Adding annotations to EndNote records


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How to add text to the Abstract field

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Adding annotations to EndNote records

  1. 1. Endnote will download abstracts and annotations, if they are part of the records. This is common for journal databases, but less common for books from library catalogs.<br />Here the abstract/annotation has been downloaded from the journal database. Notice also the Notes field and the Research Notes field. Each of these three fields can hold up to about 16 pages of text. You can also do basic text formatting: bold, italic, underline, etc. <br />If your are using an output style that displays annotations, the lower screen shot previews how the bib citation and the annotation will display together in Word.<br />What if I want to add (or modify) text to the Abstract (annotation) field in EndNote?<br />
  2. 2. Youhave two options for adding text to the Abstract (or any other field): “direct entry” in the EndNote record or “copy/paste” from your word processor into the EndNote record.<br />Direct entry is the simplest. Simply open the EndNote record you want to modify, scroll down to the Abstract field, and type your text.<br />When you add your annotation, you should also consider adding keywords and label for future use.<br />When you finish with a record, save it by pressing Ctrl-s or moving to the next record. EndNote will also remind you to save the record.<br />What if you want to copy/paste from your word processor?<br />
  3. 3. You may prefer to create your annotation in your word processor , e.g., to keep a back up copy, use your own grammar/spell check features, write annotations on a computer that does not have EndNote, etc.<br />Some final words.<br />To copy text from your word processor, you will need to have both programs open on your computer. You may want to have the programs open side by side or switch between programs using alt-Tab. Although it may seem redundant, you can also switch between Word and EndNote by using the EndNote’s Word ribbon or menu. These instructions show only the first option, but the cut/paste procedure is the same.<br /><ul><li>Move the cursor to the Abstract field.
  4. 4. Press Ctrl-v to paste.
  5. 5. Move the cursor to the Abstract field.
  6. 6. Press Ctrl-v to paste.
  7. 7. Type your annotation.
  8. 8. Press Ctrl-a to select
  9. 9. Press Ctrl-c to copy
  10. 10. Type your annotation.
  11. 11. Press Ctrl-a to select
  12. 12. Press Ctrl-c to copy</li></li></ul><li>Final Reminders<br />You cannot add to the Abstract field using the Quick Edit tab.You must go to the full record to edit all the fields.<br />EndNote saves changes to records automatically or asks if you want to save the changes. You can always press Ctrl-S to save your work.<br />When you close a record after editing, click on the black X in the white box, not the white X in the red box. <br />If you have questions, please contactRobert Phillips <br />