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Types of printer


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Types of printer

  1. 1. Types of printer
  2. 2. This article is to explain and detail theinformation about types of printers. It is nothing but the output peripheral device which is used to produce hard copy of text or images stored in the computer.
  3. 3. They are broadly categorised in to two types, they are1. Impact Type2. Non-Impact Type
  4. 4. To create text or image by physically make the print head to press the ink ribbon and causethe ink deposition on the paper in desired formis called impact type. Normally it is quite louder in nature when compared to other types of printers. The well known example for impact type is Dot Matrix and Daisy wheel . Some of the latest impact based in the market are Line printer (high speed impact printer), IBM electromagnetic table printing machine, and Apple Image writer.
  5. 5. Non-Impact Type This produce text or images on paper withoutstriking the paper physically are called as non- impact type. These are not louder when compared to other types of printers. The well known example of this type is Thermal printer, lasers and inkjets . Some of the latest non-impact printers in market are HP Laser Jet andApple Laser Writer (The laser printer with built- in postscript interpreter).
  6. 6. Printing TechnologyIn overall, different printingtechnology is used for different levelof printing. It is also classified on thebasic of printing technology. Thequality of printing, printing speed,cost of them are mainly based onthe technology used .
  7. 7. Non-Impact Printing TechnologyThe technologies commonly usedin modern and personal homebased are non-impact type. Thesetechnologies can print in bothmono chrome and colour.
  8. 8. The following category can be classified under non-impact printing.1. Tonner based (Laser)2. Liquid ink(Inkjet)3. Solid ink4. Dye-sublimation5. Thermal6. Inkless7. UV
  9. 9. Impact printing technologySome of these devices are rarelyused. They are famous for itsunique feature, common use inbusinesses where multi-partforms are printed. These aremostly comes under the impactprinters and they gets printedmostly in mono chrome only.
  10. 10. These are mostly comes underimpact printers. These arecommonly used forcommercial purpose for itsspecial feature to print multi-part forms.
  11. 11. following are different types of printers in impact printing1. Daisy wheel2. Dot matrix3. Pen based plotter4. Line printer5. Typewriter-derived6. Teletypewriter-derived
  12. 12. Photo PrinterToday there are several types of printersavailable in market. Some special types ofprinters print photos, which you have takenthrough your instant digital camera; computerand some selected mobile phones. This printerneeds special photo paper to print the photos.The quality of the output depends on theresolution of the printer. Most of the print qualityis good because of high resolution such as4800×1200 dots per inch that produce sharpphotos.
  13. 13. Portable Digital Photo PrinterConnecting the printer with your computer toprint the photos from digital camera is an oldfashion. Now there are many famous brandedportable or mobile instant photo printersavailable in market. These printers are compactand very lightweight device. You can connectany digital camera or memory card or USB driveinto the printer without the help of PC and gethigh-resolution photo output in 20 seconds.
  14. 14. Polaroid P-500 Portable Digital Photo PrinterThe Polaroid P-500IR portable digital photoprinter is a portable printer. It prints photosdirectly from any digital camera without the helpof computer. This printer uses Polaroid Type 500instant film to print the photos. Therefore, thereis no need for batteries or cords. This devicesupports most of the standard file formats. Itproduces full colour continuous tone prints. It islightweight, easy portable and can print in anytime anywhere without the hassle of wires. Youcan print one or more copies of photos withoutresetting the printer.
  15. 15. Pogo Instant Mobile Printer Polaroid is the corporation who invented the concept of instant camera. Polaroid Pogo Instant Mobile Printer is a digital photo printer designed by Polaroid Corporation. This device produce full color continuous tone prints using Polaroid 500 instant film. There is no computer required to transfer picture from camera to printer. It is compatible with almost all digital cameras with flash cards.
  16. 16. Using this compatible printer, you can print smallphotos in only 20 seconds. However, you cannotexpect high quality output in this small device. Itcomes with built-in Bluetooth for wireless printingfrom your mobile phone. The main specialty inthis device is, it does not use any ink, instead ofthat it uses a special ZINK (zero ink) photopaper that has dye crystals. These dye crystalsactivated when the paper get warm to producephoto prints.
  17. 17. Polaroid P310 movable 4X6 photograph printerIf you are not looking for the small photo printsthen you can choose Polaroid P310 movable4X6 photograph printer. This printer workswithout PC and it prints with the help ofPictBridge USB or Camera Interface. It is slightlybigger than the other portable model but itproduces high quality output. Using this photoprinter, you can get brilliant 35mm quality colourphotos. These printers are cheap and best forhome use and travel people.
  18. 18. Duplex Laser PrintingToday there are many advanced technology used inprinters to perform more efficiently in low cost. Laserprint is a non-impact printing method used to producehard copy of the document or image. Duplex is one ofthe features in printers, which allow the machineautomatically print on both sides of the paper. Using thisfeature, you can minimise the paper consumption. Laserduplex printer uses laser beam and selenium coateddrum to draw the document and the drum is rolled intotoner. Tonner is nothing but the powdered ink. Now thetonner fused with the paper using electric heat andpressure. Thus, the document gets print on the paper.
  19. 19. Duplex Laser Colour PrinterMostly documentation does not need colour printing, if you want toprint photos then you needs color printer. Laser color printerproduces professional quality output. Today there are many colorprint machines available in market with affordable price. Using ColorAccess Control technology, you can control the colour print access.Due to the advancement in technology, the price of this device isreduced. It has the ability to print both sides of the paperautomatically. Most of these types are used for commercial purpose.Today there are high-speed color laser printers available for smalloffice purpose. These machines have built in wireless networkingfeatures. It allows you to share the device without the hassle ofcables. It also allows the Bluetooth enabled devices such as mobilephone to connect with the printer directly. There is some new laserprinting devices come with automatic internal sensors for producingcolor prints. It optimizes the color density according to the print.
  20. 20. Duplex Laser All in one PrinterThe machine that can perform scanning, faxing and photocopyingfunctions is known as all in one or multifunction printer. Duplex laserall in one printer perform double side printing, scanning,photocopying and faxing. Today there are many brandsmanufacturing this type of device for office and small business use.Normally these powerful multifunction machines are very fast inproducing output.They have built in wired as well as wireless and USB interface forsharing documents through network. Even though all in one printerperform multi functions, the print ink is needed for printing andphotocopying purpose only. There is no relation between printer inkand scanning. Today there are many brand producing high capacitytoner cartridges to reduce operation cost.
  21. 21. Laser jet printers are mainly used for businessand small office use. They produce fast outputwith professional quality. Mostly they arecompact and reliable one. Today many brandproducing this device in affordable price. If youdo not need color prints but still need to printmore documents, then it is advisable to choosemonochrome duplex laser printer for your office.Monochrome device are always cheaper thancolor one.