 23.  360 degree Marketing & PR  Mutually beneficial collaborations for increased brand awareness  Targeted reach  Collaborations: Bloggers, Cafes, Clubs, Restaurants, Spas, Salons, Bollywood, Designers  Advertisements: TV, Newspapers, Magazines, Advertorials/Editorials  Events: Fashion Shows, Exhibitions, Contests
  24. 24. Effective: yes, but optimal? There 155 million cable- subscribed households in India
  25. 25. Fashion Shows, Website/Collection Launches, Press Conferences, Exhibitions to create that hullabaloo
  26. 26. Blog features, Blogger contests and Blogger events are great ways to reach out to a broader and better- targeted audience
  28. 28. Press Releases, Editorials and Advertorials add great credibility to an online brand
  29. 29.  COD : Boon or Bane?  Superior Logistics in India : Too expensive?  Return rates: 5%-25%?! Ok or not?  Volumes and Revenue are fine, but SHOW ME THE MONEY!  RECESSION playing spoilt sport?  How to sustain FUNDING?  Trust issues & replicating the “in-store experience”  Too many players and “me-too‟s”: Survival of the fittest or a Bloodbath?  FDI in E-commerce & entry of Amazon: Threat for domestic players?
  30. 30. Social Commerce Mobile Commerce Better Payment Methods & Logistics Tier-II & Tier-III cities, rural areas fuelling e-commerce growth