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Histon & impington village society presentation

  1. 1. Histon & Impington some thoughts about the future David Jenkins and Denis Payne Histon & Impington Parish Council September 2013
  2. 2. Histon & Impington: now and later What makes Histon & Impington so special? What do we imagine it will look like in 2020 and beyond? • Identity and vision and our new web-site Taking control of our own destiny: the Neighbourhood Plan Bypass Farm: why and what can we expect? A14 latest: a play in 2 acts! And some improvements in our village
  3. 3. We live in a village but it’s a very special village There’s a village green and a windmill We’ve got primary and secondary schools There’s a football club We’ve got an office park And a significant manufacturing site We’ve got a rec and several children’s play areas There’s a high street We’ve got several places to eat And not forgetting regular bus services to our big city neighbour •Plus Homefield Park, Orchard Field and Rowleys •And there are the adjacent woods and green spaces north, east and west of the village •IVC is an academy with its roots firmly in the community •It’s a (the?) leading provider of IB in the state sector in the country •Histon FC is in the Conference North with teams from much bigger communities •Cambs FA has its headquarters at the football club •Not just Vision Park but offices along Station Road as well •There are even some global headquarters including the International Whaling Commission •Chivers became Premier Brands became Hain Daniel produces 90% of the UK’s jams •Sadly we’ve recently lost Unwins and SC Packaging •With plans for the acquisition and development of Bypass Farm •And we are starting to think about leisure as well as recreation •With a dozen successful shops and several more on Station Road •Many of our retail outlets are ‘destination’ stores for people from outside the community •6 pubs, 2 restaurants and 4 coffee shops/outlets (and counting) •We intend that the Station development can deliver more •The concrete busway runs through us; it gives us excellent cycle connections •It will soon connect us directly to the new Cambridge station at Chesterton
  4. 4. We don’t expect much to change in the future; but we do expect … • • • • • • Not much bigger than it is now A little more employment but certainly no less A little more variety in the High Street Better public transport connections (continued) Low crime and low fear of crime An increased range of leisure and recreation activities for all ages • A destination as well as a great place to live • A sustainable community
  5. 5. Our identity and vision takes us to 2020 and beyond • Colours to reflect our heritage, our environment and our confidence • Fonts to reinforce our confidence but also chosen to facilitate communication • A logo which is less formal, more youthful and compatible with the medium of most of our communications
  6. 6. A new web-site will go live ‘shortly’
  7. 7. The Neighbourhood Plan will enable us to influence our future • https://www.gov.uk/government/policies/givingcommunities-more-power-in-planning-localdevelopment • ‘We want people to be able to influence decisions about new and modified buildings and facilities in their area’ • ‘To give people more control over the development of their local area, we are: – giving communities the power to set the priorities for local development through neighbourhood planning’
  8. 8. If we’ve got a Neighbourhood Plan we will have more power and control • Neighbourhood planning gives communities the power to: – make a neighbourhood development plan – make a neighbourhood development order – make a Community Right to Build order • A neighbourhood development plan establishes general planning policies for the development and use of land in a neighbourhood • Neighbourhood plans allow local people to get the right type of development for their community
  9. 9. But it can’t be a Parish Council plan • Neighbourhood planning will be led by the local parish or town council. • Parishes with a neighbourhood plan will receive 25% of any Community Infrastructure Levy arising from developments in their area compared to parishes without a neighbourhood plan who will receive 15%. • The local planning authority has a duty to support communities making their neighbourhood plan
  10. 10. This is how we think we will organise our plan Public open space Environment Farms Drainage Street scene Transport Connections Heritage Histon& Impington Sustainable community Sport, recreation and leisure Housing and demography Commerce Economy Employment Faith and religion Safety and security Community Health and wellbeing Education and training • Each major block will be led by a Parish Council committee chair – We will need lots of ‘stakeholder’ support as well • We will probably need someone external to help with: – Heritage; and – Sustainable community
  11. 11. Bypass Farm is both tactical and strategic • It’s available • By some measures we have insufficient green space in the village • It would be a tempting housing development for the County Council • We don’t expect it to cost a lot and be a drain on the Parish Council’s budget
  12. 12. So what are we proposing to do with it? • Fill a gap between play grounds and the Rec • Provide a home for the brownies and scouts and other clubs and societies • Enable people to enjoy more than just soccer, cricket, tennis and bowls … but we don’t know yet
  13. 13. There will be an extensive consultation exercise • Firstly we will ask the village if we should go ahead and acquire Bypass Farm (soon) • Then we will find out what the village wants and needs and develop a plan to deliver it • And then we’ll consult on that (next year)
  14. 14. Act 1: the pinch point work an extra lane eastbound
  15. 15. Act 1: the pinch point work and an extra lane westbound
  16. 16. Act 2: the full Monty note no access at Dry Drayton
  17. 17. The Girton junction is not quite as ambitious as it was first time
  18. 18. And some improvements in our villages • 30mph limit to be extended to the village sign north on the B1049/Cottenham Road • Improvements to Co-Op corner: – Narrowing of the lead-in to Station Road and an island to make it easier to cross – Improved pavements along the front of the Co-Op • Possible improvement at School Hill • Some ideas about the cross road by the Green
  19. 19. It’s such a challenging future and we’re going to need a lot of help Please sign up now to be a part of our Neighbourhood Plan team