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  • If you studied or learned about children abuse then you can very well tell if an animal in a house of violence.A good way an veterinary can tell if an animal is being abused is when injury on the animal does not match the story of the ownerExample … (For one under history)A kitten was presented with the claws missing from all his feet. The owner’s explanation was that the kitten had been dropped into a hot bath but there was no evidence of scalding. The veterinarian suspected that the claws had been forcibly removed, the owner’s behavior reinforcing this suspicion. (case 1) The claws that to be forcibly removed could have not have disappeared by hot water as the owner clamed and the way he behaved in front of the veterinarian.
  • Like goes away to work and/or in the hospitalized the animals is gratefulOthers take a longer time to regain trust in a humanExample….A Labrador was finally rescued from his owner, an abusive man of many months, had beaten and burned him. He was extremely friendly but was quit with the other animals welfare officers but his demeanor immediately changed when he saw his owner again. He appeared terrified and mad efforts to get away. The welfare officers commented that they found it really pitiful. (Case 5)Behavior signs are a very key way to tell if an animal is being abused.(Clinical Signs example….)A fourmonthold puppy was presented with multiple fractures. Fractures of the femur, pelvis, and ribs, all estimated to be about two to three weeks old, and a fracture of the tibia, approximately five to six weeks old. In addition their were two large open wounds on the skin overlying broken ribs. The owner claimed that the pup had “fallen down some steps and she limping but it was getting better.” Later she changed her story and said that she didn’t know how the puppy had been hurt. (Case 6)Some injuries do not add up to the owners story. Fractures can help determent that.
  • An adult old English sheepdog arrived at the surgery with a fracture of the femur. The owner said that the dog had “slipped on ice.” Two weeks later, the dog was back at the surgery, this time having ”fallen downstairs.” She now had a second fracture of the same leg, one inch below the first fracture. Some weeks later, her owner called the surgery to report that her dog had “fallen down a drain” but the person taking the call did note that she seemed unconcerned about any injuries. Two weeks later, the owner called the surgery again and two veterinary nurses went to her home. The dog was wrapped in a sweater and lying on a urine-soaked blanket, her face caked with blood from a seeping wound. Both her forelegs were fractured, one of the fractures being compound. Both breaks had occurred some days before. The owner was in tears and claiming that her dog had been attacked by a neighbor’s dog. (Case 12) (Munro 207)
  • Links between animal neglect, cruelty, and other abuse forms of domestic violence like child and spousal abuse1 later criminal behavior2 form of punishing children perpetrated by patents
  • Many start with the abuse of animals because the animals can not do anything back to their own when a wife or child could tell some body or leave
  • Because the animal is really helpless and they can not stop nor fix what they do not know is going on in some ones home until it is to late most of the time when the animal is rescued from being abuse and being brought to themAbuses are prevalent able
  • Reasons why the links between animal abuse and child abuse are important to animal caregiversVeterinarian’s Oath and the Principles of Veterinary Medical Ethics3 some cases morally and ethically bound to do so
  • Abuse can be prevalent when talked it out to when they need help and find another way to release stress and emotionGuilt is an inner voice that judges thoughts, action, behavior, or feeling but people create a circumstances either directly or indirectly with dead Negligent is how they care for their animal knowing abusing them
  • Not effective in the first hours of abuse can be used in days or weeks afterEffects used one on one or in a groupHelps understanding of the underlying problem helpful for animal caregivers to remind themselves of abusive and neglectful behaviors
  • This quote talks with few words but the messages is so strong! This is what I think of the quote is saying.A dog will run from danger but when danger lives within the home of the dog the will try to get away but in time the dog will give up.
  • A cased of sexual abuse of animals brought to the attention of vets almost always involve physical injury
  • First Stage of CrueltyA British artist that related animal abuse with interpersonal violence. Domestic violence has be an research topic for over 250 years now.(Ascione 53,
  • Different cultural give different treatment to animals and how the are abused or non abused Deplaning on the cultural some case maybe worries then others
  • Starting to acknowledge that understanding one form of violence may provide about other forms
  • Main Line finds new homes for hundreds of animals each yearThey are responsible or the animal once in their program if a family cannot keep their pet they must return to them for re-homing the animalBesides spaying and neutering they take care of all medical careAlso helping so many special needs animals
  • Majority of our animals come from other rescues from being over crowed Also if the animal requires special veterinary care and cannot afford their treatmentBesides cats and dogs main line sees horses pigs bird rabbits………..
  • Some people are disappointed because they are not a good match for a particular dog or turn down because they don’t have a fence since some many dogs were strays Out of the adoption area difficult to conduct our required home visit and post adoption follow-upsThey encourage that at that one to adopt at there local shelters
  • On the Pennsylvania Turnpike raising public awareness to hopefully end the sufferingsList were else are some of the billboards…St. Louis, Missouri has more of these horrific puppy factories than any other stateIf consumers are aware of how badly the parents are of the puppy’s in local pet store are then the demand will go down and so will the abuse
  • February 2005First Anti-Puppy Mill billboard on PA turnpikeMany residents in Lancaster County called and embarked to thank them for casting such a large spotlight on the problemLancaster County may have the highest concentration of Puppy Mills for any one countyBy the time when the 3 billboard when up on the PA turnpike the numbers of people visiting the web site tp learn more by tens of thousands
  • MLAR placed posters in glass case outside the stories in an outlet mall in Lancaster to educate shoppers that Lancaster County is known far and wide as “The Puppy Mill Capital of the World”It also suggested if anyone is interested in purchasing a puppy should consider adoption bad idea to give a puppies from a pet stores as Christmas giftsThis poster was also made into a billboard appearing on Interstate 83 driving to Harrisburg from Baltimore
  • This billboard was to the PA’s Department of Agriculture and the unwillingness to enforce the existing laws protecting the dogs trapped in PA’s Puppy Mills Dogs are considered agricultural products the department’s responsibility to uphold the laws protecting themEven when there is proof they fail to actWith this billboard another came about but placing it in Chicago for help from Orphan MLAR goal was to get can episode of her show about the PA Puppy Mills that billboard did it After her show Governor ______ decide to get a bill passed for the dogs in though Puppy Mils
  • These dogs in the PA Puppy Mills will have double the cage space, prohibited wire flooring and stacking of cage, mandating exercise and twice a year vet exams also the dogs have to be humanely euthanized by licensed veterinariansThat process of the working details out has been going on for three years now before the bill was passed
  • In cages slightly larger than their bodiesRows of outside hutches or hidden away in dark barnsThe chain collars become embedded into their necks They are shipped in large tractor trailers to pet shops in extreme temperature and contagious diseases many of them die in routeAt the pet shops the puppies are weak, frightened, and often legally underage99% of the puppies at the pet shop come from puppy mills
  • In a cage for the rest for her life aside hundreds of breeding dogs in hutchesMost of the time the dog is led out of the rabbit cages for the first time when the dog is being led to its death In a dark cornfield and shot once she can no longer produce.
  • In 1867Muckle was outraged by horse abuse as they pulled people and cargo around the city Also witnessing dogs and cats being starved and beaten to death On April 27, 1866 put in a Philadelphia Evening Bulletin announcing the forming society for the prevention of cruelty to animals April 4, 1868 PA legislature granted a charter PA SPCAAll animals were victimzed but horse abuse was the founder’s prime target
  • To house, feed, care for so many homeless and unwanted petHorrifying the human abuse toward animalsAt first they talked to children about nature and would do broadcasts over the radio stations the radio program was the first human educational broadcast in the country
  • That’s in the Philadelphia areaPreventative treating sick and injured animalsThe hospital is intended for those who cannot afford private vetBecause of the overpopulation in 1970 all females had to be spayed in 1972 all males had to be neutered
  • From rescuing from abuse and neglectBecause of the overpopulation The clinics of spay and neuter
  • Does not euthanizeIts is a not profitIt is a three story house in Norristown
  • SGP

    1. 1. Animal Cruelty<br />By: Paige Taormina<br />
    2. 2. Research has shown that those that commit violence often beginning abusing animals. Animals abuse is a problem in the United States, but there are ways to prevent it or rehabilitate the animals.<br />Thesis <br />
    3. 3. Animal abuse is very familiar to signs and symptoms of child physical abuse. <br />Account of the accident does not fit with the injury<br />Owner refuses to comment about the injury<br />Lack of concern for the animal’s injuries<br />Delay in seeking veterinary treatment<br />(Munro 202)<br />Diagnostic <br />
    4. 4. Behavioral Signs<br />When owner is absence<br />Happy<br />Affectionate <br />Pleased when someone is interest in them<br />Clinical Signs<br />Fractures<br />Important indicators<br />(Munro 203)<br />Diagnostic Cont.<br />
    5. 5. Special Forms of Abuse<br />Munchausen syndrome by proxy<br />Circumstances where physical signs are faked or deliberately <br />Caused by the owner<br />To satisfy themselves own need for attention<br />Examples<br />Drowning<br />Asphyxiation<br />Administration of drugs and poisons<br />(Munro 206)<br />Diagnostic Cont.<br />
    6. 6. Strong association between childhood cruelty toward animals<br />Violence towards animal<br />Animal abuse used as a threat to maintain the silence of abused children<br />Forced sexual interaction of children with animals <br />Killing of animals as reported who have been victimized<br />Animal abuse as a prelude to child or spouse abuse<br /> (Lagoni, Butler, Olson 210)<br />Significant Links<br />
    7. 7. Some case of abuse involving <br />animals, children, or adults <br />Families domestic violence and animal<br />work with them<br />Starts with abuse of animals first (Lagoni, Butler, Olson 211)<br />Cases of Cruetly<br /><br />
    8. 8. The link between animal and child abuse is evident<br />Medical student for veterinary says they feel <br />“Helplessness”<br />“Being out of control”<br /> (Lagoni, Butler, Olson 211)<br />Abuse?<br />
    9. 9. Encounter incidences of abuse at some point<br />Equipped to asses both human and animal neglect, cruelty and abuse<br />Position to break the cycle of abuse by reporting it<br />Part of the community of helping professionals <br />Help victims begin the healing process<br />(Lagoni, Butler, Olson 212)<br />5 Important Links<br />
    10. 10. Veterinarian take <br />Veterinarian’s Oath <br />Principles of Veterinary Medical Ethics<br />They learn to look for the abused and violence in the family<br />Some abusers take their stress and frustrations out on their pets in stayed of abusing their children<br />Abuse can always be prevalent able<br />Guilt<br />(Lagoni, Butler, Olson 215)<br />Some Importance <br />
    11. 11. To question formally and systematically in order to obtain useful intelligence or information<br />Asking about the facts.<br />Inquire about thoughts.<br />Acknowledge and validate feelings.<br />Reassure and support.<br /> (Lagoni, Butler, Olson 219)<br />Debriefing<br />
    12. 12. “Even a pet dog knows it is unloved when beaten.” (Gilligan 1996, p.47)<br /> (Ascione 45)<br />A Quote<br />
    13. 13. A crossbreed dog found with a 12 inch knitting needle in her vagina <br />A collie with an elastic band tied around the base of its scrotum<br />A cat with a bloody and infected foreign object inserted in her vagina <br /> (Ascione 50)<br />Sexual Abuse Examples<br />
    14. 14. William Hogarth<br />
    15. 15. Cultural plays a role in how the animal is treated<br />Animal and human victims may vary but they share certain characteristics<br />The higher the overlapping number of maltreatment, domestic violence, and animal abuse the more it is being researched<br />(Ascione 51)<br />
    16. 16. Some Warning Signs <br />Children how exposed to other adults of some one may cruelly treat the animals they care<br />Children who abused animals <br />(Ascione 52)<br />Some Finding<br />
    17. 17. MainLine Animal Rescue<br />13 years of finding homes for over hundreds of animals <br />Responsible for the animals for life <br />All dogs and cats are spayed and neutered<br /><br />
    18. 18. Private Surrenders<br />Re-home Strays<br />Lancaster Puppy Mills<br />Other Rescues and SPCA<br />Where the Animals Come From<br /><br />
    19. 19. Have to have a fenced yard<br />Great vet references<br />In the Philadelphia Greater Area<br />Most important is the safety and comfort of the animals<br />A Good Home?<br /><br />
    20. 20. Leading the fight <br />Educating the public of the horrors of our state’s puppy factories<br />Ant-Puppy Mill Billboards<br />Pennsylvania Puppy Mills<br /><br />
    21. 21. The Billboards<br /><br />
    22. 22. Posters<br /><br />
    23. 23. Major Billboard Breakthough<br /><br />
    24. 24. October 13, 2008 the HB 2525 was passed<br />Will improve the lives of tens of thousands of dogs<br />MainLine and PSPCA has been working with the Governor’s Office and PA’s Department of Agriculture<br />Governor Rendell signed the bill into a law after it was passed<br />If PA can do it so can Ohio, Missouri, and other heavy states<br />The Bill Pass<br /> of Agriculture<br />
    25. 25. Thousands of Breed Dogs<br />Living their whole lives in rabbit hutches<br />Instead of collars, livestock clips or chains with tags<br />Puppies are taken to early from their mother and shipped across the country<br />Factory Farms <br /><br />
    26. 26. Around 6 or 7 months start to bred<br />Producing 2 litters a year<br />After 8 years of breeding the dog is killed<br />Life on Factory Farm<br /><br />
    27. 27. Started by Colonel M. Richards Muckle<br />He fault for a change <br />A law-enforcement society sanctioned by the state government<br />June 21, 1867 PA Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals was organized <br />First humane society in the state<br />Second in the nation<br />SPCA<br /><br />
    28. 28. Shelters arose across the state<br />Anti-cruelty agents see hundreds of photos documenting cases a year <br />Human Education Department started in 1925<br />SPCA<br /><br />
    29. 29. More than 300 school have parts of the curriculum about animal abuse<br />Veterinarians handle over 30,000 cases each year<br />All cats and dogs are to be spayed or neutered before becoming adopted<br />PSPCA Today<br /><br />
    30. 30. Rescues Animals <br />Lifesaving Care and Treatment<br />Reducing the number of animals<br />Through low cost <br />Public awareness <br />Main Goal Today <br /><br />
    31. 31. 8th year<br />Cats only<br />Can only house 40 cats<br />Cage free<br />Have to be 25 to adopt <br />Kitty Cottege<br />interview<br />