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  • Mitch Hedberg impersonation
  • Disease of the shortcut. First car mini-van with wood panelling down the sides.
  • The human mind thinks 7x faster than we can talk. Create positive momentum. Not literally true because in college I would’ve become a beer. But momentum is created Coast/silk (where relevant)

    Words are the first manifestation of our ideas into the real world..

    Have character – do what you say you’re going to do. Speak out about your conviction to such an ethical company with values and morales that is intentional about positive change.
    Be committed to your customer and to each other. Leadership is measured not by how many followers you have but how many leaders you create.
  • We raise money by selling wristbands and tshirts and 100% of proceeds go to charity. We also sell cds tapes etc and 100% of those proceeds go to me.  How to be funny to make more money – widely read by both people who have bought it so far. Seriously so many of us think we’re born funny or we’re not, one of the most disempowering misconceptions of all time “3 years ago I wasn’t funny” – some of you thinking “I don’t think you’re there yet sparky.”
  • Take the stairs keynote for upload

    1. 1. Take the Stairs Rory Vaden, MBA Co-Founder of Southwestern Consulting •New York Times bestselling author of Take the Stairs •Toastmasters World Champion of Public Speaking 1st Runner Up •Self-Discipline Strategist featured on Oprah radio, Fox News, CNN, CNBC, CBS, in SUCCESS Magazine, Businessweek, Inc, Wall St Journal and USA Today @rory_vaden
    2. 2. Take the Stairs Rory Vaden @rory_vaden
    3. 3. @rory_vaden
    4. 4. How much does Procrastination cost? Average employee wastes 2.09 hours EACH DAY!!!
    5. 5. Take the Stairs The Purchase Price of Procrastination Average salaried employee in US makes $39,795 or $19.13 per hour. Costs Employers $10,396 per year Per Employee!!!
    6. 6. • Consciously delaying what you know you should be doingProcrastination • Unconsciously filling the day with menial work to be busy being busy; distraction Creative Avoidance • (Un) Consciously delaying by allowing your attention to shift to less important tasks; interruption Priority Dilution @rory_vaden
    7. 7. Discipline Start doing things you don’t want to do. Create a “Take the Stairs” Mindset Take the Stairs @rory_vaden
    8. 8. A Buffalo Mentality The Paradox Principle of Sacrifice Take the Stairs @rory_vaden
    9. 9. EASY short-term choices lead to DIFFICULT long-term consequences. DIFFICULT short-term choices lead to EASY long-term consequences. The Paradox Principle of Sacrifice Take the Stairs @rory_vaden
    10. 10. We ALWAYS pay a price. Take the Stairs Insight @rory_vaden
    11. 11. Leverage LONG-TERM vision to endure SHORT-TERM sacrifice. Take the Stairs Strategy @rory_vaden
    12. 12. The MORE we have invested into something the LESS likely we are to fail. The Buy-In Principle of Commitment Take the Stairs @rory_vaden
    13. 13. Attitude: • "I'm not sure yet" Attitude: • "I'm in for good"
    14. 14. COAST SILK
    15. 15. Increase your commitment by intentionally creating the question HOW rather than accidentally relenting to the question SHOULD. Take the Stairs Strategy @rory_vaden
    16. 16. What’s the first step? 1. Make the Commitment- 1. Get a Coach –Daily Discipline! 3. Take The Stairs In Pairs– Get a partner!
    17. 17. Success is never OWNED. It is only RENTED; and the rent is due EVERY DAY. The Rent Axiom