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Apresentação utilizada durante a participação para vaga no programa de aceleramento 21212.com .

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Apresentacao 21212-bloompa

  1. 1. http://www.bloompa.com.br
  2. 2. Undecided Customers The Problem
  3. 3. Potential Size of Brazilian Market & Overseas‣ R$ 8,4 bi in sales ‣ 90% customers are influenced by their friends‣ 25 mi orders‣ 27,4 mi customers ‣ 67% spends more money after receiving a recommendation‣ 81% shop over the internet ‣ US$30 bi in sales in 2015 forecast‣ 24% increaseRef.: eBit/Wired/Booz & Company/BazaarVoice The Market
  4. 4. Customers Friends Purchase DesireSocial ProductsMedia Buying Media Trends E-commerces The Solution
  5. 5. What we’ve done: Jun/10 Nov/10 Jan/11 Jun/11 Social Commerce Facebook App 1ˢᵗ Beta Version e-Bloompers Blog (MVP)The Current Situation: ✓ The platform is complete! ✓ Developing the PayMyBloomp feature; ✓ Optimizing & Improving the current features and design; ✓ A salesperson working to increase our customer base. Main Features
  6. 6. ๏ Social Price Comparison;๏ APIs;๏ Behavioral Marketing;๏ Increase the team;๏ Internationalization. The Next Steps
  7. 7. 1. E-Bloompers (Testing): 6% Comission over sales converted from our platform;2. PayMyBloomp (Developing): The users receive a 2% commission every time a recommendation they shared with their friends is converted into sales;3. Bloomp Promotion (Planning): Cost per reached user. R$ 500.000,00 is needed to scale the business. The Business Models & Scaling
  8. 8. The Potential Buyer The e-commercesWe are the FACEBOOK for PRODUCTS. References
  9. 9. X Monitors stores’ X Monitors stores’ X Monitors stores’panel; panel; panel;✓Works within the X Works within the ✓Works within thebrazilian market; brazilian market; brazilian market;✓Users can make X Users can make ✓Users can makeShopping Lists; Shopping Lists; Shopping Lists;X Customizes X Customizes stores X Customizes storesstores profile; profile; profile;✓Allows products ✓Allows products ✓Allows productsrecommendation; recommendation; recommendation; The Competitors
  10. 10. Ricardo Dantas (Co-founder)Information Systems Graduate, MBA in Technologic Entrepreneurship.Experience: 7 years in web system analysis, 2 years in social media analysis.Thiago Nascimento (Co-Founder) Science Computing Graduate, MBA in Technologic Entrepreneurship Experience: 6 years in web system analysis, 2 years in social media analysis and product management.Nemer Hajar (Partner/Investor)Doctor’s Degree, Msc and PhD from UFPR, MBA in Team Management.Founder of INCIGAP (Department of Surgery and Gastroenterology Paraná),CEO of Santa Cruz Hospital, CEO of Paraná Clínicas.Lígia Dutra (Mentor)Experienced professional in retail on/offline since 2004, worked at BuscaPé,Flytex, Netshoes, Shoestock and Nkstore. Mentors and promotes ByMk.“First Steps in Online Retailing” course teacher at ESMP/SP and creator ofthe “Bate-papo sobre E-commerce”. The Team
  11. 11. + SocialCommerce = + Why is this the best team?
  12. 12. Thank you! Ricardo Dantas Thiago Nascimentoricardodantas@bloompa.com.br thiagonascimento@bloompa.com.br