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Content marketing (1)


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First of a series of Content Marketing Presentation from the book of Rebecca Lieb. This presentation focuses on the basics of Content Marketing, the tips, best practices, and overview of digital …

First of a series of Content Marketing Presentation from the book of Rebecca Lieb. This presentation focuses on the basics of Content Marketing, the tips, best practices, and overview of digital content channels

Published in: Education, Technology, Business

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  • 1. CONTENT MARKETING: Think Like A Publisher –How to Use Content to Market Online and in Social Media Rebecca Lieb For the Content Creation Department By Chantelle M. Oblefias Powerpoint Templates Page 1
  • 2. Introduction  Content marketing isn’t merely a tactic; it’s a strategy  Think more like a publisher to take advantage of content marketing Powerpoint Templates Page 2
  • 3. Introduction Q: How do you position yourself as the expert in your industry and become the true source? A: Through great and consistent content Powerpoint Templates Page 3
  • 4. Introduction Good content marketing informs customers at the right time with valuable and relevant content and entertainment Powerpoint Templates Page 4
  • 5. Part I Your customers have chosen the moment – all you have to do is be ready with information that is: Relevant Educational Helpful Compelling Engaging Entertaining Powerpoint Templates Page 5
  • 6. What is Content Marketing Anyway? 80% of business decision makers get information about a company from articles rather than from ads 70% say content marketing makes them feel closer to the sponsoring company 60% believe company content helps them make better product decisions Powerpoint Templates Page 6
  • 7. What is Content Marketing Anyway? Content Marketing = Recognition Trust Credibility Loyalty Authenticity Powerpoint Templates Page 7
  • 8. What is Content Marketing Anyway? Consumers have come to expect content from brands and the companies they do business with In the rush to adopt content marketing as a tactic, too many marketers forget that if you’re continually publishing, you have to think like a publisher. Powerpoint Templates Page 8
  • 9. What is Content Marketing Anyway? Brands are media. Marketers are editors 14 TIPS ON THINKING (AND EVENTUALLY) BECOMING PUBLISHERS: Powerpoint Templates Page 9
  • 10. Tip #1 Know your audience  Who’s on the receiving end?  Who are you creating your content for? (customers, prospects, buyers, brand advocates, bloggers, the media, people participating in social networks and potential employees) Powerpoint Templates Page 10
  • 11. Tip #2 Define key themes and messages What do you want to communicate? How does it relate to the audience’ real- world concerns? Powerpoint Templates Page 11
  • 12. Tip #3 Establish a frequency framework Deadline to produce something Map out potential stories, features or other content in advance Falling into a rhythm beats falling out of visibility altogether Powerpoint Templates Page 12
  • 13. Tip #4 Create a detailed editorial calendar  Making relevant content happen reasonably on a frequent schedule Powerpoint Templates Page 13
  • 14. Example of an Editorial Calendar Powerpoint Templates Page 14
  • 15. Tip #5 Develop great features and rubrics  Offerings that will keep readers coming back for more  Regular features Powerpoint Templates Page 15
  • 16. Tip #6 Interview  Notable enough to warrant discussion on their own  Experts in the field, enthusiastic users, people in the company  Make a list of potential interview subjects and consider making them a regular content feature Powerpoint Templates Page 16
  • 17. Tip #7 Go multimedia  Articles (HTML, PDF, Powerpoint)  Audio (podcasts, MP3)  Video (YouTube, Facebook videos) Powerpoint Templates Page 17
  • 18. Tip #8 Enlist expert contributors, and provide them with guidelines Look for potential contributors Incentivize timely and authoritative contributions from really desirable commentators Powerpoint Templates Page 18
  • 19. Tip #9 Create User-Generated content  A whole new route to ensure content is created for you  Ex. comments, ratings, reviews or contests  Set clearly defined guidelines and expectations Powerpoint Templates Page 19
  • 20. Tip #10 Opine and editorialize  It’s a big Internet out there, and news is traveling at the speed of fiber optic cable  Leave breaking news to the pros  Become an expert observer and interpreter of what news means to your audience Powerpoint Templates Page 20
  • 21. Tip #11 Turn on comments and feedbacks  Communicate but don’t lecture or preach Powerpoint Templates Page 21
  • 22. Tip #12 Listen  Get out there and participate in what others are saying within your arena of expertise Powerpoint Templates Page 22
  • 23. Tip #13 Recycle  Once a piece of content is published, nurture and evolve it  Return to stores to examine long-term effects  Editorialize or voice an opinion Powerpoint Templates Page 23
  • 24. Tip #14 Capture  For purposes of lead generation (subscription, viewership, customer profiling, demographic, market, etc.) Powerpoint Templates Page 24
  • 25. What Kind of Content Are You? If you were trying to get a pretty girl to go out with you, you’d likely adapt a radically different approach when coming on to the bookish graduate student in the library, as opposed to the flamboyant party girl in the red spangled dress at the disco Powerpoint Templates Page 25
  • 26. Part II  People don’t remember facts, figures, numbers or statistics. But they recall, and spread stories  Consumption patterns may have evolved, but basic human nature – the desire to become immersed in compelling, funny, fantastic or exciting stories – is as strong as ever Powerpoint Templates Page 26
  • 27. Tip #14  Rather than just selling, companies are sharing: knowledge, expertise and how-to  Customers who might not have 30 seconds to spend on watching one of their ads might gladly surrender 30 min to dive into truly useful content (Ex. Wine Library, Corning, Her Room, Epicurious) Powerpoint Templates Page 27
  • 28. Online Communities  Amplify customer feedback  Help sponsoring companies to better understand their needs and even guide product development  Reinforces marketing messages by demonstrating an atmosphere of trust, transparency and openness Powerpoint Templates Page 28
  • 29. Branded Content That Informs and Educates  Produced/sponsored by one entity rather than a plethora of advertisers (ex. soap operas)  You don’t always have to buy media, you can create it  High quality publisher site: RSS feeds, social media links, an iPhone app, and newsletter subscriptions Powerpoint Templates Page 29
  • 30. Providing Utility Utility content doesn’t only aid in decision making; it also helps bring prospects closer to the purchase. Examples: • Rates in eBay or Amazon • Jeans for your body type • Hairstyles and makeup colors • Mobile applications for different purposes Powerpoint Templates Page 30
  • 31. More Web Examples 1. Nike ID Powerpoint Templates Page 31
  • 32. More Web Examples 2. Burpee Gardening Powerpoint Templates Page 32
  • 33. More Web Examples 2. Sit or Squat Powerpoint Templates Page 33
  • 34. More Web Examples 4. Jamie Oliver’s App Powerpoint Templates Page 34
  • 35. Content Curation & Aggregation What is the biggest problem marketers say they face when it comes to content marketing? Powerpoint Templates Page 35
  • 36. Act of discovering, gathering, andpresenting digital content on a specificsubject matterForms of Curated and Aggregated Content•RSS Feeds•Links from/on Blogs•Social Media Feeds•Online News Mashup> Tip: Patiently scour the media and the Internetfor topics of interest. Powerpoint Templates Page 36
  • 37. Set up RSS feeds for keywords for automateddelivery of relevant and compelling web contentfrom blogs, newswires, and news stories.Read relevant trade, newspapers, andmagazines. Gather data such as surveys, statistics,and reports.Subscribe to trade organizations’ andcompetitors’ publications to spark new ideasDon’t discount the mainstream news. Powerpoint Templates Page 37
  • 38.  Respect copyright!  Follow publisher guidelines set by editorial sites  Send an email why you want to publish their content  Explain the benefits of the publication to the creator of contentPowerpoint Templates Page 38
  • 39. Content Curation Platforms:Aggreage > OneSpotCIThread >Curata > Perfect MarketCurationStation > Publish2DayLife > PublishThisEqentia > SmartBriefIdioLoud3rMainstreetConnectTip: Please feel free to explore the platforms to see its functions Powerpoint Templates Page 39
  • 40. Finding Your VoiceWho are you: Martha Stewart or Emeril Lagasse? Powerpoint Templates Page 40
  • 41. Finding Your Voice Your online voice SHOUDN’T sound like: A formal newpaper article Edward R. Murrow A legal brief An instruction manual Your senior thesis A sales brochure/ a commercial Powerpoint Templates Page 41
  • 42. Finding Your Voice Should be conversational and informal in tone Speak with animated passion and enthusiasm Adopt the voice of the channel: You can be more formal in a Whitepaper than in a Tweet. Create a Spokesperson or a Spokes Character. Powerpoint Templates Page 42
  • 43. Overview of Digital Content ChannelsSocial Networks> A social structure made up ofindividuals called ‘nodes’ which are tiedor connected by one or more specifictypes of relationship.5.Interdependency6.Friendship7.Kinship8.Common Interest9.Financial Exchange10.Dislikes11.Sexual relationships12.Beliefs, Knowledge, or Prestige. Powerpoint Templates Page 43
  • 44. FacebookGets over 134 million uniquevisitors per month. That’s a LOT!80-90% of all teens andyounger users subscribe toFacebook in a global scale.In any given day, Facebook has500 million active usersworldwide.In total, people spend over 700billion minutes per month onFacebook. Powerpoint Templates Page 44
  • 45. FacebookTHE PROS:•Opportunities to cultivate anetwork of people•Dissemination of news feeds andupdates•Sharing of content and link THE CONS:juices •Facebook’s privacy policy•Host of engagement andfeedback•Opportunities for B2B usage Powerpoint Templates Page 45
  • 46. THANK YOU EVERYBODY! Powerpoint Templates Page 46