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SharePoint My Site 101
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SharePoint My Site 101


The slides from a presentation that I gave at one of our SharePoint study group meetings on MySite and Personalization sites.

The slides from a presentation that I gave at one of our SharePoint study group meetings on MySite and Personalization sites.

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  • 1. Introduction to My Site Robert Wuhrman www.mossusergroup.com
  • 2. My Site Your Home Drive and Desktop on Steroids
    • Personalization
    • Document Storage
    • Quick Access to Workspaces
    • Public and Private Views
    • Social Networking
    • Organizational Structure and Relationships
    • Office Integration
    • Web Part Customization
  • 3. Improvements to MySite
    • Privacy Controls Enable User to Toggle Permissions
      • Manager
      • Colleagues
      • Everyone
    • Multi-Language Capability
      • Must have language packs installed on server
      • Must enable permission in SSP
    • Public Site is Greatly Improved
    • Better Set of Out of the Box Web Parts
      • RSS Reader
      • SharePoint Sites
      • Exchange Calendar
      • Colleagues
  • 4. Creating MySite
    • MySite is a Site Collection
    • Non-collaborative version created when profile is imported
    • Fully Collaborative Site Collection created when you first visit your MySite
    • Prompted to set as default Office site
      • Enables you to more easily save files to MySite
      • Sets a registry value
      • Written to AD
  • 5. My Site www.mossusergroup.com
  • 6. Document Storage
    • MySite is a SharePoint Site Collection
      • Store documents as with any other site collection
      • Save directly to your MySite from the Office UI
      • Map a drive directly to a MySite Library. (WebDAV)
  • 7. Public MySite
    • Everyone sees your public view
    • person.aspx drives the content for public view
      • Shared by ALL users
      • http://intranet.contoso.com/person.asp?CONTOSOjdoe
      • If admin makes a change to person.aspx, then it changes for everyone.
  • 8. Colleagues
    • Added automatically as a part of the MySite creation based on Organizational Structure compiled from AD
    • Add additional Colleagues through Manage Colleagues
      • Determine Relationship Through Groups and Assign Permissions to Groups
    • Colleague Alerts - Show only colleagues with changes
  • 9. Membership
    • Populated from AD and SharePoint Sites
    • Visibility of memberships can be throttled through Manage Memberships link
  • 10. My Profile
    • Public Facing Page of MySite
    • In Common With You Web Part
    • Can modify some aspects or profile
      • Interests
      • Schools
      • Admins add attributes in SSP
    • Some aspects of profile cannot be modified since they are coming from AD and controlled by the organization
  • 11. My Site Administration
    • Most system wide MySite configuration changes are done through Shared Services Administration in SharePoint Central Administration
  • 12. Storage Quotas
    • 100MB Default
    • Quota Templates Link in Applications Tab area of SharePoint Administration
  • 13. Deleting My Site
    • Delete through Central Administration or stsadm.exe
    • Does not delete profile
    • From a management standpoint, you need a process for archiving the information in the My Site (files, contacts, etc)
  • 14. Personalization Links
    • Push Links to Users based on Audience
      • Timesheet to all Employees
      • Project Planning Tool Pushed to Project Staff
      • Personalization link does not have to link to a web page per se.
        • RDP Connections to launch an RDP session
        • Homepage link: <a href=about:home>Home</A>
  • 15. My Site Architecture Notes
    • Allow user to personalize MySite language
      • User prompted to pick a language upon MySite creation
      • Language Packs and Templates Must be installed on server per Chapter 4
      • Option must be checked in SSP administration
  • 16. Branding MySite
    • 2 Main Files
      • Core.css (theme)
      • Master Page (layout)
    Location of Master Page for MySite C:Program FilesCommon FilesMicrosoft Sharedweb server extensions12TemplateGlobal www.mossusergroup.com
  • 17. MySite Architecture Notes, cont’d
    • A My Site host created automatically when a Shared Services Provider (SSP) is created.
    • Location is created in its own site collection on the default Web application, and all personal sites are stored in that location.
    • In most scenarios, this is the only My Site host location for the entire deployment of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007.
    • Users can view My Sites if:
      • the SSP for the My Site host location imports their user profile information from directory services
      • and if the “Create personal site” permission is enabled.
      • Individual personal sites are created when individual users click the My Site link on the top link bar of the site
  • 18. Architecture Notes, cont’d
    • Generally speaking each user is limited to 1 SSP, and therefore 1 Physical MySite Location
      • Some exceptions:
        • Geographically distributed deployment with dedicated SSP for each region
        • Multiple Forest Scenario with groups of users isolated on each forest
      • When utilizing multiple SSP (and multiple MySite location the challenge becomes providing a predictable experience for the user)
        • Global deployments enabled
        • Trusted Locations (replicate profile info)
        • Results in one set of personalized content for each user being made available to all targeted users in each SSP.
  • 19. MySite Architecture Notes cont’d
    • Global (Multiple) Deployments
      • MySite can be deployed across multiple shared services providers
      • Example: Poor network connectivity between remote force and the primary SSP
      • Option must be selected in SSP administration
      • Some loss of functionality
        • Personalized Links
        • Ability to add colleagues
        • People Search based on Social Distance
      • Recommended to have a good profile replication solution in place before enabling this
  • 20. Duplicate User Names
    • Can happen if multiple domains exist in the organization
    • Go to SSP homepage to adjust naming convention for My Sites
    • By Default SharePoint uses the username, but does not include the domain.
  • 21. Outlook HomePage www.mossusergroup.com
    • You can replace Outlook Today with My Site URL
  • 22. Personalization Sites
    • Personal Site vs Personalization Site
    • Personalization Site - Created by a site collection administrator for a broader audience (HR, Finance, etc)
    • Through SSP you can pin a personalization site such as MySales, MyHR, MyWarehouse to a user’s MySite based on their Audience
    • Created by choosing the “Personalization Site” template at site creation time
  • 23. Personalization Site
    • Audience targeting
    • Easy deployment with configured web parts and data connections
    • Improved personal and team productivity
    • More productive collaborative work environment
    • Re-use of information, everyone on the team
  • 24. Adding Personalization Site to MySite
    • Done in Shared Services Provider
    • Target based on audience
  • 25. Role Based My Site Templates
    • Pre-Configured to display role-relevant data
    • Use KPIs, Workflows, Excel Services, BDC, SQL, SSAS cubes
  • 26. HR Manager – Recruitment Interview Schedule (Calendar) Current Openings (List) Recruitment Cost (Excel Services) www.mossusergroup.com
  • 27. HR Manager My Site – HR Dashboard Demographics and annual review status. - Uses Office Data Connection and publishes using Excel Services www.mossusergroup.com
  • 28. HR Manager – References Meeting Outcomes – InfoPath Library Corporate Policies – Document Libraries Contacts – Contact List www.mossusergroup.com
  • 29. Audiences
    • Used to target content (Web Parts, Links, etc) to specific groups of people based on personal attributes:
      • Distribution List
      • Common Manager
      • Same Skills
    • Configured in the SSP in Central Administration
      • Any application using the SSP can use the audiences in it.