TechTalk: Swiftris - Building Your First iOS App With Swift


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As you may recall, Apple SVP Craig Federighi unveiled Swift, a long-term replacement for Objective C, at Apple's annual developers conference just six weeks ago. Since then, the developer community has been studying the Swift language, and here at Bloc we've been hard at work updating our iOS curriculum.

In this 45 minute TechTalk, Bloc Course Director Stan Idesis will go over the basics of Swift, differences between Swift and Objective-C, and how to create your first app using Swift.

Building Your First Swift App

Intro to Swift

Stan will begin by covering a the basics of the Swift programming language. Next, Stan will compare and contrast Swift with Objective-C.

How an App Fits Together

It's important to understand how an app fits together. Stan will walk you through Swiftris - a replica of Tetris that he created using Swift. He'll go over the iOS Developer Environment, the languages required, and show you a working demo of Swiftris.


Stan will end by answering questions about iOS Development, Swift, and Bloc.

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TechTalk: Swiftris - Building Your First iOS App With Swift

  1. 1. We Believe in Software Craftsmanship Bloc is the world’s largest online bootcamp. We believe in a Program. Not a Course. We believe in Projects. Not Lectures. We believe in Portfolios. Not Certificates.
  2. 2. Intro About Stan ● Course Director at Bloc ● Founder of Playerful, a cross-device gamification platform ● Mobile Developer at Kwarter working on apps for Budweiser, NFL Fan Zone, and more ● Zynga Mobile Developer on “Words With Friends” Franchise About Bloc ● Immersive, online mentorship courses in web dev, mobile dev, design About Swift ● 8 week old language for iOS Development ● This is a brief intro!
  3. 3. Agenda We will cover: 1. Should I learn Objective-C or Swift? 2. Side-by-Side Comparison of Swift vs. Objective-C 3. How an iOS App Fits Together 4. Basics of Swift - Demo in Playground 5. Tour of Swiftris a. Game Logic b. SpriteKit c. User Interface 6. Bloc iOS Course Syllabus 7. Q&A
  4. 4. Swift or Objective-C 1. Learning Swift Isn’t The Whole Ballgame a. Xcode and Frameworks b. iOS SDK c. SpriteKit and Game Center 2. Businesses Will Continue to Need Objective-C Developers a. 1.2 million apps in the app store currently, and only 1 (Apple’s WWDC app) is currently written in Swift b. It will be time-consuming and expensive for businesses to migrate 3. Community speaks in Objective-C a. Post by Aaron Hillegass of Big Nerd Ranch 4. Frameworks are written in Objective-C 5. Objective-C is stable and well tested
  5. 5. Side-by-Side Comparison Here’s an example from a recent Fast Company article: To create a record of people’s favorite numbers would look something like this in Objective-C: NSDictionary *favoriteNumbers = [NSDictionary dictionaryWithObjectsAndKeys:[NSNumber numberWithInteger:7], @"Jane", [NSNumber numberWithInteger:21], @"Bob", [NSNumber numberWithInteger:99], @"Sarah", nil]]; That same code in Swift would actually be far more straightforward: var favoriteNumbers = ["Jane": 7, "Bob": 21, "Sarah": 99]
  6. 6. How an iOS App Fits Together: Swiftris ● User Interface ○ Storyboard File and Xibs ○ Images, Sounds, Misc. assets ● Client Code ○ Objective-C or Swift ■ Game Logic ○ iOS SDK - a collection of APIs that do a lot of work for you ■ SpriteKit - an engine for 2D gaming physics and visualization ● Back-End ○ Some apps have a back-end e.g. Instagram ○ Game Center
  7. 7. Xcode 6 Beta 4
  8. 8. Demo
  9. 9. Bloc iOS Syllabus
  10. 10. Q&A Free eBook: Classes Start Every Monday 404-480-BLOC