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This presentation was created to educate first year English Composition students to learn how to apply a sense of style to their writing. According to Stacy London and Clinton Kelly of TLC's What Not to Wear, there are four rules that apply to great fashion: color, pattern, texture, and shine. I came up with four rules for stylish writing:
1: Appropriateness: You wouldn't wear your Halloween costume to a wedding, or a tuxedo to the beach. You dress differently for different functions to remain appropriate. This applies in writing, too. Your writing should match the situation. Don't use "text speak" in a paper for your English Composition class, and don't use Middle English in texts to your friends.
2. Function: The function of a belt is to hold up pants, but belts can still look good. Your writing should be functional as well; it needs to clearly convey a message, appeal to the logos, pathos, and ethos of your audience, and it should make you look good.
3. Accessorize: Jewelry, hairpieces, hats, and yes, belts can all be used to top off a great outfit and give it flair. In writing we use research to give our arguments flair. Good, properly cited research looks impressive and can help support and inform all kinds of writing, similar to how a beautiful sparkling brooch or diamond earrings can give an outfit an expensive shine. Poor research that is not properly cited looks cheap like jewelry from Claire’s.
4. Polish: Makeup, nail polish, hair serum, and dry cleaning are all ways we add polish to our look. Proofreading for errors and producing clean, concise work is how we add polish to our writing. In both cases, you’re cleaning up the blemishes.

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Writing with style

  1. 1. WRITING with STYLEWednesday, April 17, 13
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