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eCommerce shopping cart usability


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Tips to design easy to use shopping cart; notify when an item has been added to cart, allow the user to easily edit or remove cart items

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eCommerce shopping cart usability

  1. 1. SHOPPING CART USABILITY E C O M M E R C E T ips to design easy to use shopping cart e C o m m e r c e U X D e s i g n a M i n e W h a t i n i t i a t i v e
  2. 2. 1e c o m m e r c e u x d e s i g n . c o m Notify when an item has been added to cart. When a shopper adds an item to their cart don’t make them guess whether the item has been added or not, provide a prominent confirmation message. You can either provide the confirmation message on the same page or redirect them to the cart page. When you keep the shopper on the same page, provide product recommendations along with the confirmation message so that they can buy more. 1 Read on to find out how a Shopify based luxury retailer increased their landing page conversion by 200%. L E A R N M O R E
  3. 3. 2e c o m m e r c e u x d e s i g n . c o m If most of your shoppers buy only one item at a time or if you sell high priced items, then redirect them to the cart/confirmation page after they add an item to cart.
  4. 4. 3e c o m m e r c e u x d e s i g n . c o m Allow the user to edit cart items Allow your customer to easily edit the quantity or the product options on the cart page itself without having to navigate to the product page. If inline editing is not allowed, then provide a quick look feature in the cart page so that the users don’t have to navigate to the product page to edit it. 2 Average order value increased by 26%. Read on to find out more on how we helped. L E A R N M O R E
  5. 5. 4e c o m m e r c e u x d e s i g n . c o m Let the shoppers easily remove items from cart Provide a clear text link to remove an item from cart and name it remove instead of delete. You should also allow the user to set the quantity to zero to remove an item from cart. Once the user clicks the remove link, instead of removing the item immediately ask if the click was intentional. 3
  6. 6. 5e c o m m e r c e u x d e s i g n . c o m Should you save the shopping carts? Save the contents of an abandoned cart, just in case the shopper returns in a day or two. Specify on the cart page how long you will retain their selection. It is possible that they might forget their selection when they visit your website again. Greet the shopper with the old items added in the previous session along with changes if any in the price or availability so that the user will not be surprised to see unexpected items during checkout. 4
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