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Business planning


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Business planning

  1. 1. Business PlanningConstantin Thiopoulos
  2. 2. Business plan: Part IProduct/Service Definition – Product/Service description – Customer benefits – Technological issues & IPRs
  3. 3. Business plan: Part IIMarket and competition – Definition of the target market – Market Analysis – Competition Analysis – Positioning – SWOT
  4. 4. Business Plan: Part IIIMarketing – Marketing Strategy – Differentiation – Market entry strategy – Communication strategy
  5. 5. Business Plan: Part IVBusiness model and Organisation – Business model – Organisation – Team – Opportunities and risks
  6. 6. Business Plan: Part VFinancial Planning – Profit & Loss – Liquidity – Financing
  7. 7. Case 1: Embedded advertisement• Watch: product placement• Click: select product of interest in digital video by clicking on it and get multimedia information (embedded advertisement). Requires automatic generation of hotspots in every frame through object tracking.• Buy: order product through a web shop
  8. 8. Hypervideos● Adding informations to objects in videos● Text, images, hyperlinks etc. 8
  9. 9. Challenge: Fast & automatic creation through robust object tracking 9
  10. 10. Technology: Video editor for object tracking– Load the video– Select the object(s) to be tracked– View the results and eventually select new objects or do corrections– Add the content for the interactive tags– Export the results as interactive videos
  11. 11. Technology: Video editor for object tracking Competitive advantage of the tracker based on research results at DFKI • High robustness to appearance change, occlusion and strong motions • The object does not need to be rigid, i.e. people tracking
  12. 12. Examples of tracking results
  13. 13. Deployment: final video Watch Click Buy Product Web-site• Tags and meta-data are encoded as video for standard Flash- players• Reporting statistics about clicks
  14. 14. Case 2: Customised fashion e- commerce 3D avatargarmentdesign kinect virtual try-on body scan share
  15. 15. Depth Camera
  16. 16. Depth Camera• 18 million Kinect already sold! • 66 million Xbox • 40 million online users• Microsoft announced Kinect for PC and commercial-use (CES 2012)• Competitors offer products as well, e.g. Xtion from ASUS!
  17. 17. Kinect body scanA single camera but a full body scan! Single Kinect + Laptop Set-Up Kinect‘s images
  18. 18. Processing pipeline
  19. 19. 3D avatar in online CAD
  20. 20. Virtual try-on
  21. 21. Case 3: Content based video search for theautomatic identification of critical situations CCTV Video Surveillance System 1 Video AVISTO Search System distributed search Operator Distributed Surveillance and Search .... CCTV Video Surveillance System n Video Search Web-Cam alarm personnel • Service Center • Security Guards operating • Service Technician on place • Ambulance ICT
  22. 22. Critical SituationsThe system can be trained to identify any criticalsituation:• “abandoned suitcase”• “vandalism”• “intrusion”• emergency cases with injured persons
  23. 23. System overviewan image analyser extracts macroscopic indicators, suchas objects, movement, filling level and concentrationindicatorsa situation analyser automatically identifies situations bycombining the extracted indicators to search patternsautomatic refinement of search patterns by analysingsubsequent searches for similar situationsexplicit specification of situations to be searched foridentifying of past events related to criminal activity orsecurity relevant incidents
  24. 24. Benefits• Increase of objective and subjective security• Self-learning• Early identification of potentially critical situations• Integration into workflow• Indexed archiving, prevention of erasing critical sequences• Statistical reporting
  25. 25. Case 4: TelepresenceRealistic simulation of walk-through experiencein remote placesCombination of:• 360 camera• 3D site reconstruction software• Walk trough hardware in Dome
  26. 26. Site Reconstruction
  27. 27. Dome
  28. 28. Case 5: Kinetic JacketA wireless sensor network integrated into a garment that is worn by the user, which combined with the physical activity visualization and patient feedback software constitutes a motion tracking system.From the continuous stream of motion data single repetitions of a given exercise motion are extracted and compared to a reference motion, evaluating the execution in terms of amplitude, velocity and smoothness.A digital exercise trainer provides a selection of remotely programmable customised exercises, guides the user and controls the exercise technique by providing feedback on the way the exercises are performed.The motions of the user are visualized through a virtual avatar.
  29. 29. Sensor Positioning to capture motion
  30. 30. Testing
  31. 31. Jacket
  32. 32. Testing & Fixation
  33. 33. Case 6:Mobile AR for tourismTarget images, when detected by the smartphone application, will trigger actions that willimpose or lead to further information.By pointing their smart phone on these imagestourists will be able to inspect multimediamaterial overlaid on the camera image.
  34. 34. Scenarios
  35. 35. Client-Server Architecture
  36. 36. FunctionalityA mobile application for android smart phones (client) that will recognise thetarget images, when the camera of the mobile is focussing on them andimpose the overlays• Interaction: this module interprets all user interaction, basically screen touch input• Tracking: the detection, position and orientation of a target image is computed with help of image analysis. The main issue is real-time capability and tracking stability.• 2D/3D Visualization: the visualization of the video image and the virtual augmentation will be done using standards such as opengl es, supported by android.A web based content management system (server) that will allow the inputand management of all target images and the corresponding actionmultimedia information. Target images can be added and edited by theoperator of the system as entries, together with the corresponding actiondata (images, videos, links to websites, etc.). Every time the app on the smartphone detects one of the target images, it overlays the relevant action data.