Week 11 trade & quality


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Week 11 trade & quality

  1. 1. Week 11 – Trade/Quality Practical Business English Professor Hayashi
  2. 2. Trade/Quality attendance/homework check review vocabulary language review quick role play Case study
  3. 3. Review1) Fill in the blank: resumeA proper _________ should not include your picture, blood type, or family history. You need it to pop in order to secure an interview ____________ with your potential employer. This will be your first and second impression with the company. Don’t forgetcover(ing) a to include letter _________ ______ that highlights your skills in a personal way and is addressed to your interviewer. Hopefully you will get the job and probationary period pass the 3-6 month __________________ to be hired full time.
  4. 4. Review How do you POLITELY ask someone for the following information? age marital status salary phone number
  5. 5. ReviewAnswer the following job interview questions for a point: Tell me about yourself. What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses? Do you have any questions?
  6. 6. Vocabulary – Pg. 77 Exercise A2) controls3) taxes4) liberalise5) barriers6) borders7) customs
  7. 7. Vocabulary – Exercise EOpen Markets Pg. 77(Trade without restrictions on themovement of goods) Protected Markets (Trade with restrictions on the movement of goods, for example, import taxes)open borders barriersfree port developing industriesdumping tariffslaisser-faire strategic industriesliberalise restrictionsderegulation quotas customs subsidise regulations
  8. 8. Vocabulary – Pg. 78 Exercise F2. e3. d4. f5. b6. g7. c8. a
  9. 9. Language Review – Pg. 80 Let’s review page 80 Exercise A: •If you give us a discount of 10%, we’ll place a firm order. •Will you deliver by the end of the month if we pay the transport costs? •If you lower your price by 5%, we’ll buy at least 5,000 units. •Would it help you if we sent the goods by air? •If you don’t improve your delivery times, we’ll have to find a new supplier. •If we joined an association of producers, we would get a better price for our coffee.
  10. 10. Skills - Negotiating Ready Yourself Explore Each Other’s Needs Signal for Movement Probe with Proposals Exchange Concessions Close the Deal Tie up Loose Ends RESPECT
  11. 11. Quality Vocabulary – exercise A, B page 85Exercise A: Exercise B:2.launched 2.faults3.durability / reliability 3.monitoring4.reliability / durability 4.routine checks5.recalled 5.minimum standards6.identified 6.inspection7.modified 7.consumer satisfaction questionnaire8.tested 8.after-sales service9.relaunched 9.guarantee10.failed 10.compensation
  12. 12. Language Review – Pg. 88 The students stopped to drink The students stopped drinking Exercise A: Incorrect verbs: 3)b 4)a 5)b 6)b 7)a
  13. 13. Language Review – Pg. 88 Exercise B:  Exercise C:2) d 2) working3) a 3) to answer4) f 4) to call5) b 5) offering6) c 6) to give7) e 7) to complete
  14. 14. Your turn! Use the “Useful Language” on page 82 OR 89 Create a “negotiation” role play OR a “telephone complaint” role play The team that uses the most useful expressions WINS! Remember: BE HILARIOUS!
  15. 15. Homework! Do the “Unit 9 – Trade Review” on page 125-126 Do the “Unit 10 – Quality” Gerunds exercise on page 126