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Presentation about my research project.

Presentation about my research project.



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Research presentation Research presentation Presentation Transcript

  • Interactive Advertisement By: Rachel McNeely
  • What I will cover  Where it came from  What my project is about  Advertising as we know it - Its area of use  User base  How it would be made  Research so far – costing / projects  Future Plans
  • Where it came from  Areas of interest - Dance, Drama, Performance  Topics of interest – Sensors, Motors, Arduino, OpenFrameworks, Tracking Concepts  SenseCam  Augmented Reality  3D modeling in real-time  Tracking - webcam000
  • Where it came from  Concept – Performance motion control Tracked performer during performance Allowing body movements to control the visuals Also looked at audio control Real-time
  • What my project is  An interactive Advertisement which will track the motion of a user  Aims:  To look at natural interaction of a human(e.g. Gestures) that doesn't require the user to wear / hold anything  To interact without instruction or learning  An immersive experience that involves peoples senses in a physical space
  • What my project is  Objectives – To create a non-invasive piece that encourages the user to interact Spark curiosity – question the space To hide the technology Communicate through aesthetically pleasing graphics – Don Norman Usability and computer interface design Look at social influences Experience design – Bill Buxton
  • Why an Interactive Advertisement?  New Technology - unnatural way we use a computer  Advertising – move from passive ads “interactive advertisement” = flashing banner  Move away from Web browser  Future - Aims and purpose, further exploration  Focus off technology – scary speed of change  Background - Multimedia + Sales and Marketing  Fun – inspired by the fun theory
  • Users and Where it should be used  Users = general public Age groups Gender Nationality  Advertisement dependent to some degree  Street / Shopping Centre shop window  In-store
  • Type of projection Floor projection
  • Types of Projection Water projection
  • Types of Projection Wall projection
  • Types of Projection Ceiling projection
  • Types of Projection Window projection
  • How it will be made
  • How it will be made
  • How it will be made
  • Three areas  Concept  Projection  Tracking
  • Tracking Software  GEM – very little knowledge, good libraries OS  OpenFrameworks – video blob tracking working OS  Processing – Java based  MAX/MSP – Used for installation
  • Tracking Issues  Lighting – controlled / not controlled  Movement – busy street scenario / shopping centre  Multiple users – using it at the same time  Camera – Webcam / Firewire camera connection Multiple sources – camera and infrared Frame difference – double timing
  • Projection  DIY Wax paper – frame inside the window. Lighting issues  Rear projection Film 3M sponsorship / Wedgewood AV Ltd / Spyeglass Costing currently  IDC Projector
  • Concept  Simple yet effective  Well designed clutter free  Advertisement V's Awareness  Engaging  Examples: Change perception of scene Clear the fog
  • Project Research Whats been done  Project 1 – Monster Media – clear the fog  Project 2 – Adobe interactive wall  Project 3 – Nike in store installation
  • Research so far  'New Media, same (fascinating) process' Journal of Interactive Advertising  'Experiencing interactive advertising beyond rich media: Impacts of ad type and presence on brand effectiveness in 3D Gaming immersive virtual enviroments.' Journal of Interactive Advertising  'Interactive advertising and presence: A Framework' Journal of Interactive Advertising
  • Research so far Interactive two-way communication  'Active-Ad – Analysis of success criteria for interactive advertising formats' Information Society technologies , European Commision Measuring Effectiveness  'Measuring the effects and effectiveness of interactive advertising: a research agenda' Paul A.Pavlou and David W.Stewart
  • Future Technology Tracking testing  individual user, controlled lighting Projection material  Sponsorship / costing Decide on camera  Test multiple cameras Concept development