What is new in .NET 4.5


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What is new in .NET 4.5

  1. 1. What is new in .NET 4.5Robert MacLean10th May 2012
  2. 2. AgendaFocus on the framework Not tooling - mostly Visual Studio, TFS, Unit Testing Nothing language specific C# async Nothing for Windows 8 development - mostly .NET APIs for Metro Style Apps
  3. 3. RequirementsClient OS Windows 7 and 8 Vista & XP NOT SUPPORTED!Server OS Windows Server 2008 SP 1 onwards Windows Server 2008 SP 2 required for core profile support Itanium not supported
  4. 4. .NET 4 and how it sits in theecosystem
  5. 5. Portable Class LibrariesWas out of band in 4.0Allows single assembly to be used for .NET 4.0 (WinForms, WPF, ASP.NET) .NET 4.5 (WinForms, WPF, ASP.NET) Silverlight 4 Silverlight 5 Windows Phone 7 Windows Phone 7.1 .NET for Metro Style Apps Xbox 360
  6. 6. Portable Class Libraries SupportFeature Assemblies .NET Framework Metro style Silverligh Windows Xbox 360 t Phone mscorlib.dll, System.dll, System.Core.dll,Core System.Xml.dll, System.Xml.Serialization.dll System.ComponentModel.Composition.dllManaged ExtensibilityFramework (MEF) System.Net.dllNetwork Class Library(NCL) System.Runtime.Serialization.dllSerialization System.ServiceModel.dll,Windows Communication System.ServiceModel.Web.dllFoundation (WCF) System.Windows.dllModel-View-View Model(MVVM) System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations.Data annotations dll System.Xml.Linq.dllLINQ to XML Fully Some Not Supported restrictions Supported
  7. 7. The Performance ListArrays can be larger than 2Gb Opt-in config setting & 64bit only http://bit.ly/JaQXn8GAC on servers is fasterZIP is smaller System.IO.CompressionProfileOptimization Improve JIT on n runs based on recorded data n>1
  8. 8. AsyncTPL massively improved Up to 400% with a recompilePLINQ gets more support for parallel Example: OrderBy -> TakeConcurrent classes improve ~ 15% with recompilesParallel.Foreach can disable bufferingThreadLocal<T>.ValuesTimer based cancellationsTPL Dataflow
  9. 9. ImprovementsRegex.MatchTimeoutGlobal (app domain) Culture settings Consoles support UTF-16String compare on Windows 8 uses the OScompareSort versioning .NET contains internal tables to do sorting, updated each release .NET 2.0 SP 1 to .NET 4: Unicode 5 .NET 4.5 on Win7: Unicode 5 .NET 4.5 on Win8: Unicode 6
  10. 10. International Internet & NetworkingSupport for International Domain Names Rules different depends on OS Windows 8: RFC 5891 Windows 7: RFC 3490Support for Email Address InternationalisationSupport for Dual-Stack Socket Single socket that works for IPv4 or IPv6Websockets System.Net.Websockets As William
  11. 11. MEFSupport for generics“Convention” based Setup conventions in constructorSupport for ASP.NET MVC Proper convention – use the Parts folder
  12. 12. WPFThe ribbonINotifyDataErrorInfo Async & Sync data validationPartial units in virtualised panelsDelay option for updating sources
  13. 13. WPF
  14. 14. WCFGenerate service & data contracts from WSDLSupport for Portable Class LibrariesBetter configs (especially for clients)Streaming changes Async support On IIS, buffering is removed – also means maxRequestLength is ignored Default values updated Most pushed to maxVisual Studio can validate config filesBinary encoding now can be compressedUDP support Multiple authentication support Paste XML as classes
  15. 15. WorkflowVERSIONING Minor improvements to activities NoPersist Flow chart display & unconnected validattionMinor improvements to designer Search Automatic containers Multi-select Outline view Annotations Build time validation of workflowC# Support
  16. 16. ASP.NETCore Unvalidated fields Scenario: Input of HTML Bundling & Minification of client scripts JavaScript & CSS Anti-XSS built inWeb Forms Binding Fallback support for CDNs HTML 5 types