Week5 change-money


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Week5 change-money

  1. 1. Week 5 –Business EnglishProfessor Hayashi
  2. 2. Today’s Awesome Class!• attendance / homework check• review• vocabulary• useful language• skit time !BREAK TIME!• MONEY!!• vocab/language review• case study
  3. 3. REVIEW - Question #1 – Vocab review DEFINITION WORDA company that is at least half-owned by another SubsidiarycompanyThe main building of an organization Head OfficeThe pyramid-like organization of a company HierarchyThe rigid structure of administration characterized Bureaucracyby rules, routine and concentration of authorityThe governing of an organization in which people Democracyhold the power and the majority rules
  4. 4. REVIEW – Question #2 – Multiple ChoiceWhich is the most suitable noun combination?1.a) the class of yesterday 4. a) a letter’s head b) yesterday’s class b) a letter of head c) yesterday class c) a letterhead2. a) a note of absence 5. a) a four-day week b) an absence’s note b) a week of four days c) a note’s absence c) a four week day3. a) a 3-stars hotel b) a hotel’s 3 star c) a 3-star hotel
  5. 5. Question #3 – Short AnswerImagine you are on a plane to Chicago.Introduce yourself to the person sitting besideyou.
  6. 6. VOCABULARY – page 33Hey friends! Let’s partner up and do exercise A, B & C! YAY FUN!Answers: down- de- up- re-Exercise A grade centralize grade organize size regulate train regulate develop launch locate structure
  7. 7. VOCABExercise B/C (page 33)1.relocating – suburbs2.downsize – workforce3.retraining – staff4.reorganized – seating plan5.relaunch – product6.decentralizing – decision-making process7.redevelop – site8.restructure - hierarchy
  8. 8. LANGUAGE REVIEW – page 34
  9. 9. Language ReviewPage 34 – exercise A, BEXERCISE Ain 2003 – PSthis week – PPrecently – bothsince 2003 – PPyesterday – PSlast year – PSyet – bothever – PPsix months ago - PS
  10. 10. USEFUL LANGUAGE – page 35In groups, make up a HILARIOUS short skit using as manyof the ‘useful language’ expressions as you can.Keep a tally and the team with the most expressions WINSa prize!
  11. 11. Money Week 5 Business English Professor Hayashi
  12. 12. Useful Language Let’s review page 39! 3,450,402 0.006% $8.7 bn €392 m 8,093,209,445 17.29% 0.54% 1,337 2,028,394
  13. 13. Our ‘fave’ friendly activity – VOCAB! In PARTNERS, please go to page 40 and do exercises A, B &C Exercise C:Answers: 1.pre-tax profitsExercise A: Exercise B: 2.forecast1.d 3.recession 1.b 4.earnings per share2.b 2.c 5.dividend3.a 3.e 6.shares4.e 4.a 7.investment5.f 5.f 8.profits6.c 6.d 9.gross margin 10.debt 11.bankruptcy 12.revenues
  14. 14. Language Review Page 43
  15. 15. PARTNER WORK  On page 43 and do exercise A & CANSWERS:EXERCISE A EXERCISE C1.decline, decrease, fall, drop 1.from, to2.double 2.by3.fluctuate 3.of4.gain, improve, increase, rise 4.at5.halve 5.of6.level off 6.of7.peak8.plummet9.recover10.rocket, jump11.triple
  16. 16. YOUR TURN! In groups, make a small presentation on this chart about something CREATIVE!
  17. 17. HOMEWORK! AWESOME!Visit the facebook group page: “Business English – Spring 2013”There will be “Business English Homework Questions” posted there.You should respond to a question for a homework point.Just click the ‘comments’ button under the post and write your response.Have fun!