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B2B Customer Journey & Marketing ROI


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Creating Insanely Great Customers: A Lean innovation strategy for engaging the planet's most strategic customers, the Insanely Great ones. | Get The Book | |

Outlines what is required to create value for customers at each stage of the customer journey and how doing so increases ROI.

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B2B Customer Journey & Marketing ROI

  1. 1. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Crea%ng  An  Insanely  Great  Customer  Journey  Accelera%ng  Marke%ng  ROI  Validate  Value  Expand  Deploy  Solu%on  Explore  Op%ons  Evaluate  Solu%ons  Trigger  Point  Internal  Buy  In  Business  Case  Purchase    Refer  Mike  Connor  Status  Quo    
  2. 2. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Topics  1.  We  have  to  do  this  2.  Team  3.  Vision  4.  Customer  5.  Every  touch  point  counts  6.  Outcome  Based  Metrics  7.  Objec%ve  SWOT  Analysis  8.  Get  Agile!  9.  K.I.S.S  10. Validate  Value  11. Start  Over  
  3. 3. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Food  for  thought  #1  B2B  Marke%ng  2013  CMO  Impera%ve  •  Map  the  buyers  journey.  •  Embed  personas  in  marke%ng  plans.  •  Address  data  and  analy%c  skills  gaps.  •  Foster  collabora%on  across  marke%ng,  product  and  sales  silos  The  quotes  above  reference  just  one  part  of  a  Customer  Journey,  Nurturing  Campaigns.  
  4. 4. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  2013?  MARKETING  What  will  your  marke%ng  department  be  like?  
  5. 5. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  
  6. 6. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  
  7. 7. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  The  demand  to  produce  great  content  is  skyrocke%ng!  
  8. 8. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  The  world  of  social  media  and  management  of  it  is  changing  at  an  amazing  rate!  
  9. 9. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Sco[  Brinker  (at)    The  amount  and  pace  of  marke%ng  technology  is  overwhelming!  
  10. 10. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Big  Data  Engagement  Analy%cs  Personas  Personas  PlaRorms  Mul%  Channel  Personaliza%on  Marke%ng  Opera%ons  Integra%on  Mobile  Real  Time  Return  on  Opportunity    Agile  Marke%ng  Return  on  Marke%ng  Marke%ng  teams  are  on  a  huge  learning  curve!  
  11. 11. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Insanely  Great  =  New  Good  Enough  And,  oh  by  the  way,  our  prospects  and  customers  expecta%ons  are  increasing  rapidly!  
  12. 12. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Predator  or  Prey  How  well  marke%ng  teams  priori%ze,  integrate,  deliver  and  adapt  will  determine  who  comes  out  as  .  .  .    
  13. 13. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Validate  Value  Expand  Deploy  Solu%on  Explore  Op%ons  Evaluate  Solu%ons  Status  Quo  Trigger  Point  Internal  Buy  In  Business  Case  Purchase    Refer  So  What  is  a  Customer  Journey  and  how  does  focusing  on  it  help?  
  14. 14. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  I  was  at  Apple  and  working  as  a  product  manager  for  Steve  Jobs.  He    walked  into  my  office  one  day  and  threw  our  newly  engineered  shipping  carton  onto  my  desk.  He  yelled  at  me  and  told  me  my  out  of  the  box  experience  sucked.  First  a  quick  story  that  helps  define  the  customer  journey  and  it’s  importance.  
  15. 15. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Then  he  pulled  a  beau%ful  li[le  jewelry  box  from  his  pocket,  put  it  on  my  desk  and  said,  “When  someone  receives  our  products  it  should  feel  like  they  are  opening  a  rare  and  precious  gif.  That’s  when  I  first  understood  the  importance  of  the  customer  journey.    
  16. 16. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Everything  prospects  and  customers  experience  as  they  engage  with  companies  and  their  products  The  customer  journey  is  .  .  .    
  17. 17. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  It  also  provides  a  very  powerful  and  customer  focused  framework  through  which  marke%ng  can  priori%ze  its  investments,  measure,  validate  and  refine  the  value  it  creates  and  its  effec%veness    
  18. 18. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Con%nual  Collabora%on,  Learning  and  Innova%on  Designed  and  managed  well  with  today’s  leading  edge  tools,  it  also  becomes  an  powerful  interac%ve  customer  engagement  framework  for.  .  .  In  other  words  .  .  .  the  sustainable  crea%on  of  game  changing  customer  value!  
  19. 19. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  If  visioned,  designed  and  managed  properly  it  can  transform  marke%ng  departments  and  their  ability  to  increase  the  company’s  value  to  customers  from  good  to  Insanely  Great!  
  20. 20. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Validate  Value  Expand  Deploy  Solu%on  Explore  Op%ons  Evaluate  Solu%ons  Status  Quo  Trigger  Point  Internal  Buy  In  Business  Case  Purchase    Refer  ROI?  So  how  does  the  customer  journey  drive  .  .  .  
  21. 21. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Food  for  thought  B2B  Customers  • Nearly  60%  of  a  typical  purchasing  decision—researching  solu%ons,  ranking  op%ons,  sekng  requirements,  benchmarking  pricing,  and  so  on  is  made  before  ever  having  a  conversa%on  with  a  supplier.  
  22. 22. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Food  for  thought  • 50%  more  sales  ready  leads  at  33%  lower  cost.    • 10%  or  greater  increase  in  revenue  in  6-­‐9  months.    • 20%  increase  in  sales  opportuni%es  versus  non-­‐nurtured  leads  The  quotes  above  reference  just  one  part  of  a  Customer  Journey,  Nurturing  Campaigns.  
  23. 23. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Food  for  thought  Leaders  in  Life  Cycle  Marke%ng  • 3x  greater  customer    reten%on  • 27x  greater  growth  of  customer  life%me  value.  
  24. 24. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Food  for  thought  Market  Leaders  •  20%  annual  revenue  growth  •  10%  annual  growth  in  marke%ng  leads  that  result  in  closed  business  •  44%  of  sales-­‐forecasted  pipeline  leads  contributed  by  marke%ng  •  73%  annual  customer  reten%on  rate  
  25. 25. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Marke%ng  is  at  an  Inflec%on  Point  and  the  Customer  Journey  is  the  Catalyst  Decreasing  Cost,  Increasing  Ease  of  Use  2013  Ad  Hoc  Capabili%es  &  Prac%ces  Early  Integra%on  &  Alignment    Next  Gen  Vision  &  Experimenta%on  Adop%on  of  Next  Gen  Capability  &  Prac%ces  Standardiza%on  of  Next  Gen  Capability  &  Prac%ces  2015  Marke%ng  &  Technology  Maturity  &  Integra%on  Changes  in  technology,  social  knowledge  and  marke%ng    are  changing  buyer  behaviors  &  expecta%ons  
  26. 26. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Validate  Value  Expand  Deploy  Solu%on  Explore  Op%ons  Evaluate  Solu%ons  Status  Quo  Trigger  Point  Internal  Buy  In  Business  Case  Purchase    Refer  How  do  we  get  to  Insanely  Great?  
  27. 27. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  1.  Team  
  28. 28. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  “Every  good  product  Ive  ever  seen  is  because  a  group  of  people  cared  deeply  about  making  something  wonderful  that  they  and  their  friends  wanted.  They  wanted  to  use  it  themselves.”    Steve  Jobs  
  29. 29. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Marke%ng  Customer  Success  Mgt.  CEO  Design  Product  Development  Business  Dev.  /  Sales  |  Account  Dev.  Product  Management  Training  Validate  Value  Expand  Deploy  Solu%on  Explore  Op%ons  Evaluate  Solu%ons  Status  Quo  Trigger  Point  Internal  Buy  In  Business  Case  Purchase    Refer  This  is  a  team  sport  –  everyone  in  your  company  that  works  with  customers  and  or  that  is  building  things  for  them  has  valuable  insight  to  bring  
  30. 30. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Marke%ng  Customer  Success  Mgt.  CEO  Design  Product  Development  Business  Dev.  /  Sales  |  Account  Dev.  Product  Management  Training  Validate  Value  Expand  Deploy  Solu%on  Explore  Op%ons  Evaluate  Solu%ons  Status  Quo  Trigger  Point  Internal  Buy  In  Business  Case  Purchase    Refer  Team  Member  #  1?  Customers  
  31. 31. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  2.  Vision  
  32. 32. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Crea%ng  an  Insanely  Great  Customer  Journey  means  daring  to  understand,  see  and  act  in  the  world  differently  
  33. 33. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  To  transport    customers  from  experiences  like  this  
  34. 34. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  To  experiences  like  this  .  .  .  
  35. 35. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Ever  open  a  door?  
  36. 36. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  to  someplace  magical?  
  37. 37. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Hear  someone?  
  38. 38. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  who  forever  changed  how  you  see  the  world?  
  39. 39. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Experience  something?  
  40. 40. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  that  transported  you  beyond  your  imagina%on?  
  41. 41. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Those  are  all  part  of  a  customer  journey  
  42. 42. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  And  that’s  the  kind  of  Insanely  Great  we  are  talking  about!  
  43. 43. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  We  were  shining  our  light  into  the  days  of  blooming  wonder  In  the  eternal  presence,  in  the  presence  of  the  flame    Didn’t  I  come  to  bring  you  a  sense  of  wonder?  Didn’t  I  come  to  lib  your  fiery  vision  bright?    Didn’t  I  come  to  bring  you  a  sense  of  wonder  in  the  flame?    On  and  on  and  on  and  on,  we  kept  on  singing  our  song  VAN  MORRISON  Go  for  Insanely  Great  :  No  Plan  B    
  44. 44. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  3.  Customer  
  45. 45. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Assessing  /  Building  Immersive  Personas  of  Highest  Value  Prospects  and  Customers  
  46. 46. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Including  persona’s  projected  based  on  measurable  trends  
  47. 47. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Food  for  thought  In  the  sale  of  a  technology  product  valued  at  over  twenty-­‐five  thousand  dollars  per  unit  to  a  company  of  over  one  thousand  employees,  twenty-­‐one  people  were  actually  involved  in  the  buying  process.  
  48. 48. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  4.  Every  touch  point  counts!  
  49. 49. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Embrace  the  En%re  Customer  Journey  Validate  Value  Expand  Deploy  Solu%on  Explore  Op%ons  Evaluate  Solu%ons  Status  Quo  Trigger  Point  Internal  Buy  In  Business  Case  Purchase    Refer  Take  the  %me  to  explore  the  journey  and  your  customers  experience.  You  must  see  it  through  their  eyes  and  their  needs.  Spend  %me  and  get  feedback  from  customers  and  prospects  that  have  travelled  it  in  its  en%rety  and  those  that  blew  out  of  it.    
  50. 50. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Remember:  It’s  Their  Journey  You  have  to  earn  the  right  to  be  a  part  of  each  stage!    
  51. 51. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  It  starts  before  prospects  know  they  need  a  solu%on  Validate  Value  Expand  Deploy  Solu%on  Explore  Op%ons  Evaluate  Solu%ons  Status  Quo  Trigger  Point  Internal  Buy  In  Business  Case  Purchase    Refer  
  52. 52. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  That  stage  is  called  the  status  quo  Status  Quo  
  53. 53. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  That  stage  is  called  the  status  quo  Status  Quo  Crea%ng  Customer  Value?  Thought  Leadership  for  Their  Industry  
  54. 54. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  A  trigger  point  drives  the  need  for  change  and  ac%on  Trigger  Point  
  55. 55. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  A  cross  func%onal  team  is  formed    Trigger  Point  
  56. 56. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  A  cross  func%onal  team  is  formed    Trigger  Point  Crea%ng  Customer  Value?  Thought  Leadership  for  Their  Func%on  /  Issues  
  57. 57. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  The  search  for  op%ons  begins  Explore  Op%ons  
  58. 58. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  The  search  for  op%ons  begins  Explore  Op%ons  Crea%ng  Customer  Value?  Objec%ve  Informa%on  Illumina%ng  Problem  /  Best  Prac%ces  Framework  -­‐  Tied  to  Solu%on  
  59. 59. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Alterna%ves  are  evaluated  Evaluate  Solu%ons  
  60. 60. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Alterna%ves  are  evaluated  Evaluate  Solu%ons  Crea%ng  Customer  Value?  Demonstrate  Ability  to  Address  Overall  and  Specific  Influencer  Needs    
  61. 61. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  A  business  case  is  created  Business  Case  
  62. 62. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  A  business  case  is  created  Business  Case  Crea%ng  Customer  Value?  Business  Case  Framework  |  Easy  Access  to  Component  Level  Suppor%ng  Informa%on    
  63. 63. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  The  champion  works  to  resolve  last  minute  issues  and  concerns  and  finally  achieves  internal  buy  in  Internal  Buy  In  
  64. 64. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  The  champion  works  to  resolve  last  minute  issues  and  concerns  and  finally  achieves  internal  buy  in  Internal  Buy  In  Crea%ng  Customer  Value?  Fast  Response  /  Access  to  Specific  Informa%on  to  Resolve  Issues  and  Deal  with  Internal  Push  Back  
  65. 65. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Legal,  financial  and  deployment  nego%a%ons  are  completed.  The  deal  is  done!  Purchase    
  66. 66. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Legal,  financial  and  deployment  nego%a%ons  are  completed.  The  deal  is  done!  Purchase    Crea%ng  Customer  Value?  Win  Win  Nego%a%ng  |  Flexibility  |  Suppor%ng  Material  for  Compe%%vely  Differen%a%ng  Value      
  67. 67. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  People  are  trained  and  the  solu%on  is  deployed  Deploy  Solu%on  
  68. 68. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  People  are  trained  and  the  solu%on  is  deployed  Deploy  Solu%on  Crea%ng  Customer  Value?  Well  designed  &  communicated  implementa%on  |  Materials  |  Flexibility  |  Responsiveness  |  Interven%on  
  69. 69. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  The  real  value  of  your  company  is  revealed  as  customers  use  the  solu%on  Validate  Value  
  70. 70. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  The  real  value  of  your  company  is  revealed  as  customers  use  the  solu%on  Validate  Value  Crea%ng  Customer  Value?  Deliver  as  promised  |  Revisit  /  Reinforce  Value  |  Responsiveness  
  71. 71. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Expand  If  you  deliver  great  value  the  customer  will  be  open  to  expanding  their  rela%onship  
  72. 72. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Expand  If  you  deliver  great  value  the  customer  will  be  open  to  expanding  their  rela%onship  Crea%ng  Customer  Value?  Create  Heroes  |  Facilitate  Story  Telling  
  73. 73. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Refer  and  to  telling  others  how  great  your  company  and  your  products  are!  
  74. 74. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Refer  and  to  telling  others  how  great  your  company  and  your  products  are!  Crea%ng  Customer  Value?  Create  Heroes  |  Facilitate  Story  Telling  
  75. 75. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Food  for  thought  • 89%  of  customers  were  lost  aber  a  nega%ve  customer  experience    • 86%  said  they  would  pay  more  for  a  be[er  customer  experience  • 58%  said  they  would  recommend  companies  that  deliver  customer  experiences  that  are  superior  to  others  
  76. 76. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Engineer  Touch  Points  to  Capture  Insight  That  Drives  Con%nual  Collabora%ve  Learning  and  Innova%on  Validate  Value  Expand  Deploy  Solu%on  Explore  Op%ons  Evaluate  Solu%ons  Status  Quo  Trigger  Point  Internal  Buy  In  Business  Case  Purchase    Refer  
  77. 77. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  5.  Outcome  Based  Metrics  
  78. 78. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Define  Business  Outcome  Goals,  Metrics  for  Each  Stage  Explore  Op%ons  Evaluate  Solu%ons  Internal  Buy  In  Business  Case  Validate  Value  Expand  Use  Refer  Deploy  Solu%on  Status  Quo  Trigger  Point  Purchase  Based  on  Persona’s  Requirements  
  79. 79. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  6.  Objec%ve  SWOT  Analysis  
  80. 80. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  SWOT  Analysis  Rate  each  cell  from  –  5  to  +  5.  (  -­‐-­‐  5  =  Losing  momentum  &  credibility,  0  =  Good  Enough,  +5    Provides  Breakthrough  Compe%%ve  Value)  Explore  Op%ons  Evaluate  Solu%ons  Internal  Buy  In  Business  Case  Validate  Value  Expand  Use  Refer  Deploy  Solu%on  Status  Quo  Trigger  Point  Purchase  
  81. 81. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Rate  each  cell  from  –  5  to  +  5.  (  -­‐-­‐  5  =  Losing  momentum,  credibility  &  ROI,  0  =  Good  Enough,  +5    Provides  Breakthrough  Compe%%ve  Value)  SWOT  Analysis  Remember  when  the  weakest  link  fails,  all  of  your  other  marke%ng  investments  are  lost.  Great  $2Million  Marke%ng  Campaign  +  Bad  Customer  Onboarding  =  -­‐  $2million  *  X    
  82. 82. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Validate  Value  Expand  Use  Refer  Deploy  Solu%on  Purchase  Internal  Buy  In  Explore  Op%ons  Evaluate  Solu%ons  Business  Case  Status  Quo  Trigger  Point  Customer  buying  stages  Content  /  Experience  Analy%cs  &  VOC    Process  Flow  Progress  /  Risk  Tracking  &  Mgt.  Customer  Insight  Requirements  Deep  Dive  SWOT  Assessment  How  well  do  you  know  the  prospect’s  and  influencer’s  needs  at  each  stage?  
  83. 83. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Validate  Value  Expand  Use  Refer  Deploy  Solu%on  Purchase  Internal  Buy  In  Explore  Op%ons  Evaluate  Solu%ons  Business  Case  Status  Quo  Trigger  Point  Customer  buying  stages  Content  /  Experience  Analy%cs  &  VOC    Process  Flow  Progress  /  Risk  Tracking  &  Mgt.  Customer  Insight  Requirements  Deep  Dive  SWOT  Assessment  How  well  does  your  current  content  and  customer  experience  address  the  needs?  
  84. 84. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Validate  Value  Expand  Use  Refer  Deploy  Solu%on  Purchase  Internal  Buy  In  Explore  Op%ons  Evaluate  Solu%ons  Business  Case  Status  Quo  Trigger  Point  Customer  buying  stages  Content  /  Experience  Analy%cs  &  VOC    Process  Flow  Progress  /  Risk  Tracking  &  Mgt.  Customer  Insight  Requirements  Deep  Dive  SWOT  Assessment  Are  you  capturing  cri%cal  informa%on  about  the  use  and  value  to  customers  of  what  you  are  providing?  
  85. 85. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Validate  Value  Expand  Use  Refer  Deploy  Solu%on  Purchase  Internal  Buy  In  Explore  Op%ons  Evaluate  Solu%ons  Business  Case  Status  Quo  Trigger  Point  Customer  buying  stages  Content  /  Experience  Analy%cs  &  VOC    Process  Automa%on  Progress  /  Risk  Tracking  &  Mgt.  Customer  Insight  Requirements  Deep  Dive  SWOT  Assessment  Are  you  using  current  state  best  prac%ces  and  technology  to  accelerate  work  and  informa%on  flow?  
  86. 86. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Validate  Value  Expand  Use  Refer  Deploy  Solu%on  Purchase  Internal  Buy  In  Explore  Op%ons  Evaluate  Solu%ons  Business  Case  Status  Quo  Trigger  Point  Customer  buying  stages  Content  /  Experience  Analy%cs  &  VOC    Process  Automa%on  Progress  /  Risk  Tracking  &  Mgt.  Customer  Insight  Requirements  Deep  Dive  SWOT  Assessment  Do  you  have  clear  metrics  and  analy%cs  in  place    that  enable  you  to  define  and  track  progress  of  high  value  prospects  and  customers?  
  87. 87. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Validate  Value  Expand  Use  Refer  Deploy  Solu%on  Purchase  Internal  Buy  In  Explore  Op%ons  Evaluate  Solu%ons  Business  Case  Status  Quo  Trigger  Point  Customer  buying  stages  Content  /  Experience  Analy%cs  &  VOC    Process  Automa%on  Progress  /  Risk  Tracking  &  Mgt.  Customer  Insight  Requirements  Deep  Dive  SWOT  Assessment  When  done  you  will  essen%ally  have  a  heat  map  of  where  you  are  at  risk  and  where  you  excel.    
  88. 88. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Validate  Value  Expand  Use  Refer  Deploy  Solu%on  Purchase  Internal  Buy  In  Explore  Op%ons  Evaluate  Solu%ons  Business  Case  Status  Quo  Trigger  Point  Customer  buying  stages  Content  /  Experience  Analy%cs  &  VOC    Process  Automa%on  Progress  /  Risk  Tracking  &  Mgt.  Customer  Insight  Requirements  Deep  Dive  SWOT  Assessment  In  sekng  priori%es  remember  the  weak  link  theory.    
  89. 89. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  7.  Get  Agile  
  90. 90. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  The  rate  of  change,  plus  the  complexity  of  designing  and  managing  the  customer  journey  is  impossible  to  address  using  tradi%onal  marke%ng  management  approaches.  Get  Agile!    
  91. 91. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Time  Bound  Sprints  Total  Work  Priori%es  for  Sprint  Deliver  The  key  to  success?  Small,  well  priori%zed,  %me  bound  ini%a%ves  defined  in  terms  of  business  outcomes  desired  and  con%nual  measurement  of  the  customer  value  those  produce.  
  92. 92. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Priori%ze  work:  Highest  value  business  outcomes  
  93. 93. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Urgency     Test  5  •  Must  be  done  immediately  •  Other  high  priority  items  can’t  be  completed  without  this  •  If  not  completed  now,  its  value  is  lost  4  •  Highly  %me  constrained  •  Other  high  level  of  priori%es  depend  on  this  •  Customer  or  contractual  requirements  are  dependent  on  this  3  •  Moderately  %me  constrained  •  Other  items  have  moderate  dependency  on  this  task  •  Desirable  to  complete  in  the  next  one  or  two  sprints  2  •  Minimally  %me  constrained  •  Other  items  have  a  minimal  dependence  on  this  task  •  Comple%on  in  the  next  two  or  three  sprints  is  adequate  1  •  Not  %me  constrained  •  No  dependencies  •  Li[le  or  no  impact  Value   Test  5  •  Extremely  Important  /  high  value  to  most  or  all  high  value  customers  •  Extreme  impact  on  brand  or  reputa%on  •  Cri%cal  to  the  success  of  the  business  4  •  Important  to  many  customers  •  Significant  impact  on  brand  or  reputa%on  •  Significant  compe%%ve  advantage  3  •  Important  to  a  moderate  number  of  customers  •  Moderate  significant  impact  on  brand  or  reputa%on  •  Moderate  important  compe%%ve  advantage  2  •  Important  to  only  few  customers  •  Minor  impact  on  brand  or  reputa%on  •  Minor  compe%%ve  advantage  1  •  Important  to  only  a  few  or  even  no  customers  •  Li[le  or  no  impact  on  brand  or  reputa%on  •  Li[le  or  no  compe%%ve  advantage  Customer  /  Business  Value  Created   Urgency  to  Complete  
  94. 94. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Agile  Business  Accelera%on  Building  Blocks  Strategy & Vision!Delivery of Customer Value!Culture / Leadership!People & Organization!Process !Systems & Tools!Accelera%on  94  
  95. 95. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  8.  K.I.S.S.  
  96. 96. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Explore  Op%ons  Evaluate  Solu%ons  Internal  Buy  In  Business  Case  Validate  Value  Expand  Use  Refer  Deploy  Solu%on  Status  Quo  Trigger  Point  Purchase  This  isn’t  about  boiling  the  ocean.  It’s  about  priori%zing  with  an  understanding  of  how  each  component  contributes  or  detracts  from  customer  value  &  marke%ng  ROI  
  97. 97. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Simple  can  be  harder  than  complex:  You  have  to  work  hard  to  get  your  thinking  clean  to  make  it  simple.      Once  you  get  there,  you  can  move  mountains."       Steve  Jobs,  BusinessWeek,  May,  1998  
  98. 98. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Validate  Value  Expand  Use  Refer  Deploy  Solu%on  Purchase  Internal  Buy  In  Explore  Op%ons  Evaluate  Solu%ons  Business  Case  Status  Quo  Trigger  Point  Customer  buying  stages  Content  /  Experience  Analy%cs  &  VOC    Process  Flow  Progress  /  Risk  Tracking  &  Mgt.  Customer  Insight  Requirements  Roadmap          Choose  your  priori%es  carefully  and  remember  .  .  .            
  99. 99. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Objec%ve:  Iden%fy  Touch  Points  for  Innova%on  That  Deliver  Breakthrough  Business  Value.  .  .    to  the  end  customer  and  to  your  company!  Go  for  Insanely  Great  :  No  Plan  B    
  100. 100. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  9.  Validate    
  101. 101. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Business  Value  Created?  If  you  aren’t  measuring  and  valida%ng  the  customer  and  business  value  your  ini%a%ves  are  delivering  con%nually  .  .  .  They  probably  aren’t!  
  102. 102. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  10.  Start  Over    
  103. 103. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Planning  Accelera%on  Discovery  Implementa%on  Explore  Op%ons  Evaluate  Solu%ons  Internal  Buy  In  Business  Case  Validate  Value  Expand  Use  Refer  Deploy  Solu%on  Status  Quo  Trigger  Point  Purchase  Crea%ng  and  sustaining  an  Insanely  Great  Customer  Journey  means  con%nually  learning  and  innova%ng.  .  .  You  are  never  done!  
  104. 104. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  1.  We  have  to  do  this  2.  Team  3.  Vision  4.  Customer  5.  Every  touch  point  counts  6.  Outcome  Based  Metrics  7.  Objec%ve  SWOT  Analysis  8.  Get  Agile!  9.  K.I.S.S  10. Validate  Value  11. Start  Over  Summary  Validate  Value  Expand  Deploy  Solu%on  Explore  Op%ons  Evaluate  Solu%ons  Status  Quo  Trigger  Point  Internal  Buy  In  Business  Case  Purchase    Refer  
  105. 105. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Summary  Though  designing  and  managing  all  of  this  is  complex,  don’t  loose  sight  of  the  goal  .  .  .  Delivering  an  Insanely  Great  Experience!  
  106. 106. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  
  107. 107. Crea%ng  Insanely  Great  Customers  Let’s  get  this  done!  Your  Agile  Business  Accelera%on  Agency  Thank  You