How to select printers


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This article tells you how to select or buy the correct printers according to the brands, models and the functions.

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How to select printers

  1. 1. Nowadays, miscellaneous printers suffuse the markets and confuse the customers. At the sametime, the media is swarmed with the printers advertisements of different brands all the time, whichaggravated the difficulty of the buyers’ choices for the most useful and economical printers. So ifyou are not a computer or printer experts, knowing anything about how to select the printersbefore making the final decision is very important. When buying a new printer, it is better tochoose them according to the specific uses and price, since not all expensive printers areappropriate to everyone.A, select the brand:The printers industry is packed of different brands and each has its won strength. For instance,Hewlett-Packard (HP) printer models are very comprehensive, it is famous for its high profile,excellent performance, easy to buy supplies; but the machinery and supplies prices are relativelyhigh. Epson Dominate the field of dot matrix printer, Epson and Canon are competent in the inkjetprinters. And Fuji Xerox is very advantageous in color laser printers, while Kyocera is in the high-end laser printers.B, select models:a, printing speed:It is the most important indicators to determine the efficiency of the printer; i.e., the larger printamount demands for higher printing speed. Taking the companys development into account, theprint amount may be increasing, so the machinery that are capable to print more than the currentamount should be equipped generally, in case of the printer is out of use for it can not meet theprint amount.As for the laser printers: It is general to select the model that the print rate is less than 20 pages ifthe monthly print volume is of less than 5000 ones, and for the monthly print amount is 5 – 10thousand pages, it’s better to select the rate of 20-25 pages; and more than 10 thousand pages,select the speed more than 25 pages.b, the other:If it is for company uses, it must be equipped with laser printer, since inkjet perform unstable andthe high cost of supplies. If the printer is for common use, it should be coupled with print network
  2. 2. card. To save paper, the double-sided printing function is necessary. And if color printing isneeded, the color laser printers would be available; the current price of color laser printer is closeto the inkjet. And laser machine can print the photo effects on normal paper, (inkjet printingrequires photo paper), its supplies cost low.C, Which to select: the single function printer, or the all-in-one machine?In the current market, the variety of computer peripherals dazzle our eyes and hard to select. Mysuggestion is: if it is for home office or users under 3, it is recommended to buy an affordablecolor inkjet multifunction machine (with print, fax, copy, and scan).It is proposed to purchase a flat laser all-in-one machine if it is for less than 10 people in the officeuse, for the machine’s greater load and cheaper supplies.Generally, it is not recommended to buy the all-in-one machine with too many features if there aremore than 10 people to use, otherwise the machine may be overwhelmed, and may cause theconfusion of various documents out of the machine. It can also avoid a lot of work relying on theone equipment and prevent the failure of work if the machine breakdown.D, the Printer DriversThe Printer Drivers refer to the computer output equipment printer’s hardware drive program.Once the computer is equipped with the printers, it should install the related model printer driveprogram. Generally, the manufactures can supply the drive CD, while the printer drivers can alsobe downloaded according to the detailed models and installed.
  3. 3. The importance of printer drive programIt cannot print texts or pictures if the printers are installed without the drivers program, to make aprinter work, it is necessary to install the related printer drive program, the drive program makesthe decisive role in the procedure. And if there is no driver CD, download one from the internetcan also work, the HP printers are the most commonly used, so if you need the HP printer driversand have no CD, the internet is a good place for your refer. It is the same to other printer models.