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The state of testing @ Microsoft


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An overview of the various test tools and strategies from within Microsoft.

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The state of testing @ Microsoft

  1. 1. State of testing @ Microsoft Quality and collaboration throughout the development lifecycle
  2. 2. ALM Rangers Passionate about ALM Staff & Passionate experts creating open source solutions and guidance for Microsoft’s ALM products. Solutions Test Planning & Management Guide Visual Studio Test Tooling Guides: MTM, CodedUI, Fakes & IntelliTrace Device Testing Guidance, HOL & Posters WCF Load Test
  3. 3. Changing world 01
  4. 4. Plan 1 Monitor + Learn ReleaseDevelop + Test 2 Development Production 4 3
  5. 5. Our development vision 02
  6. 6. Microsoft development platform Runtimes + Languages .NET C# + VB C++ HTML/JS Tools Cloud Devices AndroidiOSWindows
  7. 7. Our Focus Every Team MemberEvery App
  8. 8. Every app …
  9. 9. Every team member … Enterprise teams
  10. 10. Tools to empower Test, Feedback & Monitoring 03
  11. 11. Put quality at the center of everything you do Agile test planning and execution Monitor & share quality status
  12. 12. Test Case Management Streamline quality Take advantage of a toolset optimized for the needs of testers, giving them flexibility in how they work while at the same time keeping them in sync with the rest of the team Improved web-based Test Case Management helps testers author, manage and execute test cases using any modern web browser Microsoft Test Manager further empowers your testers by giving them comprehensive tools for automated and manual testing in a desktop application optimized for the needs of today’s agile QA professional
  13. 13. Manual & Exploratory Testing Run, record, play back Capture detailed records of steps performed, behaviors observed, and the status of each test step with the fully-instrumented and configurable Test Runner. Pause testing at any time to report a bug, even if it’s not directly related to the current test case High-fidelity defect reports go directly to the development team, including all the technical data needed to reproduce and resolve the error quickly. Record tests for later playback to speed up test sessions and enable test automation
  14. 14. Browser-based Testing Testing in the browser Run manual tests and record test results for each test step using a toolset optimized for the needs of testers The web-based test runner enables pass-fail results, tracking of test steps, rich commenting, and bug reporting capabilities
  15. 15. Feedback Management Actionable feedback Once you have working software, you're ready to get feedback from your stakeholders. You can ask reviewers to provide videos, screenshots, type-written comments, and ratings Their feedback is captured into work items that you can review and use to create a bug or suggest a new backlog item
  16. 16. Quality Dashboards Monitor quality status Build dashboards that provide visibility to your team and stakeholders. Stop worrying where to find things and instead use Visual Studio Online or TFS to get everyone on the same page
  17. 17. Manage complexity and close the loop between Dev and Ops Lab management Continuous delivery Enterprise DevOps
  18. 18. Lab Management Dev/Test lab environments Automate your virtual lab environment with Visual Studio Lab Management Use templates to define/launch environment configurations for consistent testing Provision dev/test lab environments quickly for testers and developers
  19. 19. Release Management Ship better apps, faster Visual Studio Release Management makes it easy to automate deployment and testing of your applications in multiple environments Teams can create release definitions and automate deployment in repeatable, reliable ways while tracking simultaneous in-flight releases Incorporate automated functional tests or manual approvals in a release definition to automate the release process all the way to production
  23. 23. DEV QAINT PRODTFS Full Traceability
  24. 24. Public CloudPrivate Cloud
  25. 25. Application Insights Usage and performance Get a 360° view of your app that includes availability, performance and user behavior Use a powerful and easy-to-use experience to track and improve the success of your application Analyze data across dimensions and make informed decisions about your product’s future
  26. 26. Azure Dev/Test Lab Use the cloud for your lab Easily construct environments with different artifacts Pay for what you use Easy integration into the development tools
  27. 27. Azure Performance Test Use the cloud to test the cloud Easy access to the tools, so the right people can run the tests Pay for what you use Test performance from multiple locations around the world
  28. 28. Get the right people, the right tools User Acceptance Testing Included in the VSO Basic License Test Pro License Included in the VSO Advanced License Storyboarding Free for everyone Cloud or OnPrem Each VSO license includes the same OnPrem license
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