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The content marketing revolution


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What is Content Marketing and how can it revolutionize your company’s marketing? View the slideshow and learn more.

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The content marketing revolution

  1. 1. THE REVOLUTION Discover the power of Content Marketing to transform your B2B marketing. © Copyright 2012 Tactus Associates
  2. 2. Content marketing …what is it
  3. 3. Content marketing is the creationand distribution of compelling, ofteneducational, content to attract orretain customers and prospects. Also known as… custom publishing custom content branded content thought leadership
  4. 4. At its core, content marketing……delivers your company’sknowledge, expertise and advice… …in a way that provides genuine value to the customer and incites them to action.
  5. 5. Your content can deliver value to customers in a variety of ways, by providing… market intelligence product information technical advice business skillsexpert opinion insider knowledge fun and games industry gossip
  6. 6. You can distribute your content inmany forms, especially on-line… microsites article posting social media blogs e-books case studies research reports white papers e-newsletters podcasts videos webinars/webcasts content in traditional media print newsletters in-person events
  7. 7. How is content marketing differentfrom what B2B marketers arealready doing with their websitesand sales literature?
  8. 8. Traditional B2B brand advertisingmarketing is aboutpushing what you product descriptionwant to say to thecustomer. sales promotion corporate information …it usually broadcasts messages to targets
  9. 9. Just what I’ve been looking for. Thank you!Content marketing isabout attracting thecustomer withcontent he wantsand seeks out. …it builds relationships   with customers, one by one
  10. 10. Content marketing …why do it ?
  11. 11. By offering something that thecustomer values, content marketinglets the customer come to you… …you don’t have to push
  12. 12. Customers who come to you aremuch more likely to be…• pre-qualified leads interested in what you have to offer.• disposed to trust you already accept you as an authority.• open to further communication having received value, they owe you.
  13. 13. In other words, they are poised at themouth of your purchase funnel… research contact evaluate negotiate purchase
  14. 14. And above all, because your contenthas let them know you, trust you andlike you, they now have a positivemotivation to choose you…
  15. 15. Doesn’t that make more sensethan traditional forms ofintrusion-based broadcastmarketing?
  16. 16. As an added benefit, contentmarketing is a great way to createlinks and traffic and make yourwebsite search engine friendly.
  17. 17. Content marketing …how does it work?
  18. 18. 9 out of 10 B2B marketers* usecontent marketing to grow theirbusiness *In North America. IT, finance, healthcare, and media industries are especially heavy content marketing users.
  19. 19. B2B marketers devote 26%* of their budgets to content marketing initiatives.* On average – the smaller the company, the higher the percentage. Most plan to increase spending on content marketing.
  20. 20. Most forms of content marketing takeplace online… Social Media (excl. blog) 79% Article posting 78% In-person event 62% eNewsletter 61% Case Study 55% Blog 51% White paper43% Webinar/webcast 42% Video 41% Content in trad. media 31% Microsite 30% Print newsletter25% Research report 23% Podcast 16% eBook 9% % of B2B companies using (North America)
  21. 21. Though not all forms are equally effective… Considered Considered most effective least effectiveIn-person events 72% Podcasts 28%Research reports 57% Social media (excl. blogs) 31%Webinars/webcasts 56% Content in trad. media 34%eNewsletters 55% Digital magazines 37%Case studies 53% eBooks 38% % rated effective/very effective
  22. 22. But, whitepapers, videos, blogs and such are just vehicles.…let’s talk about theideas that go inside.
  23. 23. According to content marketers, thisis their greatest challenge: “How can I produce the kind of content that engages prospects and customers?”
  24. 24. Actually, that’s two questions: “What kind of content will engage my prospects and customers?” and… “How can I produce it?”
  25. 25. What kind of content will grab yourcustomers’ attention?
  26. 26. First, let’s think about it from yourcustomers’ point of view. They haveone question about your content: What’s in it for me?
  27. 27. Customers will think your content is worth having if you can educate them or entertain them (or both). market intelligence product information technical advice business skillsexpert opinion insider knowledge fun and games industry gossip
  28. 28. content = value
  29. 29. Now let’s consider your point of view.Your first task is to answer thequestion… Who are you?
  30. 30. What is your world viewWhat do you passionately believe Why do you do what you do
  31. 31. Answering these questions allowsyou to re-frame the challenges andopportunities your customers face ina way that leads inevitably to yoursolution.
  32. 32. Because customers don’t just buyyour product… …they buy your story.
  33. 33. Think about Apple… or Muji…
  34. 34. So how can you buildcontent that gives customerssomething of value andtells them who you are?
  35. 35. Here are four steps tostart you on your way…
  36. 36. Step 1.Interrogate your organizationmercilessly. Ask everyone… What can we do that others What are we can’t? really good at? Good people to talk to: - engineers - salespeople - high performers - your customers
  37. 37. Step 2.Put your distilled expertise into aform that is attractive, digestible andcredible. Look for… visual appeal clarity and brevity third-party endorsement …and make sure your content has a personality that is factual support consistent with your brand
  38. 38. Step 3. Drive your content to your customer. Remember the content marketing vehicles? eNewsletter Article postingChoose as Live eventmany vehicles eBookas fit the content Blog Research reportand reach your Print newslettercustomers. Podcast Video Webinar Case Study Social media Microsite White paper
  39. 39. Step 4.Start a conversation withyour customer. make an offer Nurture your leads invite feedback and keep track of their progress through your ask for purchase funnel advice request contact info
  40. 40. Those are the basics of what todo. But how do you get it done? Creating high- quality, engaging content takes time and skills
  41. 41. It’s a good idea to create asmuch of your content as you canin-house… …preferably with qualified professionals who can be dedicated to the task. Look for the right skills among trained writers, journalists or bloggers.
  42. 42. But many companies, especiallysmaller ones, outsource much oftheir content creation. A good content specialist agency can make your content shine.
  43. 43. There’s lots more to say aboutContent Marketing. If you’d like to know more about how it can revolutionize the way you find, convert and keep customers...
  44. 44. …contact us email: