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Procrastinate on purpose full keynote stripped

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Procrastinate on purpose full keynote stripped

  1. 1. Rory Vaden, MBA Co-Founder of Southwestern Consulting •New York Times bestselling author of Take the Stairs •Toastmasters World Champion of Public Speaking 1st Runner Up •Self-Discipline Strategist featured on Oprah radio, Fox News, CNN, CNBC, CBS, in SUCCESS Magazine, Businessweek, Inc, Wall St Journal and USA Today Procrastinate on Purpose
  2. 2. Procrastinate on Purpose The 5 Permissions to Multiply Your Time Rory Vaden
  3. 3. Thinking…
  4. 4. A typical day… Procrastinate on Purpose • Emails • Voicemails • Text Messages • Meetings • Tweets • Facebook Updates • Conference Calls • Getting ready • Running errands • Driving to and from work • Paying bills • Doing housework • Cooking and eating Personal Preparation: Up to 5 hours a day!!!!
  5. 5. The average person spends 1 hour a day… Looking for stuff!
  6. 6. What we end up with is….
  7. 7. What we want is….
  8. 8. Procrastinate on Purpose What are the primary EXISTING strategies people are using in regards to how they choose to spend their TIME?
  9. 9. The idea was to develop tools and systems to to get the MOST amount of TASKS done in a day… Managing Your Time This was all about being EFFICIENT.
  10. 10. Managing Your Time Things to do Your Day
  11. 11. Managing Your Time Your Day
  12. 12. The amount of BUSY WORK always EXPANDS to fill the amount of TIME we allow to be AVAILABLE. Procrastinate on Purpose
  13. 13. Prioritizing Your Time This strategy was to be EFFECTIVE by learning to REALLOCATE your time around your most IMPORTANT tasks first… This was all about being EFFECTIVE.
  14. 14. 2. Important but not Urgent 1. Important and Urgent 3. Urgent but not important 4. Not Urgent and not Important
  15. 15. Prioritizing your time 168 Hours In a Week FACULTYFAMILY FUN FINANCESFAITH FITNESS
  16. 16. Prioritizing Your Time The idea was focus FIRST on what matters MOST… FACULTYFAMILY FUN FINANCESFAITH FITNESS
  17. 17. Prioritizing Your Time Prioritizing does NOT CREATE more time. We are simply just BORROWING time from one area of our life to give to another. FACULTYFAMILY FUN FINANCESFAITH FITNESS
  18. 18. Prioritizing Your Time FACULTY FAMILY FUNFINANCES FAITH FITNESS Prioritizing does NOT CREATE more time. We are simply just BORROWING time from one area of our life to give to another.
  19. 19. Prioritizing Your Time FACULTY FAMILYFUNFINANCES FAITHFITNESS Prioritizing does NOT CREATE more time. We are simply just BORROWING time from one area of our life to give to another.
  20. 20. We can’t use the same level of thinking that CREATED THE PROBLEM to also SOLVE THE PROBLEM. - Albert Einstein Procrastinate on Purpose
  21. 21. How do the most successful people today, THINK in regards to how they choose to spend their TIME? Procrastinate on Purpose
  22. 22. While most people make decisions based upon only URGENCE or IMPORTANCE, a MULTIPLIER factors in a third calculation based on SIGNIFICANCE! Procrastinate on Purpose SIGNIFICANT
  23. 23. Significance Calculation
  24. 24. Successful people don’t just make decisions based on the HERE and NOW; they make decisions based upon a perspective of how it will affect the FUTURE! Procrastinate on Purpose SIGNIFICANT
  25. 25. • Urgency: How SOON does this matter? • Importance: How MUCH does this matter? • Significance: How LONG does this matter? Procrastinate on Purpose SIGNIFICANT
  26. 26. So instead… • You can’t manage time • There is only so much time to borrow
  27. 27. MULTIPLY Your Time You MULTIPLY your time by spending time on things TODAY that will give you more time TOMORROW.
  28. 28. You don’t need more TIPS & TRICKS, CALENDARS & CHECKLISTS TOOLS &TECHNOLOGY… What You need is… PERMISSION. Procrastinate on Purpose
  29. 29. MULTIPLY Your Time You MULTIPLY your time by giving yourself the EMOTIONAL PERMISSION to spend time on things TODAY that will give you more time TOMORROW.
  30. 30. The Focus Funnel™
  31. 31. The Focus Funnel™
  32. 32. The Focus Funnel™
  33. 33. Eliminate The Sculptor’s Principle Perfection is not only when nothing more can be ADDED but also when nothing more can be TAKEN AWAY.
  34. 34. Procrastinate on Purpose There is nothing so USELESS as doing EFFICIENTLY that which shouldn’t be done AT ALL. - Peter Drucker
  35. 35. STEP 1: ELIMINATE Examples of things that can be ELIMINATED • Second-time decisions • Watching TV (27 hrs per week*)/Chit chat • Unnecessary meetings • Long emails • Confrontation emails • Over-volunteering • Being overly thorough • Sharing your opinion on everything
  36. 36. Procrastinate on Purpose Insight Next Generation Time Management is as much about deciding what NOT TO DO as it is about deciding what TO DO.
  37. 37. Saying NO. Fear Number 1 Logical Emotional
  38. 38. Procrastinate on Purpose Insight You are always saying NO to SOMETHING. Anytime you say YES to one thing you are simultaneously saying NO to something else.
  39. 39. The Focus Funnel™
  40. 40. Procrastinate on Purpose Insight You can say “NO” and still be NICE.
  41. 41. The Focus Funnel™
  42. 42. Procrastinate on Purpose Eliminate Strategy Say NO to the things that DON’T MATTER. So you can say YES to the things that DO.
  43. 43. The Focus Funnel™
  44. 44. Automate The Hidden Cost Principle Automation is to your TIME What compounding interest is to your MONEY!
  45. 45. Procrastinate on Purpose Insight Anything you create a PROCESS for today saves you time TOMORROW.
  46. 46. I have neither the TIME nor MONEY to set it up. Fear Number 2 Logical Emotional
  47. 47. The Focus Funnel™
  48. 48. • Social Media engagement • Spam • Importing business cards • Shipping • Paying bills • Handling FAQs • Buying gifts/ Sending thank you’s • Basic Follow-Up • Etc… STEP 2: AUTOMATE Examples of things that can be AUTOMATED
  49. 49. • Chore Chart • Scheduling Follow- Up Calls • Categorical Schedule • Setting up email rules STEP 2: AUTOMATE Examples of things that can be AUTOMATED Anything that eliminates “Think Time”
  50. 50. Procrastinate on Purpose Insight A company can never OUTGROW the strength of its SYSTEMS.
  51. 51. Procrastinate on Purpose Automate Strategy Increase your RESULTS by Investing in your SYSTEMS.
  52. 52. The Focus Funnel™
  53. 53. The Focus Funnel™
  54. 54. Delegate Dad…
  55. 55. Delegate The Hatch Principle It is a SERVICE to allow someone the natural process of making their own MISTAKES.
  56. 56. This would just be FASTER If I did it MYSELF. Fear Number 3 Logical Emotional
  57. 57. Training Time Calculation… 30X Rule 5 minutes per day to complete the task X 30 = 150 minutes of training time invested 5 minutes per day on the task X 250 work days per year = 1250 minutes per year Less the 150 minutes of training is a gain of 1100 minutes. Divided by the 150 minutes invested in teaching = 733% RETURN on TIME INVESTED Stick with it!
  58. 58. What’s Your Time Worth?
  59. 59. The Money Value of Time Annual Income Hourly Rate of Pay (50 hrs/wk) $40,000 $16.67 $75,000 $31.25 $100,000 $41.66 $150,000 $62.50 $250,000 $104.17 $350,000 $145.83 $500,000 $208.33 You’re either paying someone else at their PAY RATE Or you are paying yourself at YOURS.
  60. 60. The Focus Funnel™
  61. 61. Leadership isn’t about getting things done RIGHT. It’s about getting things done through other PEOPLE. - Andy Stanley Procrastinate on Purpose
  62. 62. The Business of YOU Coach (Learning) Office Assistant Accountant Bookkeeper Financial Planner Lawyer Insurance Agent Real Estate Agent Graphic Designer Travel Coordinator STEP 3: DELEGATE Examples of things that can be DELEGATED
  63. 63. The Business of YOU House Cleaner Nanny Gardener Grocery Shopper Mechanic Personal Assistant Handyman Driver Chef STEP 3: DELEGATE Examples of things that can be DELEGATED
  64. 64. Procrastinate on Purpose Insight The SIZE of your SUCCESS is almost always determined by the STRENGTH of your TEAM.
  65. 65. Procrastinate on Purpose Delegate Strategy Multiply your PRODUCTION Most powerfully through PEOPLE
  66. 66. The Focus Funnel™
  67. 67. Procrastinate The Fisherman’s Principle No amount of SKILL can make up for inappropriate TIMING.
  68. 68. The Focus Funnel™
  69. 69. The Focus Funnel™
  70. 70. Procrastinate on Purpose Procrastinate Strategy PROCRASTINATE on PURPOSE
  71. 71. Waiting because we know we SHOULD do it but we don’t WANT to do it. Vs. Waiting because we are deciding that NOW is not the RIGHT time. Procrastinate on Purpose
  72. 72. Inaction that results from INDULGENCE. Vs. Inaction that results from INTENTION. Procrastinate on Purpose
  73. 73. Last Minute Vs. After the Last minute Procrastinate on Purpose
  74. 74. Because things CHANGE! Why Wait? Plans change. Dates change. Prices change. Legislation changes. Strategy changes. Weather changes.
  75. 75. Unexpected Change Cost • You ordered 20,000 extra units of y products so that you have “plenty on hand” but then 2 months later your competitor launches a product that renders yours obsolete: you suddenly have a huge carrying cost. • You were anxious to get that new flyer printed and you got a great deal on printing in bulk but then two weeks later you decided you needed to reposition your whole marketing message: you suddenly have a massive sunk cost. • You booking a hotel reservation 6 months in advance so you can get it done and “off your list” but then your schedule changes later: you have change fees. • You were in love with the idea of being in love and you rushed and got married only to find out later that you changed, and the other person changed: you have every type of cost.
  76. 76. You definitely don’t want to be LATE. But you also don’t want to be too EARLY. Multipliers work to be precisely ON-TIME. Procrastinate on Purpose
  77. 77. The “Right” Time Risk: Acting too soon Unexpected Change Cost Risk: Waiting too long “After Last Minute Costs” On-Time Hidden Cost Too Early Hidden Cost Too Late “Gun Slingers”“Worry Warts” (Minimize by acting)(Minimize by waiting)
  78. 78. The weight of the WORLD. Procrastinate on Purpose
  79. 79. The Focus Funnel™
  80. 80. Not being GOOD ENOUGH. Fear Number 4 Logical Emotional
  81. 81. It is ok to WAIT. It is ok to SLOW DOWN. It is ok to be ok with things being OK. Things are never as BAD as they FEEL Or as GOOD as they SOUND. Procrastinate on Purpose
  82. 82. • Paying bills and taxes • Placing large orders • Spending big money • When You don’t know what the right decision is • Things that seem like “fires” that really aren’t • Anything that can be “batched” STEP 4: PROCRASTINATE Things that can be “POPPED”
  83. 83. The Focus Funnel™
  84. 84. Procrastinate on Purpose Procrastinate Strategy There is power in The DISCIPLINE of ACTING AND in the PATIENCE of WAITING.
  85. 85. The Focus Funnel™
  86. 86. Concentrate The Harvest Principle Work DOUBLE-TIME PART-TIME For FULL-TIME FREE-TIME.
  87. 87. The Focus Funnel™
  88. 88. A priority is any TASK that rises to a level of SIGNIFICANCE that is beyond the CONVENIENCE of what your schedule ALLOWS. What is a priority? A priority is PROTECTED from the possibility of DISTRACTION.
  89. 89. Procrastinate on Purpose Until you accomplish your next most SIGNIFICANT priority, EVERYTHING else is a DISTRACTION.
  90. 90. The Focus Funnel™
  91. 91. Letting other people DOWN. Fear Number 5 Logical Emotional
  92. 92. The Focus Funnel™
  93. 93. Concentrate Your highest obligation to OTHERS Is to become your highest SELF.
  94. 94. Procrastinate on Purpose Concentrate Strategy Temporarily IGNORE the SMALL STUFF. So you can CONCENTRATE on the BIG STUFF.
  95. 95. The Focus Funnel™
  96. 96. MULTIPLY Your Time You MULTIPLY your time by giving yourself the EMOTIONAL PERMISSION to spend time on things TODAY that will give you more time TOMORROW.
  97. 97. Self-Discipline Certification Course Overcome procrastination and make lasting change with increased accountability: 1. Daily encouragement via email to keep you focused 2. Fresh ideas to keep you going 3. Renewed motivation every week with a video delivered right to your inbox 4. Insight into the most effective life changing strategies available 5. Online tests to get certified$99
  98. 98. Take the Stairs Book 7 Steps to Achieving True Success With every purchase receive: 1. TTS Study Guide (Retail $22) 2. E-Minibuk of Quotes (Retail $5) 3. Audio of TTS Speech (Retail $20) 4. 6 online TTS Videos (Retail $30) 5. Copy of actual book (Retail$23) We accept credit cards!
  99. 99. Multipliers 5 2 1
  100. 100. Multipliers We know we shouldn’t WASTE TIME. Not good enough to merely SPEND TIME. Instead we must INVEST TIME.
  101. 101. MULTIPLY Your Time You MULTIPLY your time by giving yourself the EMOTIONAL PERMISSION to INVEST time into things TODAY that will create more results TOMORROW.
  102. 102. Multipliers Don’t just be a FIREFIGHTER. Become a SEED PLANTER.

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