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Islam slides


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Published in: Spiritual
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  • Stories of origin and important people. . The Imam leads the prayers and speaks to the group he is not different from his followers but he is smart and dedicated to Islam. . Muhammad, Born in Mecca the angel Gabriel came to him to start preaching Muhammad said that there is only one god. .Abraham Muslims believe that god told him to build a sanctuary at Zamzam this place was called the Ka’bah which means cube.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Islam
      The religion of Allah and Mohammed
    • 2. Core Beliefs of Islam
      Belief in Day of Judgment
      Paradise for those who follow God’s guidance.
      Hell for those who do not follow God’s help.
      Belief in Angels of God
      Muslims believe in angels.
      Angels are beings who worship God and do as he orders.
      Belief in Books of God
      Muslims believe message of God has been revealed by holy books and writings in the Quaran.
      The Quran given to Muhammad by Allah, through
      the Angel Gabriel
    • 3. Rituals and Rites of passage
      Birth and Childhood
      First word a new baby hears is Shahada.
      This is the first pillarand the profession of faith
      No god but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger.
      Marriage and family are a big part of Islam.
      Marriage used to be arranged, but things have changed
      Ceremony is simple, celebrations are happy.
      See it as a release from suffering of life until last judgment.
      Funeral is simple prayers.
      Burial is quick.
      No coffin, no grave marker.
    • 4. Symbols And Objects
      Islam culture says women have to cover their heads.
      Allah said that women should not show off their beauty.
      Found in a mosque, usually has stairs.
      Imam preaches Friday sermon here.
      Like a lectern in a church.
      Star and Crescent
      A principal symbol.
      Used on top of minarets and on flags and stamps.
    • 5. Holy Writings
      Holy book for Muslims
      Muslims look to it for guidance
      Written in Arabic
      Life and teachings of Muhammad
      Models of his life for Muslims to live by
      Tools for understanding the Koran
      Five Pillars of Islam
      Holy writings telling duties for all who are Muslim
      Like 10 commandments, spiritual foundation for
      all to follow
    • 6. Stories of origin and important people.
      Muhammad: Born in Mecca. The angel Gabriel came to him to start preaching the message that there is only one God, Allah.
      Abraham: With his son Ishmael, told by god to build a sanctuary near the well at Zamzam. This is known as the Ka’bah, the holiest place.
      Imam: Leads prayers and preaches.
      Not different from his followers but is
      trained and dedicated to Islam.
    • 7. The Mosque: A holy place for worship
      Muslims are called to prayer five times a day, ideally in the mosque. If necessary, facing Mecca wherever you are.
      Most mosques are built with minarets and domes. A minaret is a tower with an onion shaped top.
      The prayer room is the most important room in a mosque and always faces Mecca, the holy city, where the Ka’bah(holy stone) is located.
    • 8. Celebrations and Holidays
      It is the 9th month in Islamic calendar, begins on the
      crescent moon of that month.
      Adults fast between dawn and sunset and eat only
      light snacks after that .
      In Muslim countries it is a 3 day holiday that begins after Ramadan.
      They give presents and get together to rejoice.
      Give food and money to less fortunate to observe
      the holiday.
      4 day celebration after pilgrimage, or Hajj, to Meccah
      Festival of sacrifice, based on Abraham sacrificing Ishmael
      Recognizes the accomplishment of finishing pilgrimage