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Main presentation on using wikis in education. See my other presentations for the intro and teaser.

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The Wiki Way

  1. 1. The Way Rachel Boyd, Nelson Central School August 2007 []
  2. 2. Shall we start with the good news or the bad news about wikis? Good Bad News News
  3. 3. The Good news: If you can use a word processor (eg. Word)… YOU CAN WIKI!
  4. 4. The Bad news: “Wiki-ing” can be HIGHLY ADDICTIVE!
  5. 5. Why s are great! They are free!
  6. 6. Why s are great! They are easy to: set up, use update and monitor
  7. 7. Why s are great! They are cross platform: [Can be used on PCs or Macs]
  8. 8. Why s are great! They run on older computers
  9. 9. Why s are great! They can run with a slower Internet connection
  10. 10. Why s are great! They are available from home and school
  11. 11. Why s are great! They facilitate collaboration
  12. 12. So, what is a ? This video, by the folks at Commoncraft, explains the theory behind a wiki “in Plain English” without using ANY technology! [This presentation is embedded on my wiki page of notes: Should you wish to view the presentation again.]
  13. 13. “A web page with an edit button”
  14. 14. s are… A type of web site that allows users to easily add, remove, and otherwise edit and change some available content This ease of interaction and operation makes a wiki an effective tool for collaborative authoring.
  15. 15. Two important buttons! When using a wiki there are two important buttons to understand and use. They are: and
  16. 16. Types of s Space types: • Public: Can be viewed by anyone. Also can be edited by anyone. • Protected: Can be viewed by anyone Only can be edited by members of the space. • Private: Can only be viewed or edited by members of the space.
  17. 17. Features of s
  18. 18. Keeping s safe • Keep wiki ‘protected’ so only members can edit • Use students first names/initials only on the wiki and for user names • Track users’ comments in discussion tabs • Parents can be invited to join • Emails not necessary to sign up - email wikispaces with details instead • Use history tab to undo any ‘changes’ • School rules apply - have a wiki agreement or policy with students
  19. 19. Top s to view Then click on “top wikis” on the sidebar
  20. 20. Walkthrough Ways and ideas wikis can be used in the classroom Then click on “wiki tour” on the sidebar
  21. 21. basics Creating a “space” Editing a page (using the toolbar) Creating a link Inserting pictures Uploading files/documents Creating a new page Using page history Using the discussion tab
  22. 22. Top Tips Small edits Save regularly Use the history Refresh page before writing Make use of the discussion tab
  23. 23. Let’s !
  24. 24. There are numerous places to get and start a wiki for free. We will be using Wikispaces who provide advertising-free wikis to teachers and educators.
  25. 25. More?? • Notes, presentations and tutorials on: [click on wiki workshop in the sidebar] • Links to top wikis and professional readings on: