Blackmore Essex Village Study


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A small ppt to assist in teaching settlement at KS3 Geography

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Blackmore Essex Village Study

  1. 1. A Village in Rural Essex
  2. 2. Consider: (a) Site (b) Size (c)Settlement Pattern (d) Function
  3. 3. The Church of St Lawrence
  4. 4. Village Notices – What sorts of activities are there?
  5. 5. The Historic Village Centre <ul><li>Describe the buildings </li></ul>(b) What is their function?
  6. 6. Newer Housing Areas (a) Describe the housing as fully as you can (b) In which part of the village would you prefer to live? Why?
  7. 7. The Village is in the “Green Belt”. What is happening here?
  8. 8. The Main Shop is a General Store. Give examples of what you could buy here. What couldn’t you easily buy here?
  9. 9. The Village Green What is the function of the building?
  10. 10. What is this building used for? The building below was the old library.
  11. 11. (a) What was this building originally built as? (b) It now sells antiques and refreshments. What does this tell you about the village?
  12. 12. What services are offered by this building?
  13. 13. Blackmore is large enough to have a school How old are the children who attend it?
  14. 14. What changes have there been in this village? Population number Nature of work Number of buildings Change in services Changes in sociability Social class Land use Car ownership
  15. 15. I remember the good old days……. So what did the lady say to the primary school children when she was asked to speak of changes in the village?
  16. 16. Teachers notes: Blackmore is just outside Brentwood in Essex. It is in the Green Belt and as such its growth is constrained and infilling is taking place. Some of the shop units have disappeared but the village has a relatively new supermarket with a good stock of low order goods and it is open long hours. The village has lost some services but retains bus links (hourly) with Brentwood and the petrol station and garage repairs. It has a historic church – and also a modern Baptist chapel. The village has two greens, one with two impressive duck ponds. It is a commuter settlement and house prices reflect the location. Blackmore is a very typical village. Please feel free to use these slides in any way you feel appropriate and re-arrange as helpful. Paul Routledge