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Course at a Glance


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The Course at a Glance for my October, 2013 ENC classes.

The Course at a Glance for my October, 2013 ENC classes.

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  • 1. ENC1101 ENGLISH COMPOSITION I | FULL SAIL UNIVERSITY CORE FOUR COURSE AT A GLANCE M Tu W Th F Sa Su Week 3 Week 2 Week 1 M Tu W Th F Sa Su D Profile Makeover Part 1 due Profile Makeover Part 2 due Quiz: Professional Emails due Q Creative Composition Planning due 8 hrs. D 3 hrs. Q 1 hr. Profile Makeover Part 2 After evaluating and revising your own profile, read and respond to at least two classmates’ posts using guided discussion question. Quiz: Professional Emails You will study a Professional Emails Powerpoint, then take a 10-question quiz to test your knowledge about professional communication. Assignment 1: Personal Narrative 16 hrs. You will write 2-4 page personal narrative that details a single experience with a piece of media, a person, or an event that initially inspired you to enter your field of study in response to the question, “What initially inspired you to enter this field?” Your Personal Narrative will be used next week as the focus of your Creative Composition project. A Peer Review Part 2 A Q 10 hrs. Assignment 2: Creative Composition Planning This week you will brainstorm, plan, and begin working on the Creative Composition project. Choose a Creative Composition format from the provided list of options and complete the provided Think Sheet; you will work on this project for the rest of the month. A draft of your project is due Tuesday of Week 3. The focus of your Creative Composition is the Personal Narrative you wrote during Week 1. Q 1 hr. A Assignment 3: Tackling Research due before 11:59 pm (ET) Quiz: Academic Honesty due A M Tu W Th F Sa Su D Peer Review Part 1 A Profile Makeover Part 1 Consider how writing is relevant to your field and how you’re currently presenting yourself in writing by evaluating your student “courses” profile, then revising your profile based on what you learned about how writing a professional profile can help advance your future career. M Tu W Th F Sa Su A Assignment 1: Personal Narrative due before 11:59 pm (ET) D Week 4 D 8 hrs. D 3 hrs. Quiz: Academic Honesty: Study an Academic Honesty Powerpoint, then take a 10-question quiz to test your knowledge about academic honesty and how to avoid plagiarism. A 12 hrs. Draft for Peer Review Part 1 This week you will share a draft of your Creative Composition with your instructor and classmates on the Draft for Peer Review discussion board. You will post an introduction to the project, the draft of the project, and any questions or concerns you have about your project. Draft for Peer Review Part 2 Assignment 4: Final Portfolio due before 11:59 pm (ET) A 27 hrs. After posting your Creative Composition draft, participate in the peer review process. View and respond to at least two classmates’ project posts using guided discussion questions. It is imperative that you provide your classmates with valuable, useful feedback, as next week will be spent revising and polishing the project. Assignment 3: Tackling Research This week you will also learn how to conduct library research and how to cite sources using APA citation style. You will write a 2-3 page research essay that answers the question, “What is your experience with writing in your field and how do you plan to use your writing skills for this position?” Use the library research databases to support and inform your ideas and opinions. Use APA format to cite your research in-text and on a References page. Assignment 4: Final Portfolio You will complete this class by submitting a final portfolio that demonstrates your progression through the class. Your final portfolio will contain the following: • A reflection of your class experience • An APA References page • The script, lyrics, or short story • The original written narrative • The revised final creative composition You will leave the class with a finished creative composition that you can add to your professional portfolio and you will have developed writing and research skills that will be invaluable in your future career.