SaaS, Multi-Tenancy and Cloud Computing


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This is a slide deck I have created for a session I did during a Microsoft Executive Meeting in Dublin. It is an excerpt of my SaaS/Multi Tenancy workshop that I do regularly at various conferences.

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SaaS, Multi-Tenancy and Cloud Computing

  1. 1. RAINER STROPEK | SOFTWARE ARCHITECTS GMBH Building multi-tenant SaaS Applications
  2. 2. Goals• Why should I care?• What does multi-tenancy + SaaS mean?• How can the problems be solved?
  3. 3. Why should I care?
  4. 4. WHY SHOULD I CARE?Where We Come From Customer Dev Team Close Relationship 5
  5. 5. WHY SHOULD I CARE?Where Many Of Us Are Today External/New Customers Kunde Kunde Customer Kunde Dev Team Kunde Customer From Cost Center to Shared Service Center or even Profit Center! 6
  6. 6. WHY SHOULD I CARE?Where We Want To Be Off-The-Shelf Product Customer Kunde Kunde Kunde Kunde Kunde Kunde Kunde Kunde Kunde Kunde Kunde Kunde Kunde Kunde KundeDev Team Kunde Kunde Kunde Kunde Kunde Kunde Kunde Kunde Kunde Kunde Kunde Kunde Kunde CustomKunde Kunde Kunde Kunde Kunde Customer Custom Kunde Kunde CustomKunde Kunde Kunde Custom CustomKunde Customer 7
  7. 7. SOLUTIONCatching The Long Tail The Long Tail, Amazon Free: The Future of a Radical Price (Amazon) 8
  8. 8. How canthe cloud help?
  9. 9. CHALLENGES Drives Costs Expected Load ResourcesIT CAPACITY Real Load Drives Revenue TIME
  10. 10. CHALLANGES Low implementation effortComplex pricing model
  11. 11. CHALLANGESRating/Billing/Payment – Account/balance infrastructure (debit system• Web portal for… instead of credit system; example: Skype) – …registration of new users (has to handle very • E.g. what to do with remaining balance if user cancels sensitive credit card data  has to be stored safely his account? and securely, too!) • Fraud detection – …maintaining customer billing data (e.g. customer changes address or credit card provider) – Infrastructure for credit checking and fraud – …cancelling accounts or users detection; examples are… •• Infrastructure for rating …credit card checking • …check of credit ranking for users – Measure usage – Rage usage with rates/unit • Support infrastructure for rating/billing/payment – Additional rating logic will be necessary; examples: issues • Mechanisms for sales discounts (e.g. • Alternatives introductory offer)• Infrastructure for billing • Alternatives for building such a system from scratch – Creation of invoices (in total for accounting and could be: itemized bills for checking the correctness) – Buying an existing billing system (expensive; does – Sending out invoices (electronically with/without only make sense if customer needs such a system in signature, printed) other areas, too) – Storing invoices internally. – Handle payments with payment partners (e.g.• Infrastructure for payment; options could be: payment via phone invoice  difficult because such – Credit card payments including mechanisms for handling payment cancellations, invalid credit contracts have to be maintained country by country) cards (e.g. expired cards), etc. – Use existing SaaS payment solutions (e.g. PayPal; – Payments via online payment solution like PayPal difficult with pay-per-use) – Payment with vouchers (e.g. voucher that an end user received with hardware)
  12. 12. Scalability is key, not only from a technicalperspective but also from a cost perspective.
  13. 13. What doesmulti-tenancy + SaaS mean?
  14. 14. CHALLENGESMulti-Tenancy Multi-Instance (ASP) SaaS Maturity Levels Kwok, Nguyen, Lam: A Software as a Service with Multi-tenancy Support for an Electronic Contract Management Application, IEEE International Conference on e-Business Engineering, pp. 179-186, 2008 This is where Multi-Tenancy Windows Azure shines 15
  15. 15. CHALLANGES This is not the multi-Cloud ≠ Multi Tenancy tenancy we are talking about! Subscription owned by ISV Cloud Tenant 1 ... Tenant n Tenant m Subscription owned by customer 16
  16. 16. CHALLANGESCloud has to enable elastic multi tenancy Cloud 17
  17. 17. How much does it cost to run your system if nobody is currently using it?
  18. 18. CHALLANGES Simple Implementation Strategic decision, not a technical decisionOperational Costs/RGU [€] Highly optimized solution Few large customers Many small customers Development Costs [€] 19
  19. 19. CHALLENGESMonitoring 20
  20. 20. CHALLENGESMonitoring 21
  21. 21. CHALLENGESMonitoring If you want to know more join our upcoming webinar. 22
  22. 22. Optimization is sexy again!
  23. 23. CHALLENGESSource: One Size Does Not Fit All 24
  24. 24. SOLUTIONExtensibility and Customizing SaaS Configuration Competency Model Wei Sun, Xin Zhang, Chang Jie Guo, Pei Sun, Hui Su: Software as a Service: Configuration and Customization Perspectives, in Proceedings of IEEE Congress on Services Part II, 2008 25
  25. 25. APPROACHMetadata Rulez! Configuration Instead Of Programming 26
  26. 26. Make the API anintegral part of your product!
  27. 27. APPROACHModel-Driven Architecture Meta- Base Customer- Model Model specific Model Respon- ISV ISV Partner Partners Customer sibility• Different levels of users – Deverlopers (ISV) – Consultants (ISV) and partners (External) – Power users (customer) – End users (customer) 28
  28. 28. Maintaining a multi-tenant system that is extensible and configurable can be hard.
  29. 29. CHALLANGESClient-Server Model Program Version Clients Database Offline Capabilities Data Version
  30. 30. CHALLANGESThree-Tier Modell Program Program Version Version Clients Web Server Database Offline Service Capabilities Version Data Version
  31. 31. CHALLANGESMulti-Tenancy, Cloud Program Versions Data Versions Offline Routing- Capabilities service Tenant 1 Tenant 2 Clients Tenant n Web Server Database Service Versions Program Versions Multi-TenantMultiple Tenants Load Balancer App-Server Farm Cluster
  32. 32. CHALLANGESMulti-Tenancy, Cloud Program Versions Data Versions Offline Routing- Capabilities service Tenant 1 Tenant 2 Clients Web Server Tenant n Database Service Manual release Versions management is Program impossible! Versions Multi-TenantMultiple Tenants Load Balancer App-Server Farm Cluster
  33. 33. Conclusion• Cloud computing enables people – There will be more competition• It‘s not easy – Complexity comes from multi- tenancy + customization• Have your business plan ready when moving to a world of SaaS – Technology will follow Source: 34
  34. 34. Saves the day.Thank you!Questions? You want more?