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RUFopoly game final version

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  • To play the game. You need to record your answerrs to the questions. The answers then become your history as you land on various squares. Use a dice as the goal is then to ocnstruct your vision for RUShire based on the focus of your individual decsions alone.

    We are currently seeking further funding to make this am ore interactive game as it was originally just used for a conference event.
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Final rufopoly whole board 091111

  1. 1. (with reasons) If none of these 4 options are selected, suggest an alternative employment land). Which one do you favour and why? of housing/employment need (25,000 houses; 221 hectares of to 2029. They have devised four spatial options from surveys development plan for the future planning of the city-region up URF and RUF councils are currently consulting on their joint growth and 25% in existing centres. d) A focus on rural development with villages taking 50% plan). development (please indicate new boundaries on your c) A redrawing of green belt boundaries to allow for more possible area within the plan) b) A new town for 16,0000 residents (please indicate villages 25% with the remaining 25% spread across the district a) 75% development in the existing centre (city 50% St Ruf ANSWER THIS QUESTION TO ENTER THE GAME allowing community ownership via shares. d) Creating a small scale wind farm involving 3 turbines land on the city fringe. LY shrub species on 2 acres of derelict Council Warehousing m c) Creating a peri-urban woodland using 80% native tree and fro of the socially disadvantaged suburbs of the city. ed PO b) Establishing a car-boot sale pitch and community cafe in one rc ou parks. y. s sk ge going across the city using 1/5 of space in existing council decision? and why. ue ma a) Getting a community orchard and food-growing projects Other option (please explain) e) FO Bl I farming landscape. What is your response and why? the development go ahead? What are the reasons for your s/ ty. Develop luxury executive housing around the lake d) asked you to support their campaign and protect the current from anglers, conservationists, walkers and sailing groups. Should ap rsi why? Create a small holiday village development around the lake c) em ve the polytunnels and the local group “Save our RUF landscape” has goal of hosting annual competitions. There is widespread concern gl ni the following four bids on the final short-list would you vote for and Develop the lake for conservation uses. b) oo ty U capital. However there is concern about the landscape impact of opportunities might you exploit? to allow power boats to capitalize on waterskiing with a long term U local citizens; c) be low-cost maintenance for the Council. Which of Develop the recreation potential of the lake. a) market) and the business case is good as he has the necessary seasonal boating traffic and public access alongside the canal what herons but has no conservation designation. The landowner is keen should/should not occur? i C of social, economic and environmental benefit to the city; b) engage am ready made local market (there is already a thriving farmers British Waterways and local volunteers. Now that you have walking. It also is frequented by wildfowl including geese and need is apparent what is your view on the location (use map and select from squares 19/20) and type of development that G R to bid for a new project. The conditions were: a) provide something former quarry lake. What option would you favour and why? gh horticulture involving polytunnels. The nearby St Ruf provides a your land is the RUF canal which has recently been restored by recreational resource involving quiet watersports, angling and houses outside the village envelope. However this crosses into green belt and is also adjoining the AONB boundary. Given that housing in A City Council Grant is available for £80,000 for third sector groups A local landowner is seeking your views on the development of a rm A local farmer wishes to turn less productive fields into intensive You own the land in this green belt square and passing through The lake in this former quarry workings is currently used as a Under the forthcoming neighborhood plan proposals a local landowner with majority community support wants to develop 10 more Bi c 1 8 11 13 15 19 & 20 Values and Decision-Making preferred option for this space. You then report on the majority view players on the board must stop and you must ask each one their You are conducting a survey on the future use of this square. All SEE YELLOW Local residents are seeking your support for a community hall with save for access to a room in a local school, outside school hours, BOX TO START building will take up valuable green space in the square. What is e) d) c) b) a) Intensive agricultural production including a state of the art present inhabitants do not have any community facilities nearby car park for meetings and other community pursuits including a small sports hall and 2 start-up units for local businesses. The NEWCASTLE 1:30 away Leave it as it is Small holiday village Creation of a shallow scrape for wildlife A small B1 (light industrial estate) dairy centre for 1000 cattle CA seating 30. However some residents are concerned that the NA L 1 your opinion on the merits of the development?. 25 2 AONB RUFhampton NCIL NCIL GRE 2 COU COU EN B identified the following options: delays, congestion and off- street parking. A recent meeting has exceeds current road and parking capacity, resulting in traffic concerned at the huge increase in visitors each year which clearly This village is at the gateway for the AONB and residents are very the barrier of the main road be overcome or is the development not community) with existing developments east of square 3. How can ICT development in the consultation draft of the local plan. The future e) Actively de-market the area and promote other areas for d) Expand the current railway station car park from 30 spaces to