Potential impacts of Climate Change on the UK- 2020, 2050 and 2080

1) Colour code the statements below to highlight
Potential Impacts Of Climate Change On The U Kworksheet
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Potential Impacts Of Climate Change On The U Kworksheet


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Transcript of "Potential Impacts Of Climate Change On The U Kworksheet"

  1. 1. Potential impacts of Climate Change on the UK- 2020, 2050 and 2080 1) Colour code the statements below to highlight a) possible risks to the UK, b) causes of the problem c) possible solutions to prevent/ lessen the effects of Climate Change 2) Use a key of letters to show whether the statement is to do with a) environment b) Social c) Economic Increasing heat Train tracks and road Summers in the SE London underground Droughts will become waves leading to tarmac could melt will be hotter and last will be even hotter worse in the SE deaths especially with the rising longer and have less leading to leading to a need for among the elderly temperatures, rainfall uncomfortable more reservoirs or and the sick meaning costly delays journeys- increased water transfer or costly resurfacing risk of heat stroke schemes to be bought or cooling in technologies being introduced There will be Glasgow has been Old Victorian sewers More people are Much less chance of increased flood getting increasing are too small to cope paving their front White Christmas as risks in the midlands amounts of prolonged with the increased lawns to park snow line rises, snow and up north- and heavy rainfall- rainfall- they need to increasing numbers only left in Winter on meaning more people also more short sharp be increased in size of cars highest peaks in disrupted or having bursts of rain in but will be costly Scotland. to leave their homes Winter The Scottish native Scottish Salmon will In Devon olives, Peaches and Our homes will have ptarmigan will be at be at risk, threatening almonds and other apricots, lemons, to be very different- risk as it will have jobs and our food plants previously more Paw Paws and Kiwis needing to cope with less insects to eat supply suited to can now grow in the hotter summers and and will be prone to Mediterranean climes SW of the UK- much more energy predators as its are able to be grown bringing back efficient white coat has no possibility of snow to blend into. farmers making living from arable land Thames barrier will Sea levels in the SE We will have to spend Some low lying The 4000 square kms be ineffective UK will have risen by more money on an areas will be left to of Fens in East Anglia at best 75cm and at outer Thames barrier be swallowed by the which is host to a worst by 2 metres this will cost us 20 sea precious wetland billion pounds habitat would be lost forever to the rising sea 48% of England’s 1/2our manufacturing 26 million people in Our imports will be The world will have an prime agricultural industry close to the UK live close to affected by climate influx of climate land on the Fens coast would be under coast, these people change impacts in refugees from would be gone, threat from rising and their homes would other countries affected areas in leaving the UK with seas all be at risk if sea such as Bangladesh Africa and South East increasing food levels rose by 7 Asia particularly security issues metres