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Ana Amorim


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Ana Amorim

  1. 1. ANA AMORIM : : (+45) 223 93309 Who am I? I am an interaction designer and design strategist. My focus is on the quality of the relationship between people and technology and how this interaction is designed in order to create meaningful, useful and delightful experiences. In two years of practice in a global design consultancy like IDEO, I developed the ability to combine the innovative, perceptive and holistic insights of a designer with the pragmatic and systematic skills of a planner to guide strategic direction in context of brand intent, design quality and customer values. My next professional step should follow this same direction. As a lateral thinker, I want to develop work for a variety of industries and user types as I believe this allows me to gradually build an understanding of global patterns, trends and business implications that are fundamental for the design practice. Skills Summary Insight finding & Problem framing Concept development Information architecture Trend analysis Storytelling Onscreen prototyping Idea sketching Experience modeling Functional interface design Experience Oct 2006 - Nov 2008 (2 years) IDEO Chicago Middle-level consultant / Interaction designer * Development of innovation projects across a variety of industries, user behaviors and development phases. I worked with multi-disciplinary teams of anthropologists, architects, software developers and business specialists to develop future vision concepts, new products, services and interactions. My contribution as a designer was diverse - I was a graphic interface designer (Navteq), information architect (Bayer) user experience analyst (AT&T), design strategist (PFPC), foresight thinker (CitiBank) and project manager ((RED)works). For more detail please visit June 2005 - Aug 2005 (3 months) Nokia Technology Platforms, User Experience unit Interaction design intern *Research and initial concepts on social conventions getting established around the mobile call handling practice and how infrastructure currently constrains social behavior. I was asked to focus on the social aspects of the inter- action and identify opportunities for a more ‘polite’ enabled technology. Feb 2003 - May 2003 (3 months) C.I.T.I. ñ Center for interactive Technologies research, New University of Lisbon Part-time researcher *Collaborative mobile storytelling: game concept development, interface design & communication. April 2002 - Dec 2002 (8 months) OniWay Infocomunicoes SA Portal and campaign designer * Design, management and support of the mobile online web portal content development and integration. I worked directly with the managers of each content area to guarantee consistent look & feel, brand intent and design quality across the multi-platform experience. * Conception and specification of the webmail offering through deep-customization of Microsoft Exchange ‘off the shelf’ package in order to fit multi-device and service application integration needs. * Conciliation and specification of portal’s brand guidelines based on Wolff-Olins and Icon Media Lab design direction.
  2. 2. Experience (cont.) July 2000 - July 2001 (1 year) Innovagency BBDO Worldwide Network Junior creative *Creative development of advertisement campaigns for the web. Education Sept 2004 - June 2006 (2 years) IDII - Interaction Design Institute Ivrea, Italy. Graduated with a Master in Arts in Interaction design Graphical user interface, Tangible user interfaces, Service design, Design for play, User research, Physical computing and Experience prototyping. This master program radically expanded my understanding of design beyond its aesthetics and functional limits to include meaning, emotion and playfulness. I was introduced to systemic thinking and the design of complex ecologies of touchpoints, stakeholders and interactions over time. The second year of this course was dedicated to the thesis project. My topic of research was on people’s management of personal time and space when their availability is expected 24/7. I approached this problem both from a macro/ systemic level - what if people, rather than mobile operators, had ownership over their ID? - and from a micro/tac- tical one - what are the opportunities to develop a ‘body language’ for technology mediated communication? The outcome of this project was a service model and a new desktop metaphor based in people and time in opposition to files and folders. Sept 2003 - Aug 2004 (1 year) Technical University Lisbon, Portugal. Post-graduate specialization in Ergonomics in Information design Human Factors, Cognitive Psychology, Information Architecture, Accessibility and Visual Communication My final project was an comparative usability study of three online mobile portals operating in the portuguese market. I submitted the proposal to the main telco operator in Portugal that agreed to sponsor my project even though this was a novelty area for them. My final report was well received by the company and was object of internal discussion around the relevance of usability & user experience studies in the telecommunications service practice. Sept 1996 - Jan 2002 (5½ years) School of Fine Arts, University of Lisbon, Portugal. Graduated with a Honors Degree in Communication design Graphic Design, New Media design, Aesthetics, History of Art, Geometry, Anthropology and Sociology Studying in a fine-arts centric institution gave me strong grounding on abstract and conceptual thinking, aesthetics, history and culture. My final one-year project was focused on the relationship between public and private space, personal distance and creative detachment. Software tools Adobe Photoshop Adobe Flash Final Cut Pro Adobe Illustrator Dreamweaver iMovie Adobe InDesign Adobe Acrobat Professional online publishing tools Languages Portuguese (native); English (written/spoken: good); Spanish (spoken: basic)
  3. 3. INTERACTION LANGUAGE USER RESEARCH How do you make quality time? USER RESEARCH How do you recover from overload? FOR PERSONAL AVAILABILITY MANAGEMENT is a mobile communication service that supports people on FIRST CONCEPTS CONCEPT DEVELOPMENT the management of their social life by defining who, how and how What if... Outgoing mail in limbo much others can access to them and their personal information. UI STUDIES UI DETAILING UI DETAILING UI DETAILING Information visualization Scope of availability Non-availability note Search for contact FUNCTIONAL PROTOTYPE STORYTELLING FUNCTIONAL PROTOTYPE USER FEEDBACK Flash demo Video prototype NFC enabled device Learn & iterate
  4. 4. WHAT’S THE FUTURE BACKGROUND RESEARCH What is currently being done? LITERATURE REVIEW What do the experts say? OF RETAIL BANKING? Citi enlisted IDEO’s foresight and storytelling expertise to create TREND ANALYSIS TECHNOLOGY LANDSCAPE innovative concepts on the future of retail banking 6-8 years out. What is shaping tomorrow's world? What is enabling? The outcome portrayed opportunities on social lending services and global bank experience for traveling customers. WORKSHOP PREPARATION EXPERT WORKSHOP EXPERT WORKSHOP FIRST CONCEPTS Formulating thoughts starters Religion, culture, technology & others. Synthesis What if... CONCEPT DEVELOPMENT STORYBOARDING PRODUCTION COMMUNICATION Accross multiple touchpoints Over time interactions Color keying Future facing scenarios
  5. 5. CONTINOUS BLOOD MEDIUM CONTRAINTS Hardware migration FEATURES ANALYSIS Underlying navigation model GLUCOSE MONITORING FOR TYPE 1 DIABETES Bayer asked IDEO to migrate a full set of functionalities between two ONE DAY IN THE LIFE UNDERSTAND THE CONTEXT devices after user testing had shown that the hardware component What’s it like to have Type-1 diabetes? What’s the therapy like? being used was much larger than most users wanted. We were asked to develop a new information architecture, screen layout and interaction behavior in order to fit a smaller form factor. LEARN FROM PEOPLE LEARN FROM EXPERTS INFORMATION ARCHITECTURE USER FEEDBACK Show & tell Diabetes nurses & educators Design device behavior Task based protocol FUNCTIONAL PROTOTYPE PIXELMAPS COLOR CORRECTION AUDIO FEEDBACK Nokia 770 Tablet PC hack + Flash Fonts & iconography From the computer to the hardware What does it sound like?