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Islam slides

  1. 1. Islam<br />The religion of Allah and Mohammed<br />
  2. 2. Core Beliefs of Islam<br /> Belief in Day of Judgment <br />Paradise for those who follow God’s guidance.<br />Hell for those who do not follow God’s help. <br /> Belief in Angels of God <br />Muslims believe in angels.<br />Angels are beings who worship God and do as he orders.<br />Belief in Books of God<br />Muslims believe message of God has been revealed by holy books and writings in the Quaran.<br />The Quran given to Muhammad by Allah, through<br /> the Angel Gabriel <br />
  3. 3. Rituals and Rites of passage<br /> Birth and Childhood<br />First word a new baby hears is Shahada. <br />This is the first pillarand the profession of faith<br />No god but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger.<br /> Marriage<br />Marriage and family are a big part of Islam.<br />Marriage used to be arranged, but things have changed <br />Ceremony is simple, celebrations are happy. <br />Death<br />See it as a release from suffering of life until last judgment.<br />Funeral is simple prayers.<br />Burial is quick.<br />No coffin, no grave marker. <br />
  4. 4. Symbols And Objects<br /> Hijab<br /> Islam culture says women have to cover their heads.<br /> Allah said that women should not show off their beauty.<br />Minbar<br /> Found in a mosque, usually has stairs. <br /> Imam preaches Friday sermon here. <br /> Like a lectern in a church.<br />Star and Crescent<br />A principal symbol. <br />Used on top of minarets and on flags and stamps.<br />
  5. 5. Holy Writings<br />Koran<br />Holy book for Muslims<br />Muslims look to it for guidance <br />Written in Arabic<br />Hadith<br />Life and teachings of Muhammad <br />Models of his life for Muslims to live by <br />Tools for understanding the Koran <br />Five Pillars of Islam<br />Holy writings telling duties for all who are Muslim<br />Like 10 commandments, spiritual foundation for <br /> all to follow <br />
  6. 6. Stories of origin and important people.<br />Muhammad: Born in Mecca. The angel Gabriel came to him to start preaching the message that there is only one God, Allah. <br />Abraham: With his son Ishmael, told by god to build a sanctuary near the well at Zamzam. This is known as the Ka’bah, the holiest place.<br />Imam: Leads prayers and preaches.<br /> Not different from his followers but is<br /> trained and dedicated to Islam.<br />
  7. 7. The Mosque: A holy place for worship<br />Muslims are called to prayer five times a day, ideally in the mosque. If necessary, facing Mecca wherever you are.<br /> Most mosques are built with minarets and domes. A minaret is a tower with an onion shaped top.<br />The prayer room is the most important room in a mosque and always faces Mecca, the holy city, where the Ka’bah(holy stone) is located.<br />
  8. 8. Celebrations and Holidays<br />Ramadan<br />It is the 9th month in Islamic calendar, begins on the <br /> crescent moon of that month. <br />Adults fast between dawn and sunset and eat only <br /> light snacks after that .<br />Eid-Al-Fitr<br />In Muslim countries it is a 3 day holiday that begins after Ramadan.<br />They give presents and get together to rejoice. <br />Give food and money to less fortunate to observe<br /> the holiday. <br />Eid-Al-Adha<br />4 day celebration after pilgrimage, or Hajj, to Meccah<br />Festival of sacrifice, based on Abraham sacrificing Ishmael<br />Recognizes the accomplishment of finishing pilgrimage <br />